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Cold Weather Skincare Routine for Working Out

Updated: May 8, 2022

This post contains some affiliate links. Read disclaimer for more.

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cold weather skincare routine

Why You Need A Cold Weather Skincare Routine For Working Out

When you like to run outside, the cold weather presents a lot of challenges. I don't have to tell you that!

Pushing yourself through biting winds is a given, but one thing that isn't always as obvious is cold weather exercise resulting in dry winter skin.

Without a winter skincare routine that properly moisturizes and soothes your skin from the harsh elements, you open up your skin to a lot of damage.

Every single workout!

As an athlete or someone with an active lifestyle, it's so important to stay on top of a good skincare routine all the time.

Sweat takes a lot of nutrients with itthe ones that keep skin glowing and healthy. And the cold hard truth (pun intended😜) is that the effect can be even greater in the winter.

You're exposed to:

  • the sun

  • colder temperatures

  • less humidity

  • biting winds

And probably other damaging things, so dry winter skin is hard to avoid.

To help you keep your skin's breakouts to a minimum this winter, I'm sharing a winter skincare products list and some of the best ways to treat your skin through the cold months! And featuring my personal go-to skincare for active women, Fre!

winter skincare routine for dry skin

Skin Care Tips For Cold Weather

Essentially, cold weather means drier skin.

And if you're like mesomeone already prone to dry skin—you're really going to want to step your hydration game up in winter.

There's a lot to learn about taking care of your skin in cold weather because every one has different skin types. But, here are some quick skin care tips for colder weather that everyone should have on their radar.

Cold weather and lower humidity dry your skin out, to an even greater effect when you sweat. You have to combat this with hydrating products that also replenish vitamins and minerals lost in your sweat.

Winter also brings sharp winds, which can irritate your face (we've all been there, red-cheeked and sore) and blow more dirt and grime onto your skin.

Look for products with antioxidants and soothing ingredients that also are tough enough to exfoliate deep dirt and dry winter skin.

When winter rolls around, your priorities should be:

  • Helping the skin maintain its natural oils

  • Adding more hydration

  • Making sure you use antioxidants to help the skin soothe and recover

Cold Weather Skincare Routine: 6 Steps

Here's a skincare routine for cold weather to follow or draw inspiration from if you live an active lifestyle:

1) Wash with a Hydrating Cleanser

A strong, yet gentle, hydrating cleanser first removes dirt from the pores without stripping the skin of its essential oils. Winter is already harsh enough on your skin, you don't want to lose the naturally occurring oils that you do have!

My two go two products for retaining moisture and soothing irritations, while also giving a good clean are:

  • CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser - It leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth every time! My sensitive skin never feels red or bothered afterwardonly nourished.

  • Fre Skincare's hydrating cleanser Purify Me - This leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and smooth. With shea butter and aloe-vera, the moisture benefits are amazing. Plus, this gentle cleanser still gets a good clean job done with jojoba beads for exfoliation, gently removing dead skin cells and dirt from pores.

Another reason I love Fre's products is that most of them use the "Argania Active Complex," which has argan oil and other ingredients that restore pH balance and prevent redness. So soothing!

dry winter skin tips

2) Treat Your Skin To A Hydrating Mask

There are tons of masks out there claiming to do so many different things for your skin. It's hard to know which ones to actually go for.

Above all, it's important to know that some are going to work for you and others aren't. No one's skin is exactly the same! Figure out what works best for you and look for products that have similar ingredients.

Even so, the best skincare for cold weather when it comes to masks are the ones that:

  • are hydrating

  • have anti-inflammatory ingredients,

  • have anti-bacterial ingredients.

That's pretty much universal for everybody! Adding a mask to your winter skincare routine helps prevent breakouts, rashes, and other deep blemishes.

A great option for skin care in winter at home is making your own mask with oatmeal and honey.

Mix the two together for a nice (read: tasty) smelling mask that is both hydrating and exfoliating.

You can also add things like

  • lemon juice

  • rose water

  • tea tree oil

  • apple cider vinegar

to get more out of the mask. Look up the benefits of additional ingredients and throw in what you need most.

Gently exfoliate, hydrate, and replenish your skin completely naturally! This is a mask you could literally eat, so you know it's natural and good for your skin.

Save it for your face thoughI'm just saying you could take a bite if you wanted to!

I've been using Fre's Detox Me mask for the past two years and I'm almost tired of hearing myself talk about how much I love it.

It's one of my favorite Fre Skincare products by far!

Okay, let's be honest here. I'm not that tired of it. I love it and I think you all should know.

It's hydrating, exfoliating, and oh-so lightweight. The total package.

You can get a deep clean by putting it on for just a few minutes, and it also works as a regular face wash too if you want.

I have to list the amazing ingredients that draw me to this mask:

  • Dead Sea Salt

  • Kaolin Clay

  • B5

  • a blend of calming flowers

  • Argan oil

My face never feels better than after the Detox Me mask...I try to use this post-sweat clearing mask 2 times a week. Try it out with code MADDIEKOPP to save. First orders are always a money-back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?

winter skincare for athletes

3) Remember to Use Sunscreen (In The Morning)

Your morning winter skincare routine should include sunscreen. I hate to admit itbecause I've always been one of those people who only wear sunscreen when it's 100 degrees and sunny out.

But the sun causes skin damage that compounds over the years, and it doesn't matter if it's just a little bit of winter sunit's still sun!

It's really important to layer sunscreen into your winter skincare routine as much as possible.

Sunscreen might not be at the front of your mind when you're making a winter skincare products list, but consider adding a light sunscreen to your routine, especially before working out outside.

There are hydrating options as well, like

The right light and hydrating face sunscreen will go unnoticed by you but will definitely be noticed by the sensitive skin on your face. And it will thank you!

Winter Skincare Routine |

4) Don't Forget Lip Treatments On Your Winter Skincare Products List!

It's easy to forget your lips in your skincare routine. But, they should be treated well too!

Exercising outside (or just being outside in the cold wind) leaves lips chapped and sometimes sore. The combo of biting wind and losing hydration to sweat can be combatted in your winter skincare routine.

Protect your skin before and after being in the cold with a gentle, hydrating lip balm like Burt's Bees.

Another thing I love? An exfoliating lip treatment.

Apply a lip treatment as a part of your nighttime winter skincare routine to help keep your lips soft if you spend a lot of time in dry, cold weather.

Again, Burt's Bees has a great natural option with their Conditioning Lip Scub, but my personal favorite is Chapstick's Total Hydration Lip Scrub. It's not meant to be eaten of course, but let's just say I can tell it tastes good.

5) Serums and Oils

Do you remember life before facial serums and oils?

I do, because I literally never thought about them until a few years ago. I had no idea what I was missing!

Experimenting with serums was a crucial turning point in my winter hydration skincare routine. It changed my skin treatment throughout the entire year, actually, it's just been most noticeable in the cold, rough climate of winter.

Some great options for your skin through the winter:

  • My number one go-to, favorite Fre Skincare product is Fre's Revive Me serumI use it every single day after washing my face and before applying concealer or whatever else that day.

  • A Vitamin C serum also plays a huge role in skin appearance. Use this all year round to fight off scars and discoloration!

  • Never do I ever feel such an illuminating glow as when I'm using oil like Fre's I am Love oil. I literally feel like I'm glowing, as cliche as that sounds. Definitely a good year-round addition, and perfect for extra moisture in the winter.

  • You can also use the all-powerful Argan Oil. As Fre Skincare says, it's the perfect multitasker. Use this whenever your skin needs an extra boost of hydration. This is why it's great during the cold winter months.

fre skincare for cold weather

6) Lash Growth Serums

Last, but not least, is using an eyelash growth serum. Dry weather doesn't just affect the skinhair suffers as well from lack of hydration.

Don't let this contribute to losing eyelash length and thickness!

While a product that is great to use any time of year, remembering to use the serum consistently can help keep your eyelashes luxurious.

The Importance of Winter Skincare

If you didn't already know the importance of winter skincare, I hope you learned something in this quick post with a few winter skin care tips to help you stay smooth and glowy all winter long!

These skin care products nourish my skin like never before, but that's not the end of my Fre Skincare review.

I also love how it's taken the guesswork out of what I need in my skincare as an active woman.

I truly didn't know what I needed before, and I didn't really care to put in the effort to find out. The result was dull, unhappy skin...especially in the wintertime.

With Fre, I know that each product was made with me, a female athlete, in mind. Plus, the sets make it easy to create a personalized skincare routine.

Do you change your skincare routine a lot between the summer and winter? At the end of the day, it should be pretty much the same.

There's just a greater need for more frequent hydration treatments and it's smart to add more nourishing products.

But if you have any tips for helping your skin live its best life in the winter, make sure to leave a comment!

cold weather skincare for an active lifestyle


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