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Top 5 Fitness Looks From Under Armour Right Now

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I am blessed to try a variety of cool UA products that help me train to perform my best! I live and breathe workout clothes and athleisure and in this post I'm walking you through 5 of my top favorite fitness looks from Under Armour right now and why I love 'em.


The item that inspired this post! I got a lot of comments recently about these shoes because of their cool color. I'm most definitely including them on this list for that reason, but I also wanted to talk about them as a running shoe.

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Under Armour writes that the "UA HOVR Machina mixes the speed of a racing shoe with the comfort of a long-distance trainer," and I agree. I've used these shoes for runs and warms ups- but I've also worn them on the track!

Part of that was because I forgot my racing flats (whoops)- and I still wouldn't normally use these for track workouts- but the important part to note is that I got through the workout just fine and felt good doing it. For reference, it was more of a strength workout with reps on the longer side and decently slower than 800 pace.

I usually prefer lighter running shoes. The Machina is a great balance of light and responsiveness that also feels super cushioned and supportive.

Read more about the makeup of the shoe or grab your pair.

UA Infinity Mid Heather Bra

I would be remiss if I didn't add my current favorite sports bra to the list. I'm unexpectedly loving the Infinity Mid Heather Bra, which I say because at first glance, I didn't think it was that must different than others.

However, the simple gray color makes me feel classy and cool, and the crossback straps with UNDERARMOUR branded across them adds a fun flair. Even the other colors, although brighter, somehow maintain the classy feel. It still feels flattering and not too eccentric in the light pink I also grabbed.

The cut is attractive without being too much- which I think is where my love for it really comes from. Its supportive, comfy, and stylish, which not all sports bras can pull off.

UA Streaker 2.0 Run Crop Top

How fun is this top? While normally not a fan of wording on shirts, I easily make an exception here because of the word's design. The sleek yet bold design of the word "RUN" makes it feel less like a word and more like a statement.

I love a crop top- but I adore a comfortable crop top. This top's material is soft and almost mesh like, which I found easy to move around in. Cuts that are higher up the neck sometimes feel stiff. But none of that here!

Not surprisingly, its a popular top, so order one when you see it in stock.

Also throwing in the link for these joggers, one because they're actually on sale right now and two because they've become a staple in my quarantine wardrobe. SO comfy but enough like real clothes that I feel like I'm dressed to do things.

UA Qualifier Weightless Packable Jacket

This one speaks for itself. The epitome of practical fashion, this packable jacket easily turns into a tote bag with a simple stuff into its own giant front pocket. The large pocket is convenient before you even take into account that it turns the jacket into a bag!

The super lightweight jacket is good for slightly chilly days or the days that you know are going to warm up while you're out. I like this jacket for its softness and its light gray color.

UA Qualifier IsoChill Embossed Short Sleeve

You can tell this shirt is made for being active. It moves easily, limits overheating, and is very breathable. I sometimes find athletic shirts to feel a bit extreme, which I think is consequence of trying to wick sweat and be durable. However, I like to be as comfortable as possible when I run, so a softer shirt like this is just perfect.

The back has holes which elevates the design and adds to the breath-ability of the shirt. It also comes in a variety of chic, more muted, colors that I love.

Which one of these looks do you just have to try?

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