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Are These Nontoxic Nonstick Beauties As Good As They Look? I Tried Caraway Pots & Pans

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

This post is not sponsored, but I was gifted Caraway pots and pans for review. Post may contain affiliate links. Read more here.

I Tried Caraway Pots And Pans: Here's What I Thought

I've entered the phase of my life where I want to invest in high-quality—and consequently more expensive—products. Not only because they usually perform better, but because they last longer and are made of better materials.

Even with this mindset shift, it's really hard to know what's actually worth putting money towards. Especially when you don't have a lot of it to spend.

Far too often I still end up going the cheaper route. This usually means I end up spending more in the long run because whatever it is that I bought isn't that great. Basically, the joke's on me!

Because I'm in the process of revamping my kitchenware (for this exact reason), I absolutely jumped at the chance to try out the Caraway pots and pans that so many others have raved about.

So if you're wondering if they're as good as they look (and they look good) and if non-toxic, non-stick cookware/bakeware is worth spending your money on, read this quick Caraway pots and pans review!

caraway pots and pans review

What Makes Caraway Home Different?

All it takes is one quick glance at the Caraway Home products to fall in love. There's no denying that your IG pics will be on-point with this array of aesthetically pleasing designs and pleasant colors.

But of course, that's not the only thing that matters. Especially when we're talking about products that you'll probably be using every single day.

If you don't know yet, Caraway sells ceramic non stick pans and pots that are better for you because the materials that give them this much-adored nonstick quality are nontoxic. Basically, the ceramic coated cookware is both healthier for you and easier to use.

You can buy pieces from their extensive product line individually, or get the full line in two pre-made bundles:

For this review, I tried the fry pan and the square pan. Spoiler alert: I loved them.

So what did I love about them? What are the reasons to get Caraway pots and pans? Here are the big ones:

1. Caraway's Non-Toxic Cookware—They're Better For You!

Caraway's biggest selling point is that their non stick cookware and bakeware are different from traditional brands because they're made with materials that are better for you.

You've probably heard that certain materials can leak toxins into our foods when we use them. And according to Caraway, their nonstick cookware is free of the bad stuffPTFE (such as Teflon®), lead, cadmium, etc.

PTFE—AKA Polytetrafluoroethylene—is used to create 95% of nonstick pans, a stat that is directly quoted on the Caraway website.

Caraway products use ceramics instead. Which is currently not considered to release toxins that can stay in your body for decades. The other materials, on the other hand, have been found to do so by numerous research studies.

When it comes to "clean products," especially those that aren't literally digested or put on your skin, it's kind of hard to know if a brand is what they say they are.

If the frying pan you have now is releasing toxins into your body, my guess is that you have no idea about it.

In these cases, I usually turn to third-party testing. Caraway meets the standards for BSCI and SMETA.

caraway bakeware review

2. Function Of Caraway Pots And Pans

How annoying is it when something looks amazing but has zero functionality?

I appreciate aesthetics probably more than the average person, but the busy-minded, efficiency-obsessed side of me is always wondering, "it's so pretty, but also how will it make my life easier?"

So I had to approach my Caraway pots and pans review from a functionality lens.

There's the most obvious functionality point: nonstick. The main point of this brand is that it's nonstick kitchenware that's also nontoxic.

But there are other features that provide good function as well.

The fry pan I tried out has some amazing features that definitely make cooking easier:

  • oven safe up to 550 degrees

  • tall, rounded sides make it easier to flip and stir food in the pan

  • tall, rounded sides mean you can fit more

  • stainless steel handle easy to grip

Take a look at the rest of the Caraway Home products and you'll see baking sheets and pans with handles (amazing!) and storage organizers made perfectly for your Caraway set.

All in all, Caraway products are sleek and easy to move around the kitchen. The fry pan is heavy, but that's clearly due to the good quality.

The handle and shape ensure that it's easy to carry.

3. Less Oil Or Butter

If you're thinking that nonstick pots and pans imply that there will be no need for any oil and butter, that's not entirely true.

I also thought this! But it turns out the instructions still recommend using something to grease your pans, stating that you'll just need to use less.

Either way, this cuts back on oil and butter use. You'll be able to get finished food off so easily—using significantly less grease.

caraway bakeware review
I couldn't believe how little residue was left behind while baking. I have never experienced such an easy cutting job!

4. Easy To Clean

And of course, a benefit of nonstick is that the pot or pan will be really easy to clean.

Because the food slides off so easily, there's less residue left behind. And whatever is left, comes off without much effort.

But you do need to know how to clean Caraway pots and pans the right way. (More below.)

5. Other Reasons To Consider Caraway

On their website, Caraway proudly explains that they source their products ethically and make sure that they have an ethical workplace.

The manufacturing is also supposedly eco-friendly, releasing up to 60% less CO2 than traditional non stick coatings.

Their packaging is made from recycled cardboard and has no single-use plastics.

The mission of the company is to make us more thoughtful about our cookware. With all of these qualities in play, they definitely help raise the standard!

caraway fry pan review

How To Clean Caraway Pots And Pans

The only real downside to a Caraway cookware set, in my opinion, is that they can't go in the dishwasher. I'm definitely one of those people who would let my dishes pile up if I couldn't throw them in the washer before I bounced to the next project.

Because I'm so busy (okay okay, and lazy too) I actively avoid buying things that aren't dishwasher safe. But I do make exceptions for things that I think are worth it.

Long story short, I do think that it's worth it for Caraway's pots and pans. Here's why:

Naturally slick kitchenware (non-stick) that actually works is so easy to clean. Even with a dishwasher, I'm so used to soaking and scrubbing tough marks off my cheap cookware. Because they're so hard to clean, I'm spending time hand scrubbing them ANYWAYS before they even go in the dishwasher.

Within that same time, a Caraway pot or pan would be done already!

Caraway wipes clean like a dream, so who cares if I have to wash it by hand?

It's not that you can't put them in the dishwasher. You'll just ruin the nonstick pretty quickly because detergent is harsh on the materials.

Nonstick doesn't last forever as is, so you need to take care of it properly if you want it to work its magic for a long time to come.

caraway pots and pans

Caraway Pots And Pans Review: The Cons

I've given a lot of praise to the Caraway pots and pans in this post. And trust me, all of it is warranted. I could feel the quality of these products the minute I took them out of the box.

And as I've used them, they have not disappointed. I've never experienced such an easy clean-up process with cooking or baking before. I couldn't be happier with that.

In terms of downsides, here are my thoughts:

  • Caraway Home has literally thousands of reviews claiming that the product was worth every penny. But with the prices ranging from $95 to $395, it's not exactly budget-friendly. Whether it's worth spending money on is going to depend on your current budget, how much you cook/bake, and how badly you need a quality set.

  • Not dishwasher-safe. I mentioned this earlier in the post. Again, not necessarily a negative unless you literally don't want to wash your dishes by hand ever. Whether you have Caraway or not, nonstick does best when washed by hand. Getting this nontoxic version is only a bonus at that point.

  • The caraway non toxic ceramic nonstick cookware set has only four pieces (not counting the storage). For starters, you're getting 4 pieces for $400. Even though they're of great quality, that's a lot. Especially when the bakeware set is the same price and comes with way more. Secondly, I'd love to see a smaller saucepan and/or smaller fry pan included in the set.

So, Is Caraway As Good As It Looks?

My Caraway order arrived with the cutest hot plates that held the instruction manuals for each product. I loved the packaging and I loved that it was made with the environment in mind.

There were no excess plastics and packing peanuts to dig through. This alone makes me feel like this is a brand that stands by what it says it values.

As someone interested in learning how to live more naturally, I notice these things now and totally appreciate them.

I saw that the non stick surface was easy to clean. But I had to take it a step further to know for sure.

To really put it to the test, I've been letting the pan fry sit for hours after cooking with it. I wanted to see if it would make it harder to scrub off.

caraway non toxic ceramic nonstick cookware set
I put the fry pan to the test by intentionally letting it sit for hours. Expecting at least a little bit of effort to get it off, I was shocked when I only needed to give it one wipe with a sponge.

I can't believe how it always comes off in one swoop with a sponge and a little soap and water. I wasn't expecting it to be as hard as my other pans of course, but I wasn't expecting it to be this easy either.

In terms of performance, the aluminum core helps the fry pan heat quickly and evenly. Anyone could benefit from this, but I especially think this is helpful for people who aren't cooking experts like me.

I thought the same thing with the square baking pan as well. I can't tell you the last time I baked and didn't have trouble keeping the heat evenly throughout the pan.

And I definitely have never baked with a pan that is this easy to cut out of. Not a drop was left behind.

If you're truly ready to invest in your kitchen and don't mind a little handwashing, Caraway is a great option! It definitely depends on your budget. But, remember that good kitchenware can last a while and save you money in the long run.

non toxic non stick cookware review


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