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Under Armour Fall Favorites

Updated: Apr 23

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Under Armour Fall Favorites

Under Armour Trends For Fall

There's more than one "first day of Fall" to get excited about if you're a track athlete like I am.

When the first day of Fall training rolls around, we track athletes are excited to get back to the grind and build back our fitness.

But the reason we really stay around (just kidding sort of)? New season often means new gear! So in this post, I'm sharing some of the best Fall drops by Under Armour. If you found this post after the Fall it was published, which is likely, don't worry because Under Armour trends tend to stay pretty consistent from year to year.

At the very least you can find some Fall workout gear inspiration and head to any athletic-wear store to find similar pieces.

Ninety percent of this post is catered to female athletes (sorry, it's just what I wear), but there are also male counterparts for a good portion of them (like pretty much all sneakers that exist). So even if I don't have much to say about Under Armour men collections, this may still point you in the right direction.

Enjoy your Fall training and enjoy your Under Armour clothing!


under armour fall sneakers

It's advertised as a running shoe, but I personally (and most of my teammates) just rock these for style. If they feel good to you, run in them!

You can't blame usany colorway in these sleek yet simultaneously bold sneakers is guaranteed style. Pictured here is the RUNANYWR Phantom 2 in White/Seaglass Blue/and Beta.

The Beta color (the red-orange trim) is always fun, but using it here as an accent just screams Fall fashion to me.

The Phantom 2 as a whole was released just in the mid-summer of 2020. Under Armour claims the shoe is designed to feel "softer and smoother, with a built-in sock liner inspired by bike chamois."

This refers to the material used in bike shorts. So if you're looking for a cushiony (is that a word?) running shoe with support and speed still kept in mind, the Phantom 2 might be worth a try.

Also, with a name like that, how can you not get a pair for #spookyseason am I right?

2. RUSH Mid and Low Sports Bras

under armour clothing

You might think that a sports bra is a sports bra is a sports bra.

I USED to think that way.

But, I've learned what I actually like in a sports bra when it comes to support and comfort. It will be different for everybody, but there are some things that are pretty universal in a good sports bra.

This past year I fell in love with UA Infinity Mid Sports Bra. The feeling I had wearing this for exercise is what made me realize that the sports bra you wear can actually make a difference.

Recently, UA's RUSH low and mid sports bras easily slid into first place in my heart. The language of "Low, Mid, or High" is used by UA to indicate the level of support.

I generally assume I need a medium to high support sports bra, yet enjoy many of the bras labeled Low, especially the RUSH low, as indicated by the title here. However, actually pictured is the Mid version, which I also really find to be supportive while running but never uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, UA doesn't have this one anymore on their main website. If you can find it elsewhere, snatch it up!

Here's the UA Infinity Low Bra though, which is a great option for low support.

And if you didn't know, the RUSH material is infused with minerals that absorb your body's energy and reflects it back into your muscles. Cool!