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As I said before, I have no fear of sweat-induced skin damage when I'm using Fre Skincare products!

I especially love using their 123Fre Set, because it gives me ALL of the products I need in a simple 3 step process- face wash, replenishing serum, SPF moisturizer. I used to find it so hard to build a skincare routine, and this makes the process simple for me!

It also comes in travel size- my weakness- so you can plan on maintaining your skincare routine if you're on the go. I travel a lot for competition, so I like having it with me.

The 123Fre set gives a solid foundation, but from there you can also find a variety of other products based on what you need! I've added the Brighten Me eye cream and the Recover Me night cream to my routine. The eye cream helps reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes (which I desperately need!) and the Recover Me serum keeps my skin hydrated and calm throughout the night.

Why I like Fre

They know active skin

Fre's goal is to understand skin that is frequently exposed to tough environments and goes through high-impact workouts. I know I am getting a product that addresses these concerns of mine as a year-round runner. They are creating products that use special formulas and ingredients to prevent breakouts from sweating and reduce dehydration. Read more about what they use to create their products: here.


I would say the first impression for a skincare product is the packaging and the scent. While I know this isn't truly indicative of a product's quality, it of course still draws me in! I love the simple yet fresh scents of these products.


My pores clog easily- and the Fre products are really lightweight. I love how I don't feel like they're clogging my pores, but still 100% feel like they're working. This also goes for the SPF 30 moisturizer. I cringe when I have a workout in the heat and have to rub thick sun screen on my face. This alternative won't clog, but still protects.

They give back

I mentioned the 123Fre Set earlier, which is actually just one of many sets. Based on different need or preference, Fre has a variety of pre-made sets (glow, detox). Every time any one of these sets is sold, Fre plants an argan tree in Morocco.

What does this mean? Argan is used in a lot of products and Fre plants more trees than they actually use, helping reduce the environmental impact. This also doubles the income for Moroccan women who produce argan oil!

This is a luxury skincare line. That being said, it is pricier than a lot of products I am used to. I do believe that you get what you pay for, and if you are struggling with your skin because of workouts, upping how much you'll spend on skincare might be something to consider. Fre often has very good deals and sales, which makes it easy to try out and see for yourself.

Check back with me often-especially on Instagram- to see holiday sales and deals!

Try it! 'MADDIEKOPP' = 15% off at checkout.

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