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Under Armour Fall Favorites

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

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Under Armour Fall Favorites

Under Armour Trends For Fall

There's more than one "first day of Fall" to get excited about if you're a track athlete like I am.

When the first day of Fall training rolls around, we track athletes are excited to get back to the grind and build back our fitness.

But the reason we really stay around (just kidding sort of)? New season often means new gear! So in this post, I'm sharing some of the best Fall drops by Under Armour. If you found this post after the Fall it was published, which is likely, don't worry because Under Armour trends tend to stay pretty consistent from year to year.

At the very least you can find some Fall workout gear inspiration and head to any athletic-wear store to find similar pieces.

Ninety percent of this post is catered to female athletes (sorry, it's just what I wear), but there are also male counterparts for a good portion of them (like pretty much all sneakers that exist). So even if I don't have much to say about Under Armour men collections, this may still point you in the right direction.

Enjoy your Fall training and enjoy your Under Armour clothing!


under armour fall sneakers

It's advertised as a running shoe, but I personally (and most of my teammates) just rock these for style. If they feel good to you, run in them!

You can't blame usany colorway in these sleek yet simultaneously bold sneakers is guaranteed style. Pictured here is the RUNANYWR Phantom 2 in White/Seaglass Blue/and Beta.

The Beta color (the red-orange trim) is always fun, but using it here as an accent just screams Fall fashion to me.

The Phantom 2 as a whole was released just in the mid-summer of 2020. Under Armour claims the shoe is designed to feel "softer and smoother, with a built-in sock liner inspired by bike chamois."

This refers to the material used in bike shorts. So if you're looking for a cushiony (is that a word?) running shoe with support and speed still kept in mind, the Phantom 2 might be worth a try.

Also, with a name like that, how can you not get a pair for #spookyseason am I right?

2. RUSH Mid and Low Sports Bras

under armour clothing

You might think that a sports bra is a sports bra is a sports bra.

I USED to think that way.

But, I've learned what I actually like in a sports bra when it comes to support and comfort. It will be different for everybody, but there are some things that are pretty universal in a good sports bra.

This past year I fell in love with UA Infinity Mid Sports Bra. The feeling I had wearing this for exercise is what made me realize that the sports bra you wear can actually make a difference.

Recently, UA's RUSH low and mid sports bras easily slid into first place in my heart. The language of "Low, Mid, or High" is used by UA to indicate the level of support.

I generally assume I need a medium to high support sports bra, yet enjoy many of the bras labeled Low, especially the RUSH low, as indicated by the title here. However, actually pictured is the Mid version, which I also really find to be supportive while running but never uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, UA doesn't have this one anymore on their main website. If you can find it elsewhere, snatch it up!

Here's the UA Infinity Low Bra though, which is a great option for low support.

And if you didn't know, the RUSH material is infused with minerals that absorb your body's energy and reflects it back into your muscles. Cool!

3. UA Sports Mask

under armour clothing fall

I think this one mainly speaks for itself.

Masks, kinda a necessity these days.

Exercising with them is a bit of a downer, but we're thankful for brands like UA who took the time to create something that does its best to not hinder performance.

The UA Sportsmask comes in many different colors and many different sizes, making it possible for everyone to get one that works for them.

Other features about the UA Sportsmask that are worth noting:

  1. Water-resistant outer shell

  2. Anti-microbial treatment on the inside layer

  3. Built-in UPF 50+ for protection from sun and

  4. Polyurethane open-cell foam to let air through but not moisture and sweat.

They also have the UA Featherweight Sportsmask, which is a newer version that they updated based on feedback. It's thinner and lighter!

I love the mask; it's more comfortable than I could have ever imagined.

(Seriously, I called it a pillow mask for like a week).

Ultimately, having to wear masks while working out is not the best situation.

However, I applaud the job done here and feel comfortable advertising to fellow athletes (or anyone who wants a comfy mask!)

The price point is a little high, especially when you can get cheap masks now, but I do think the quality is worth it if you can splurge. (Wearing size S/M here)

4. UA Meridian + Moisture Infused Crew Long Sleeve

under armour fall favorites

under armour clothing

In true UA fashion, we are now presented with another infused fabric for athletic wear.

This one, Hydrafuse, works to help your skin retain some moisture and stop it from drying out after several workouts a week.

UA boasts that you cannot see or feel it, but the material works much like lotion does to moisturize our skin.

The UA Meridian line is a popular choice for fitness lovers, so this is a great addition for those loyal to the line. Some meridian products now come in a Hydrafuse version so you can keep your glow!

Simply wear the meridian + moisture combo clothes after workouts and see a difference in your skin! I absolutely loved how these products made me feel.

Pop back in to see how this line plays out. I personally loved it, but they may find it a hard sell considering the price point.

The material used is UA's "softest" for long-lasting comfort. I can attestit is very soft, breathable, and comfortable while giving the athleisure style we all love.

5. UA Recover Sweatpants

under armour

These sweatpants are...kinda everything. Not only are they warm, comfortable, and stylish... but they might help your muscles recover faster.

UA has a plethora of products under their Recovery line, which they claim help reflect energy back into your muscles to help with the recovery process.

And I say if you're going to get sweatpants anyway, why not take a chance on recovery? I, unfortunately, think this pair pictured is no longer on the actual Under Armour site. But if you can find them, get them!

They updated the style on them, which you can find here: UA Recover Fleece Sweatpants.

6. Streaker 2.0 Inverse Short Sleeve

under armour trends

To be honest wasn't BLOWN away by this top at first.

It was different and I didn't really understand it. Moral of the story: don't judge it till you wear it! (There are exceptions to this rule so don't get too crazy. 😜)

I love the contrast created by having a pattern on the top and not on the bottom and I love the texture given by the physical separation on the shirt between patterns as well.

The Streaker Short Sleeve is comfortable and breathable. It's a little loose fitting without looking or feeling baggy.

So, if you're like me and like there to be a good amount of movement, I highly recommend it.

Note: The link is to newer versions of the shirt that are also just as awesome. The same lightweight, yet sturdy, material and cool styles.

Heck, just go to and type in Streaker. You'll find plenty of great options for warmer Fall weather.

Under Armour Fall Workout Gear Honerable Mentions

Phew, all this recommendation-ing is exhausting!

But I have a few runner-ups that I think are worth mentioning, despite not having the time to dedicate a full section to each.

These looks are also great and worth pointing out for you all to peruse.

  • Woven Jacket: All woven jackets from Under Armour are warm, yet light, and usually come in really bold and sleek styles. Take a look at them if you're searching for the perfect Fall workout jacket.

  • Sport Graphic: Cause we all need a graphic tee every now and then, right? These are quality ones!

  • Fleece Shop: Lastly, just head to Under Armour's fleece shop. I cannot stress enough how wonderful these pieces are for both Fall and Winter. They keep you warm and are soft and cozy, but always made with athletic performance in mind.

Fall Workout Gear

Whether you have a track season to prepare for or you're just gearing up for your Hot Girl Fall, prepare yourself with the right gear! It seems materialistic, and I'm not saying it's necessary to have fancy workout clothes to train well, but it definitely can help.

If you have the right shoes and gear that you can feel comfortable in (or even that reflects energy back into your body to make you better like UA Rush), you might just show up better! And if you're exercising in hot weather, you need to be smart about it which sometimes includes having the right layers.

I know I love a workout fit that makes me feel confident and supported.

So here's to Fall training!



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