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Make A Latte Without Machines & 4 Fall Latte Recipes For Home

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Happy Fall, ya'll.

Nope, even though it rhymes, even though I lived in the South for 5 years, ya'll still isn't working for this Nothern gal.

What is working for me? Lattes. Simple lattes. Fancy lattes. Cold, hot. All of them. But right now especially Fall-themed lattes.

A good, steamy latte is like the perfect hug on a chilly Fall day. And while I used to be convinced that if I wanted to learn how to make a good latte I would need one of those big shiny, hissing machines meant for expert baristas, I finally realize that isn't true!

My budget-minded attitude thought about it one day. A latte is just strong coffee with warm bubbly milk. And I can totally make that with what I already have on hand. And I can probably get creative with it.

So that's what I did. You must try these at-home latte recipes that are uniquely nutritious and flavored!

Make A Latte Without A Machine

So let's assume for the sake of this article that you have absolutely nothing. Well, nothing fancy. A regular old coffee maker and some cups.

If you do own an espresso maker, you of course should use that. But're on a trip and need to know how to make a latte? Read on to save yourself in this situation.

All You Really Need To Make A Latte:

  • A way to brew coffee (coffee maker/espresso machine)

  • Mason jar or another container with a lid that can hold hot liquids

  • A mug to drink your creation

  • A spoon to help pour the milk and scoop the foam

*Some people might use a blender if they have one, but I like the mason jar and a lid method.

Latte Ingredients:

  • coffee/espresso

  • milk of choice

  • flavoring/spices that you want to use to make your latte (3 healthy Fall latte ideas below!)

How To Make Latte Without Espresso Machine:

  1. Brew Coffee

  2. Pour Milk of Choice into Jar

  3. Flavor the Milk (I've also done this after heating)

  4. Heat ~60 seconds

  5. Shake ~60 seconds (hard!)

  6. The milk should become thicker and foamy at the top- a clear separation will be visible

  7. Add milk to coffee, blocking the foam from pouring in, you only want the milk below

  8. Spoon foam from mason jar onto the top of the latte

  9. Sprinkle some cinnamon or your favorite spice on top and enjoy!

This is the basic way to do it. You can use these simple latte instructions to make a hot or iced latte, or you can use this as a base to make any number of fun latte recipes right at home. Keep reading for a few ideas to make some tasty lattes this Fall!

Simple Homemade Fall Latte Three Ways

*For a 3/4 cup of milk, I would use about 1/4 tsp of spices and 1 tbsp of maple syrup/sweetener- but play around with what is perfect for you!

If you need some ideas for how to make a good latte without a machine, look no further than these tasty and easy ideas! They're also super nutritious.

Maple Spice Latte

  1. Milk

  2. Flavor with Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Ground Ginger

  3. Sprinkle Cinnamon on top!

Anti-Inflammatory Golden Latte

  1. Choice of Vanilla Unsweetened (sweet is fine too) Milk Alternative or Regular Milk

  2. Flavor with Turmeric Powder, Ground Ginger, and Maple Syrup

  3. Sprinkle Cinnamon on top!

Vanilla Spice Latte

  1. Choice of Vanilla Unsweetened (sweet is fine too) Milk Alternative

  2. Flavor with Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg

  3. Sprinkle Cinnamon on top!

Beet Recovery Latte

  1. Choice of Vanilla Unsweetened (sweet is fine too) Milk Alternative

  2. Tablespoon of powdered collagen

  3. tablespoon of beetroot powder

  4. Sweeten the flavor with maple syrup and vanilla

  5. Sprinkle Cinnamon on top!

Add these easy at-home lattes into your routine for a change of pace, an extra nutritious boost, or simply so you don't have to get up and go to the store.

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