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4 Crazy Simple Tips To Start Eating Healthy

Updated: Feb 10

Splendid Spoon asked me how I'm starting to eat healthy this year and the ways Splendid Spoon helps me do it. So I decided to share 4 of my favorite tips for how to start eating healthy! Disclaimer.

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How To Start Eating Healthy

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the whole "healthy eating thing," I don't blame you one bit.

It feels like we're constantly being hit with new ideas for what it actually means to eat healthily, down to the point of even questioning if certain foods once deemed healthy even are.

And as much as I love discovering healthy recipes to make, I want healthy eating to be as simple as possible.

Scratch that, I need it to be as simple as possible. And I know that you do too.

We're all busy, and we can't ask our bodies to keep up with our crazy schedules and perform their best if we're not giving them the proper fuel to chug along.

Proper nutrition has been an extremely important piece of my life as a professional runner. But it has not always been easy. To develop sustainable healthy eating practices I've had to learn some lessons and go through some self-discovery along the way.

So when Splendid Spoon asked me how I'm starting to eat healthy this year, I immediately knew I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for eating healthy that make the whole thing a lot easier.

This isn't the answer to everything, but if you're looking to learn how to start eating healthy, remember these 4 things. They really can help!

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4 Crazy Simple Tips: How To Start Eating Healthy

Healthy eating doesn't have to be this huge, scary thing looming over you. So I wanted to take a second to share some of the simplest mindset shifts and smallest tasks that have helped me be a healthy eater.

Like crazy simple. So simple you might not believe the powerful impact that they can have. But I promise you that they can make a world of a difference.

And since Splendid Spoon inspired me to share, I'll be giving you some tips for how you can use this amazing service to help you out. Let's get started!

1. Just Start, And Start Small

You know how everyone's always saying to "just start?"

Healthy eating is no different.

Sometimes people think that you need to do hours and hours of research or hire someone to create a detailed nutrition plan for you in order to make any progress at all.

Those tasks are pretty overwhelming, and it's easier for them to be pushed off. "Someday I'll start that huge project..."

It's certainly beneficial to have a nutrition plan. I'm not going to say that you would never need one to reach your healthy eating goals.

However, taking small steps at first can make the whole thing feel way less overwhelming. So just start!

Maybe you:

  • Go from 4 sodas a week to 2 sodas a week

  • Start adding 2 fruits to your grocery list

  • Cook a meal at home two nights a week instead of eating out every day

Do you see what I mean? Teaching yourself how to eat healthy doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing scenario.

I'm not a professional nutritionist by any means. But in my personal experience with my journey to eating correctly, thinking and acting in extremes isn't sustainable. And it doesn't make you happy.

Instead of thinking I can only eat this or that, start thinking of small habits that you can work on to build more nutrition into your life.

For example, I always struggled with eating enough throughout the day. The fear of eating too much of the wrong thing stopped me from making any progress at all.

I knew I wasn't eating a balanced diet, yet was paralyzed from taking any steps. The solution?

I thought, what can I do a few times a week to become better at this?

The Splendid Spoon smoothies were a perfect solution for this for me. They're premade and don't make you feel overstuffed.

Having them in my fridge to grab throughout the day allows me to eat enough and I know they're loaded with amazing ingredients I wouldn't get elsewhere.

Splendid Spoon also has an extensive line of premade bowls and soups that are filled with plant-based proteins and vegetables. Start by getting one of the smaller plan options with Splendid Spoon!

Even having a few of these in your freezer will support your healthy eating goals and get you headed down the right track.

2. Get Someone To Do It For You- AKA Meal Delivery Services

Have you ever gone on a "health-kick" and headed to the grocery store