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What's Up! I'm Maddie.

Welcome to my page, where you'll find a little bit of fitness inspo, lifestyle hacks and some good stuff in between. But a little bit more about me...


I'm originally from New York, but currently call Washington, D.C. home. I moved here a year after graduating college to continue pursuing a career in professional track and field. Yes, that's a thing! Despite joining the wonderful team of District Track Club, I really struggled to balance the major life change of moving to a new city all alone, the challenges of working as a professional athlete, and the other interests, passions, and goals that I had. And that's to say the least!

This challenging experience led me into a decently unhealthy relationship with almost everything and I found it harder to find joy in the day to day. I just wasn't having fun anymore!


Desperate to find a place where I'd feel motivated and happy, I turned to my love of writing (I was doing it before I could even spell!) and fulfilled my long-time dream of starting a blog. I wanted to bring creativity and purpose back into my life while sharing my take on healthy living and my experience as a track and field professional.


As I've grown and changed over time, so has this little creative outlet of mine.


Today, the goal of this blog is to make healthy living accessible and functional for everyone. Regardless of free time, budget, where you are in your relationship with wellness, or what you love to do. Wherever you are right now, you can create a space that contributes to your well-being, fitness and creativity. And you can do it in style! 

That's what I had to learn when things got tough... and I want to make sure others have the tools to create healthy, functional spaces that work for them, too.

You'll find recipes for fueling the body, fitness tips and running workouts, organization and planning tips, athletic fashion, and some things in between. Basically I want to spread motivation to become the best you that you can be- and look good doing it.

Blogging and content creation is my favorite place to be, and I'm happy to have turned it into my job helping others grow their presence online! When I'm not working on client projects, blogging or running a track workout, you can probably find me off on an adventure with my pup, binge watching comedy tv shows, or sipping a latte at the nearest coffee shop with a good friend. 

Here's to building a space that works for you! Let's stay healthy, organized, and fashionable- but also allow ourselves to chill out, have fun, and find creativity and joy, too. 



P.S. Chat with me on Insta @maddddddddd and Pinterest @mkontherun

So, now what?

I'm so glad to meet you and I do hope you'll stay awhile. You can check out the blog, shop my favs or start planning on Etsy.

If you're interested in a partnership or collaboration with me- let's chat!

For my content creation and writing services, my business page and portfolio are here.


madeline kopp healthy lifestyle blog

Hi, I'm Madeline

When I'm not competing as a pro runner, you can find me here, writing and sharing fitness #inspo, organization and lifestyle hacks! If you're looking for the tools to create healthy, functional spaces that work for you (on a budget), this is for you! Learn more...


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