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Exercising In Hot Weather: Under Armour HeatGear

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hello, sunshine! :)

I'm talking to both you my dear reader and the actual sun, who has been gifting us with her presence so much lately. I'm a fan of warm weather workouts and I'm definitely a fan of hot weather exercise clothes that keep me cute and comfy.

Sunny days make me feel reinvigorated to do my workouts!

But as great as it is, exercising in hot weather requires knowing how to properly workout in the heat. Dehydration, heat exhaustion...these are very real things that can happen to you when exercising in the heat.

Among other things, consider wearing workout clothes that help beat the heat and keep you cool.

As an Under Armour athlete, I get to try a lot of fun workout clothes from Under Armour and they have a ton of options for lightweight and breathable athletic wear that you can add to your wardrobe for summer.

In this post, I'm going to share some of the best Under Armour heatgear I've come across and how it works.

What Is Under Armour HeatGear?


What Is Under Armour Heat Gear?

First things first, what even is Under Armour HeatGear?

Ever a brand of innovation to make athletes better, Under Armour HeatGear adds to their extensive collection a series of products made from lightweight and durable fabric that dries sweat very fast.

UA HeatGear is meant to keep you cool and dry throughout all hot weather workouts.

HeatGear is used across many of their products. I have several leggings and tops made from the fabric! Based on those alone, my Under Armour heatgear review is a pretty positive one.

I just love the leggings because of how lightweight and stretchy (good stretchy) they are. If you've ever tried to do track workouts in super tight leggings, you feel me.

We need to be able to get a full range of motion, or else it feels like each step is 10 times harder!

A lot of people ask whether you can wear Under Armour HeatGear in cold weather.

You certainly can!

Because of how comfy I find it, you'll even see me in my favorite pairs of UA HeatGear leggings when the weather is on the colder side. After I warm up and take my sweatpants layer off, I'm ready to get to the track workout in these leggings just fine. I want coverage that wicks my sweat away no matter the temp.

As you can imagine, the big question is whether Under Armour HeatGear actually works and if it's worth purchasing.

If you're looking for coverage that is

  • easy to move around in

  • wicks away sweat

  • has strategic ventilation (you are, trust me)

Then this line is worth checking out.

Cotton just doesn't wick away sweat the way this gear does. I don't want my shirt weighed down with sweat and I'm assuming you don't either.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite pieces!

ua heat gear vs cold gear

The Best Under Armour HeatGear

It's no secret that I wear a lot of Under Armour. This means I can do one of my favorite things—give you my Under Armour HeatGear review and let you know some of the best products!

So what warm weather gear do I think you should check out right now? Here's the deets.

If you're looking for Under Armour HeatGear compressions, these might be my favorite yet in their evolution of spandex.

I love basically all the spandex shorts from this brand, but this version has a higher, thicker waistband that is just the right amount of supportive and breathable.

It comes in basic colors and even makes an appearance in cool patterns so there's something for everyone.

At first, I was a tad wary about the high waistband for workouts because of a previously sold RUSH version with a little too much fabric for me.

But because these shortys are well...shorter... than the RUSH pair, that's not an issue.

I love these HeatGear compressions and they've been my go-to grab all summer.

what is heatgear

Tanks have risen to the top of my favorite workout shirts.

I like to feel as unrestricted as possible when running- not that most athletic t-shirts make me feel trapped- and sleeveless guarantees that cool, free feeling every time.

This muscle mesh tank from Under Armour is as little shirt as you can get, while still wearing a shirt, and that's why I love it.

Not only does it keep you really cool because of its lightweight mesh makeup, but it makes a nice fashion statement as well.

Seriously, I have this in two colors and I basically wash and re-wear immediately.

Switch up the boring, regular tank top look by adding a mesh one to your rotation. You'll be cool in more ways than one!

can you wear under armour heat gear in cold weather

Update: Pictured shirt is sold-out as of the last time I looked. Here's another great Iso-Chill option!

Iso-Chill from UA isn't exactly the same thing as HeatGear, but the base concept is more or less the same.

Both products are made with keeping you cool during hot weather workouts. If we compare Under Armour HeatGear vs Iso-Chill, it's this:

While HeatGear is lightweight, breathable, and good at wicking sweat, Iso-Chill takes it a step further with specially curated fibers.

Under Armour claims that Iso-Chill fabric is "flattened," and since that's not exactly clear to us non-product developing scientists, they go on to explain that it works by pulling the heat from your body.

Iso-Chill still:

  • wicks sweat

  • dries fast

  • is lightweight

  • but it also works to disperse your body heat and stay cool to the touch!

Iso-Chill, like HeatGear, is great at wicking sweat so you don't feel soaked and bogged down. It's very lightweight, which also helps keep you cool and makes it easy to move around in.

I've enjoyed every time I've worn both the top and the bottom of this stylish set.

what does under armour heatgear do

Another cool thing about the Iso-Chill line is that UA took some fan favorites and remade them with this fabric, like the strappy tank.

Same fit, just cooler material. As a tank-lover for working out, I love and support that decision!

UA Heatgear Leggings

As I said earlier, Under Armour HeatGear leggings come out for me at almost any time of year.

I just love the lightweight fabric and how much freedom I feel in them. UA does a good job keeping their ColdGear flexible too, don't get me wrong, but in order to keep you super warm, those do have to be a bit thicker.

Ten times out of ten you know that the UA HeatGear leggings will be breathable, light, and help keep you cool and mobile.

Across the store and the UA outlet, there are many different HeatGear leggings so you can find an exact style and shape that motivates you to get after it the most!

Here are some Under Armour HeatGear leggings styles I'm loving:

Under Armour HeatGear Compression: A Classic, but Cooler

When I think back to my young athlete days, I exclusively saw Under Armour products as compression shirts that keep you warm.

Anyone else?

Well now, the classic compression has several varieties in the UA store, including lightweight ones for warmer weather. Sometimes you need a layer, but need to keep cool too. This is for those times.

For anyone looking for an Under Armour HeatGear fitted shirt, both versions of this compression are worth ordering.

They have it in both long sleeve and short sleeve.

I love this UA line.

The UA Breeze is definitely the most lightweight fabric UA makes at the moment. And it's so unbelievably soft, you won't want to take it off.

This shirt is also nice because it's kind of like an Under Armour HeatGear loose and wispy version... if that makes sense.

This UA Breeze T-Shirt that I love to wear is

  • light as heck

  • mesh panels for a little more air

  • so soft to the touch (chafing? try this!)

  • has some reflection for night running.

Under Armour also has hoodies, long sleeves, and tanks so you can pick one you really need.

Stay Cool With Under Armour HeatGear

There are a ton of great products on UA's site for every season, but in my opinion, these are some of the best warm-weather workout options.

Under Armour HeatGear will keep you cool, wick away your sweat, and make a statement!

Also, remember to stay safe and cool throughout the summer months. Quality, warm weather workout gear like UA's HeatGear line is only half the battle.

Drink plenty of water and get some rest. Have a good workout!



must have workout gear for exercising in hot weather

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