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I make content and tools that help you simplify a healthy lifestyle and get out of your own way.

What's up and welcome to Madeline Kopp — your source of fitness inspo, healthy lifestyle hacks, plenty of sass, and some things in between. 

To me,  healthy living doesn't mean always eating what's good for you or only thinking about happy things. Sometimes it means grabbing some ice cream and screaming into your pillow that life isn't fair.

It's all about balancing the highs with the lows. Knowing that it's okay to be a little down or frustrated. Understanding that 

healthy lifestyle tips

there will never be enough lifestyle hacks to stop some less-than-ideal things from happening. But with simple strategies and mindful hacks, you can keep healthy living simple and chic while going after everything that you want!

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After college I decided to pursue a career in professional track & field. (Yes, that's a thing!)


Despite joining a great team, it was tough to balance moving to a new city all alone, being a pro athlete, and navigating other interests I had.


Sometimes I didn't think I would make it through.   I fell (catapulted really) into an unhealthy relationship with almost everything and found no joy in the day to day. I just wasn't having fun. Ever.

Grouchy, yet determined to find a place where I'd feel motivated and happy, one day I started this blog. I began channeling my creative side and sharing my life as a pro runner and other things I enjoyed.

The turning point for me was realizing that I was overcomplicating things and only listening to what others said.

I started planning my daily life, finding simple ways to think and live that felt good to me, and trying new things. I allowed myself to admit what I actually wanted - as a runner and beyond.

Basically, I discovered that going after everything I wanted while keeping up with my running and lifestyle was possible. Of course, sacrifices and compromises have to be made in life. But when you live within the "fear of what could happen," you make nothing happen. 

I want to make sure that everyone has the tools to simply create healthy lifestyles while working hard on their goals. To become the version of themselves they wanna beand look good doin' it.

To realize that the path isn't linear. It's going to get messy. And that's okay. No more sitting around complaining and waiting for the perfect solution to drop from the sky. Okay, wait. Some of that. But not always.

For me right now, this looks like sticking to my healthy lifestyle, running, and building on my professional goals.

I'm still working hard over here to understand what I want and build my dreams. Stick around and together we can become the baddies I know we are!

I'll share how I'm balancing it all, and I hope you'll share back with me. x Madeline

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