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How to Get Flawless Post-Workout Skin: Fre Skincare Review

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

*This post is an in depth explanation of many products and some may be affiliate links.*

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I spent most of my life without a skincare routine. I washed my face and used other products here and there, but had no targeted routine to help prevent breakouts, limit scaring, and keep everything moisturized. I miraculously managed to avoid having many breakouts naturally (thank you DNA!), despite working out daily. Each time I did have a breakout, I began a mad, directionless dash to find a quick remedy or cover it up.

When I was introduced to a skincare line made for active and sweaty skin, everything changed. I learned that the best way to take care of your skin is by thinking of skincare as a preventative, not as a reaction when something flares up.

The key to having flawless post-workout skin is creating an easy to replicate, high quality routine personalized with products that work best for your specific needs and skin type.

Why You Need A Workout Skincare Routine

Day to day activities expose everyone's skin to sun, sweat, dirt, and stress. However, intense exercise, outdoor conditions and other parts of an athletic lifestyle increase these effects dramatically and must be considered when creating a skincare routine.

  • Every time we sweat our skin loses hydration- making it dry and dull- and essential vitamins and minerals that prevent breakouts and redness to keep skin "glowing"

  • Outdoor exercise means more exposure to sun rays, which can lead to dry skin, dark spots and blemishes, and destruction of collagen, which contributes to premature aging

  • Sweat and grime get in our pores while working out and cause clogging and irritation if not gently removed

Must-Dos for Workout Skin Routines

Realizing that my extreme dry skin, clogged pores, and scarring after breakouts was in large part due to my athletic lifestyle, I dedicated a good amount of time to learning how to care for my skin. It's definitely a process and it often requires a lot of research and trial and error. But while I'm still learning, following a pre and post workout skincare routine and relying on a few tips has made visible changes to my skin health.

I no longer have fear of sweat-induced skin damage because of Fre Skincare products! I'm taking the steps I need to as an athlete to prevent extensive damage and breakouts. Here's how Fre plays a part:

Hydration is important throughout all of your routines to replace moisture lost through sweat. Prioritizing this, while also gently exfoliating, helps skin regenerate, stay soft and firm, and break out less.


Start with a gentle hydrating facial wash for your skin type. Fre's Purify Me is a lightweight, water based facial wash that gently exfoliates and is oh-so refreshing. I keep it simple in the morning by following the wash with a collagen-regenerating, moisturizing, and vitamin filled serum called, Revive Me. Easily one of my favorites because it does not clog and is extremely soothing and moisturizing. I like to put a light layer of concealer on uneven spots and it blends so smoothly into my face after applying Revive Me.

I also use their eye brightening cream because I always have bags under my eyes. Seriously, I can't get rid of them! It's so gentle and cooling, which helps fight that irritating redness.

If an outdoor workout is on your agenda, you should use a sunscreen. No one wants sweat and sunscreen dripping into their eyes during exercise, which is largely why I refused to wear it. It just feels uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by Fre's 30 SPF Moisturizer that protects while moisturizing- and also comes in a tinted color- because of how lightweight it is. Never in my eyes!


Here is where I was really lacking. Of course, I knew to wash my face, but that's basically where I drew the line. Fre's sets taught me that there are more steps to take, and I'm honestly really glad I gave it a try. The post-sweat clearing mask, the Recover Me night serum, and the Argan Oil, all seemed like excessive treatments to me. But since using them consistently, my skin has never been softer, calmer, and happier with me!

I especially love the 123Fre Set, because it has a comprehensive grouping of the products most needed in a skincare routine: face wash, replenishing serum, SPF moisturizer. I used to find it so hard to build a skincare routine, and this makes the process unbelievably simple (and effective!). It even comes in travel-size... which is like the best thing ever am I right? It's always ready for a gym bag or a carry on.

I hesitantly gave the I AM LOVE illuminating oil a try. Sometimes these things seem like a gimmick, I don't know if that's just me. Either way, my positive experiences led me to try this one and I cannot believe how much I loved it. Its got a nice scent and is just so hydrating that I felt like I was literally glowing!

Why Fre Skincare?

The dermatologists behind Fre Skincare analyze the effects that frequent exercise has on skin health. Their goal is to understand skin that consistently undergoes high-impact workouts. You know you're getting a product that directly addresses concerns associated with an athletic lifestyle.

Their products use special formulas and ingredients proven to prevent sweat-induced breakouts and reduce dehydration. Their patent-pending Argania Active Complex relies heavily on Argan oil because of its replenishing abilities. Combined with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients like Vitamin E, Squalene, Polyphenols, Carotenoids, and more, this unique formula has super-healing powers. Read more here.

If your pores clogs easily- naturally or due to intense conditions- you'll love the lightweight feel of Fre products. I love how my pores stay clear, yet I can feel it working.

Fre's skincare "sets" help you build a routine that works for you. You can always add individual products to mix and match for your needs, but these sets are really helpful when you need a routine but don't exactly know where to start.

Even better, they give back by planting an argan tree in Morocco with each purchase of a set. This reduces the environmental impact and supports women who produce the oil.

In many ways, Fre is a luxury skincare line. So it's pricier than most drug-store products. You get what you pay for and anyone struggling for a routine should consider this line. It changed my skin's life and I haven't felt this in control of my skin in a long time. Also, Fre often has very good sales, plus a money back guarantee, so try it out risk-free and see for yourself!

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Quick Facts about Fre Skincare

  • Fre is vegan and cruelty free

  • For every Fre set sold, they plant an Argan tree to replenish the forest in Morocco and support women who harvest oil

  • 100% money back guarantee on first Fre purchase

  • They have a facial skincare line and a line for body

Try it! 'MADDIEKOPP' = 25% off at checkout and occasionally other really really good sales!

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