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2 Tips that WILL get you through quarantine!

1) Ask yourself: How can I come out of this better?

As athletes, we're constantly pondering the question: 'How Can I Be Better?' How can I drop my PR? How can I lift heavier weights? How can I get the school record?

If I've learned anything through sport its that the pursuit of this "better" has no final result, and no clear path. We attempt techniques to make us better; exceeding through several of them, and finding no success through others.

There is no end to the pursuit of greatness and I don't see quarantine as an excuse to stop. We may have lost access to gyms, to teammates, and so much more, but as usual, there is no end to the desire to get better.

I've chosen to ask myself, how can I come out of this better? I literally sat down and thought about it... and I think doing this has actually helped me find comfort in the whole situation.

Perhaps this is because I have found things to control in a time where it feels like we have no control over life.

What am I focusing on? I want to come out of quarantine with new body maintenance habits, specifically core and back/hip mobility. Of course I have always worked on these areas as a part of my fitness routine, but I wasn't happy with my level of commitment and consistency. Now, I'm using a habit tracker to make sure I do core and back mobility daily.

I'm also using the extra time and limited distractions to write more, reflect more, and I'm even catching up on a ton of home improvement projects I always pushed to the side!

If you don't know where to start, I recommend the home improvement area. We can always become better in this section of our lives. My organized and folded closet was a GAME CHANGER. I feel so refreshed.

2) Find a Creative Outlet

A major goal for me this year was finding a creative outlet. There are many reasons why having a creative outlet is key to living a happy and healthy life. Finding fun, creative ways to express ourselves gives the brain a break. With the pressure I was feeling from my living situation and track pursuits, I found myself using down time to continue to think about the busy, stressful parts of my life. Having a creative outlet gives me a goal outside of normal life pressures and time to partake in something enjoyable. And what's more enjoyable than seeing a final product after working hard on it??

Now is the time to find a new hobby and get creative! Redo the decor in your living room, find or create new recipes, or buy a set of paint brushes. Give your brain a chance to do something fun and freeing. Plus, people who prioritize creative habits, tend to see a boost in success in other parts of life...

Wishing everyone the best in quarantine and beyond. We got this!


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