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3 Ways to Recover with Self Love on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Throw out the stereotype of being down if you're single, and show yourself some love. Even if you do have plans with boo, these 3 ideas don't take a long time... but do go a long way.

1) Epsom Salt Bath

One of my favorite methods of recovery, the Epsom salt bath, doubles as a "me-time" relaxation method. It feels amazing and also has many great benefits. I use Dr. Teal's, which comes in many different scents so you can pick something you love! Pictured here, and my personal favorite, is the Lavender scented Foaming Bath. I definitely recommend this for a lovely bubble bath experience that also relaxes achy, sore muscles.

Dr. Teal's also has a variety of scents for their pure Epsom salt packages. Scoop about 2 cups of the salt into the running bath water while you wait for it to fill and you're good to go! While I love this brand, there are definitely other options available and I have used others successfully.

Where to Buy: I have found this at my grocery store (I believe it was a Kroger's) and at Target! The official site has an extended list of where to buy this product. I have found unscented Epsom salt at the grocery store as well!

How to: Put about 2 cups of salt or a "generous amount" of bubble bath into running HOT water. Soak in the tub for 10-20 minutes!

2) Lattes & Friends

Holidays are the perfect excuse to treat yourself to fancy treats you might not normally indulge in. While heading to a coffee shop is something I do often, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I decided to enjoy these festive beverages.

This gorgeous pink latte is a Rose Latte, which I found at a cute cafe in Georgetown, DC. It actually is called Cafe Georgetown, and I'm obsessed with their fun, festive drinks! Better yet, this location is a laptop free zone (what!!) and I got to enjoy this delicious latte over conversation with one of my very best friends. It was a much needed "Galentine's Date," for catching up and not thinking about work. Also learned that you can swallow rose petals and be okay..?

Throwing this second pink latte in as well, because it was so great! This wasn't exactly a date with a Galentine, since we DID have wifi and work to do, but a very enjoyable

experience nonetheless. This is a BEET latte and I was so excited (and nervous) to try! I like beets, but wasn't sure if drinking them with coffee was going to be worth it. It totally was! It wasn't necessarily sweet, but the light earthy tones were softer than other beet forms. It was made with almond milk AND mocha shavings, which paired so well. I found it at Bluestone Lane in DC.

3) Write Yourself a Love Letter

This sounds cheesy, but I promise...its not! Valentine's Day doesn't have to- and shouldn't!- be just about romantic love. Building a relationship with yourself is so important. For having relationships with others, for reaching your healthiest self, for being able to prioritize what you care about and give your best to the world! So in the spirit of Love Day, remind yourself why you matter and focus on the things that make you special. Since this is such a personal task, I'm keeping my letter to myself, but I'll tell you how I started.

I thought about something I’ve struggled with lately, and listed all of the ways in which I’ve shown improvement! When I was done, seeing the list brought me so much joy and inspired me to keep working. I also wrote out the things that make me happy in my life and that I have to be grateful for. This really showed me that despite sad times or challenges, there is still so much to love about life. Once you start, ideas will flow and soon you’ll have a wonderful “love letter” to yourself. Reflection is key!

Hope you take a little bit of time to love yourself and those around you this Valentine‘s Day!


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