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Review: Fre Skincare (Initial Review)

I have always struggled with finding and maintaining a solid skincare routine, and often times would ignore this part of my health for extended periods of time. Fre Skincare has changed that for me with their 123Set, which has a travel size option (my dream come true), with a cute bag to hold it all (another dream), and a clear, concise 3 step process that I can easily follow every single time. I can use this routine each morning, each night, and post-workout. Even better, its made for active skin, meaning someone did the hard work for all us fitness lovers and discovered ingredients that keeps sweaty, over sun exposed, stressed skin healthy and glowing.

This post is titled "initial review" because I have every intention of trying many, many more of their products...

My favorite part

is probably what I mentioned above, the fact that they sell products in sets, like the 123Set. This is the first set I've tried and it comes with a facial cleanser, an SPF moisturizer, and a replenishing serum. I absolutely love having three things together in a set that I know I need! I also love that I can maintain the same routine on the go easily, since they sell a travel size set.

The facial cleanser always leaves me feeling refreshed and deep cleaned, despite it being very lightweight. It smells great and has little beads for exfoliation that adds a nice touch. The serum I use immediately after cleansing and is one of my favorite skin products I've ever had. My skin feels super soft and doesn't leave a weird smell like other lotions sometimes do. The SPF moisturizer I find to be a little thick for as much use as the others. I generally use it only before practicing outside in harsh sun, even though the description says it is for use on off-days as well. I don't like feeling like I have sunscreen (actual feel or smell) when I'm not in the sun. However, it does moisturize nicely and I will update if I start using it more as a daily moisturizer.

The smell

of facial products is super important. I so far have loved the scent of almost every Fre product. My favorite would be the facial cleanser I mentioned in the paragraph above. I also recently started using the detox mask, (review coming soon) which I love for the scent and more. Little to no smell can be just as nice, which I like about the replenishing serum and the eye brightening cream.

Brighten Me

eye cream is a newer addition to my routine, because its one of their newer products! For a reason unknown to me, I tend to have dark circles under my eyes always, ever since I was little and no matter how much sleep I get! I've added this to see if it helps, and will review after a few weeks of using it. But again, another great part of having a skincare line with sets is that you can add and subtract from the routine and they tell you the combos for optimal results!

Try it out and let me know if it works for you, and what combinations of the products help you the most. Code MADDIEKOPP at checkout will get you 15% off.

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