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Top 5 Fitness Looks From Under Armour Right Now

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Every workout seems so much better in a nice fitness outfit doesn't it?

The right answer is YES; there's nothing quite as motivational as a cute fit in the gym.

And it doesn't hurt when it's not just stylish, but functional and made for high performance, too. The best of both worlds to crush your workout.

I am blessed to try a bunch of cool Under Armour products that help me train to perform my best!

I live and breathe workout clothes (literally, I wear it most days), so in this post, I'm walking you through 5 of my top favorite fitness looks from Under Armour right now and why I love 'em.

I apologize in advance to your wallet! (But not really, cause you'll be thanking me when you try them!)

The item that inspired this post! I got a lot of comments recently about the Machina's because of their cool red color. I'm most definitely including them on this list for that reason, but I also wanted to talk about them as a running shoe.

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Under Armour writes that the "UA HOVR Machina mixes the speed of a racing shoe with the comfort of a long-distance trainer," and I'm inclined to agree.

I've used the Machina mainly for runs and warm-ups, but I've also jumped into a track workout with them.

I actually didn't intend to wear them for the track workout...but I had forgotten my racing flats. I was so nervous about not having them, but didn't really have a choice but to do the workout (300m through 600m reps, much slower than 800 pace) in the Hovr Machinas.

I was pleasantly surprised! They felt responsive enough to keep up with the speed of the workout. And my feet were incredibly comfortable.

I usually prefer lighter running shoes. The Machina is a great balance of light and responsiveness that also feels super-cushioned and supportive.

Grab a pair of Machinas at

The bra where supportive meets comfortable. The Infinity Bra line has Low, Mid, and High support options, making it a good option for any need.

This is one of the best sports bras I've come across.

The UA Infinity sports bra is unassuming at first glance; it doesn't reveal how flattering it is until it's actually being worn.

However, the color options range from sleek to standout and the cross back straps with Under Armour branding make you feel classy and cool.

There are no removable pads, but the cups are still formed. This causes a problem for smaller chests that might not fill the existing cups.

That's one of the reasons I would recommend this bra to primarily mid to high support needs. But the low support is a good option for smaller!

The cut is attractive without being too muchwhich I think is where my love for it really comes from. It's supportive, comfy, and stylish, which not all sports bras can pull off.

If we're being real, the entire Meridian line is a must-have. The epitome of comfort and aesthetic athletic wear!

If you're looking for an everyday legging or a low-impact activity legging, these are for you.

The meridian line is super flexible and soft. It's form fitting in a way that I can only explain as it just feels like you're wearing your legs. Lol, that sounds weird. But trust me.

I never feel restricted or weighed down.

Which is why I actually use them for running workouts too, even though you can tell that they're not necessarily "high-performance" leggings.

They're just so comfortable. You can work in them all day, go to pilates, grocery shop, or just hang out.

Make sure to check them out in biker short form and the many different lengths depending on what you're looking for!

Rush Smart Form passes the "stay in place" test. Combined with UA Rush, which reflects the energy you put into your workout back into your body, the items in this line make you unstoppable.

Who wants to adjust their workout clothes constantly throughout the workout?

Uh, no one.

UA Smart Form answers the call with a variety of products that expertly placed seams to limit chafing and pressure in the wrong places.

Plus, it comes in really fun and exciting designs to keep you inspired when the workout gets tough.

Get a Smart Form sports bra or leggings.

You can tell that shirts made with UA Iso Chill are made for being active.

What's Iso Chill all about? Iso Chill:

  • moves easily

  • limits overheating

  • is very breathable

  • wicks sweat

I sometimes find athletic shirts to feel a bit extreme, which I think is a consequence of trying to wick sweat and be durable. They're just not super flexible and easy to move around in!

Tops like this help me be as comfrotable as possible when I run, while also preventing sweat from pooling up.

Back holes and other breathable elements are a signature piece of many Iso Chill tops, like these tanks, and it elevates the design while making the shirt more breathable.

Next time you need some hot season fitness looks, run, don't walk, to the Under Armour Iso Chill line! There are so many options.

On The Hunt For The Best Fitness Apparel

Fitness trends are always changing, but many of these have been constant must-haves from Under Armour over the years.

If you're on the hunt for active wear that literally helps you perform better (and also looks like, super good while it's doing that), you'll love these looks!

Which one of these looks do you just have to try? There has to be at least one of these awesome looks from Under Armour that caught your attention! Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites!


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