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Spring Mix Salad With Air Fryer Breaded Chicken

Updated: May 6

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Falling In Love With The Air Fryer

Hello friends!

I've really been slacking on the food and recipe side of this blog for a while now which is funny because it was one of my main interests when I started writing this blog back at the end of 2019.

I'll admit it... Part of that does have to do with my inability to take photos of the food I make before I devour it in seconds.

But when you make as many simple, healthy and effortlessly delicious recipes as I do, it's really hard to not!

All that aside, I said on Instagram that I would share how I've been making healthy air fryer chicken recipes like this wonderful Spring Mix salad.

As always, you can take the base of this recipe and adjust it so it's perfect for your taste. So in this post, I'll let you in on how I personally make this salad and give you some #inspo for how you can really make it your own.

Let's dive in!

What To Know About This Air Fryer Chicken Recipe

This Spring Mix Salad with Breaded Air Fryer Chicken is truly becoming a staple in my dinner circulation because of how simple, tasty, and nutritious of a recipe it is.

This meal is perfect for when you don't have a clue what to make and dinner time is creeping up. As long as you have chicken breasts and some spices that you know you love, you'll be able to put something absolutely delicious together.

Plus, with a properly done salad to eat alongside the protein of the chicken, you know you're getting a well-rounded meal that's awesome after a workout.

I can always count on this simple recipe to nourish me after a long day!

This air fryer breaded chicken salad meal is easily customized for your likes and your dislikes and can be done a billion different ways if you want to shake it up each time.

But first things first...

Is An Air Fryer Something I Need?

Air fryers have been taking the world by storm. I've seen air fryer recipes pop up by the dozens declaring the greatness of the air fryer and all of the amazing things you can do with it.

I received an air fryer unexpectedly as a gift and for about 6 months had absolutely zero clue what to do with the mini spaceship taking up precious counter space in my kitchen.

I mean, I have a regular oven and this thing came with 95 pieces and a manual I just didn't want to dig through.

But I will say after finally starting to use it...wow.

It's truly an amazing piece to have and way more straightforward than my dramatic self convinced myself it would be.

Here's some quick reasons why you should use an air fryer:

  • Quick Cooking Time:

Guys, I'm getting back hours of time by using the air fryer.

I'm not kidding—the way an air fryer works, with:

  • no pre-heating time

  • small interior space, and

  • food very close to the heating elements

you're well on your way to having a finished meal in the same time span that a conventional oven would still be heating up.

This is obviously a perk for busy people looking for quick meals. This does change the texture of food you're eating...but that can be a pro too depending on your goals for a given meal.

  • The Texture:

The air fryer bakes things differently than a regular oven by circulating hot air around the food. It's hard to do it justice in a sentence, but air fryer food is usually crunchier (in the best way) on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. So good, if that's what you're going for.

  • Variety of Styles: