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The Best Under Armour Sports Bras

best sports bra from under armour

Top 10 Sports Bras From Under Armour

You need a new sports bra, right? Of course, you do!

Yeah, I'm the friend to ask about buying a new sports bra if you're looking for someone to tell you yes. I have a hard time saying no to new sports bras—partially because I wear them constantly, but also because of fitness motivation!

I think we can all agree that working out is way more fun when you have a cute outfit on. I'm not saying it's a necessity, but girl, you deserve to feel good about your body and your fitness.

And if a new sports bra is going to get you there, I'm sure as hell not going to be the one to stop you.

At the end of the day though, it's not about which one looks best, it's about the best sports bra for supporting your needs and letting you perform like that girl that you are.

Well, a little bit of both.

When it comes to the best Under Armour sports bras, I did all the work for you. These are the top 10 best Under Armour sports bras as told by me, a professional runner and avid UA sports bra wearer.

1. The All-Around Best Sports Bra

Under Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra

Which Under Armour sports bra is best? This one really isn't a tough call for me- which I hope gives you some confidence if you're looking for a basic. In terms of the best general, all-around best sports from Under Armour, the Mid Crossback Sports Bra takes the cake.

I'll also call it the best Unser Armour sports bra for running, too.

  • Medium support:

It's not very tight, but not loose either. I would put an air of caution for bigger sizes (D and up). Intense running for you might require something with higher support.

  • Comfortable for running and general wear

I personally use this sports bra for anything, from sprint workouts and races to easy stretch days or a trip to the store.

  • Removable pads

I like pads. But if you don't, easily pull them out like it ain't no thang.

  • A lot of options

From staple plain colors to seasonal hues and patterns, you're sure to find one you like here.

  • Cons:

The Under Armour crossback sports bra doesn't really have any cons, although like I said, it may not be great for high impact if you need a lot of support. You may find a more affordable option (regularly priced $35) for a basic sports bra, but I do also think this one's worth it because they last for years.

2. The Best Sports Bra For Light & Comfortable Support

Seamless Low Long Sports Bra

If you want light support, this is a great option. Not only does it have a stylish back for fashion points, it moves well and is great for both daily wear or low-impact exercise. Typically, you can run in it, but it's low cut and lighter support so I wouldn't recommend it for sprints. And it's definitely not an Under Armour sports bra for large breasts.

  • Removable pads:

The pads are easily removed from this sports bra as well, and having them in actually does help with support. So my bigger chested friends, I wouldn't count this out completely.

  • High comfort:

You really can't get a more comfortable sports bra. In hot weather, you'll feel cool and you won't mind wearing this for all-day errands after yoga class.

3. Editor's Pick: Mid Heather Infinity

UA Infinity Mid Sports Bra

This has long been my favorite. It's a great high-impact sports bra with sturdy support. Old trustworthy. With a cute wordmark cross back that's adjustable (and you can change the strap direction) and a cut that has just the right amount of cleavage, it's not just trustworthy, it's stylish.

  • Medium support:

This is one of the best Under Armour sports bras in terms of a middle ground. Great support but still comfortable.

  • Style & versitility:

The straps on the back of this sports bra can go from crossed to straight, depending on what you like better or how much support you need. Plus, the back is cute.

  • Cons:

It's comfortable for a high support sports bra, that's for sure. But long all-day wear, it's probably not as cozy as the earlier options.

4. A Chill, Cute & Functional Sports Bra

UA Crossback Low Sports Bra

You can't argue that this fun, criss-cross bra isn't a cute option for yoga or stretching. For my bigger chested gals, you can wear it for more chill activities but maybe pick a different option for your stair workout and your explosive jumps.

  • All-around cute and comfy

If you're looking for cute and comfy, you can't go wrong. It's the best of both worlds.

  • Removable pads

Keeping the pads in actually helps with the support for me. So I can do some easier running with it when the pads are in. And when you take them out, it helps minimize the revealing cleavage as well.

  • Cons:

This might not be a con, but super low support. Not for sprinting unless you don't need a lot of support. It's a lot of cleavage, (which isn't a con