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Training Page & Answering Your Questions

Happy December everyone!! The year is coming to its end.....but I'm looking ahead to some new beginnings- and this is one I've been really excited to share.

My blog has many categories, but my training page, MK on the Run, focuses specifically on track and field. My goal with the training page is to share some of the experiences I've had as a collegiate and professional track and field athlete, give training updates, advice I've learned, and anything else about the running community that I find important to share.

*I also will update this page with race information- which may be more for friends and family- but it will be there!*

I have also used it as a way to answer your questions- the ones I get on Instagram or elsewhere, in Q+A style articles. This was a great way to share helpful information about running, life, etc., so I decided to make it more of a consistent part of my website!

What's New

Based off of the messages I receive, many of you have questions to ask track athletes and professional running teams. But, its not always easy to get in contact, especially when messages can get easily buried in the busyness of Instagram direct messages.

1) Easily submit any questions you have right on this page. I will answer to the best of my ability- or tag in a fellow athlete to share :)- in a blog post or in the next Q+A.

2) See blog posts that answer submitted questions or fall into the track and field, training updates, etc category all in one spot.

3) And last but not least, a training and workouts section where I'll share quick and easy videos to give more insight to some of our training! More to come in this area.


TLDR; Check out my answers to reader questions on the MK On the Run training page and submit your questions here as well! I will answer to the best of my ability and get insight from fellow athletes when I think there is more to share, but maybe I can't answer it fully myself.

Questions will be answered in a blog post or a Q+A post, which you can find right on the page.

Check back for workout videos as I update them in the coming weeks with some of the things I use in my training.

The first question I'm answering in this new phase is published! Follow this link to read my answer to a question about eating while training as a runner.

Is there anything I can do to make this a better experience? Let me know!

And as always, thanks for reading. -MK

Hi, I'm Maddie!

Healthy living is all about balance! I want to help you build your perfect space: through fitness, nutrition, and style, even if you're busy or on a budget. Enjoy quick natural recipes, athletic fashion, and tips for making an organized and happy home. Welcome!
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