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Simple, Yet Powerful, Recipes Using FeelGood Organic Superfoods®

Updated: May 11

I love FeelGood Superfoods products, so I'm so excited for this collab and to share with you my full Feel Good Organic Superfoods review and the 3 easy recipes in this post!

feel good superfoods recipes

Eating With FeelGood Organic Superfoods®: What Are Superfoods?

Before we get into the recipes, I want to quickly address the buzz around "superfoods." Talk about the benefits of superfoods has only continued to grow in the last few years!

And while I'm always a huge proponent of making sure you get whole, natural foods into your diet each and every day, there's no denying that there are benefits to using superfood powders as well.

First off, what the heck are superfoods?

There is technically no food group category with this title, but the foods that are considered to be super are known for their extra-strong capabilities to support our health. They are loaded with beneficial nutrients:

  • antioxidants

  • healthy fats

  • vitamins

  • minerals

Superfood powders are simply the dehydrated version of these superfoods ground down into powders. Why use superfood powders? Because this process typically results in a powder mixture that is:

  • extremely nutrient-dense per serving

  • unbelievably easy to add to all kinds of meals

This leads me to the purpose of today's post: how to use the FeelGood Superfoods® powders to take some of your favorite easy recipes to the next level!

I love sharing recipes that make healthy eating simple— which is why almost everything I share is customizable to what you have in the kitchen or what your taste buds prefer. Make these recipes your own! If you're using the FeelGood Superfoods®, you're getting the benefits.

feel good foods superfoods powders

FeelGood Organic Superfoods® Reviews

I want to make this somewhat of a FeelGood Organic Superfoods® review so that you know why I choose to use these products. I love using FeelGood Organic Superfoods® for many, many reasons. It's not just because they make food taste good, although that certainly doesn't hurt.

FeelGood Organic Superfoods® are great because:

  • They are organic.

  • They have no additives or extra ingredients. If you want the superfood Camu Camu, that's what you're getting.

  • Sometimes the absorption of a superfood can be maximized when fortified with another ingredient, like turmeric and black pepper. They work this into their mixtures (disclosed on specific packages) so that you don't have to do this work yourself

  • They have an extensive line of superfood powders, making them a one-stop-shop for all my needs

Essentially, my FeelGood Superfoods® review is nothing but positives. I've yet to have a bad experience with any of their products that I've tried. (Disclosure: I have only tried their superfood powders, nothing else)

Are FeelGood Superfoods® An Affordable Healthy Option?

Recommending healthy products based on their affordability is important to me. And when it comes to food health, I know that the most important piece is whole natural food.

So while superfood powders can be natural food in a sense, they shouldn't be relied on as full nutrition. AKA, don't fill up your budget on superfood powders if you don't have the actual essentials first.

FeelGood Superfoods® has a large range of products, all at very different costs. Even within the superfood powders line the price of a packet can range from $7 to $35. (Sizes vary too)

I'm not a nutritionist, so specifics should always be discussed with a professional. In my opinion, FeelGood Superfoods® can be an affordable healthy option depending on which products you're getting and whether or not it makes your specific grocery bill go too high.

Get the essentials first.

So let's get into the good stuff: the recipes.

3 Easy FeelGood Organic Superfoods® Recipes

I love superfood powders because they are such a quick and easy way to take any recipe that you already know how to make and take it to the next level.

Without adding much flavor or changing the consistency of a recipe, superfood powders give you a lot of benefits. These recipes are all incredibly easy to make, yet loaded with good stuff thanks to the addition of superfoods.

You'll probably already know how to make some of these, so mix and match what you love with these recipes and throw these powders into your own similar recipes!

1) Overnight Oats With Camu Camu Powder

feel good superfood powders review

Oatmeal has been a staple in my morning meal rotation over the years because of how easy it is to pack full with variety, optimizing nutritional value. A good bowl of oatmeal has a variety of nutrients and gives me the energy to take on the day.

Overnight oats are even tastier than original oatmeal—at least I think so anyway-—and are really great for meal prep. Save that precious time in the AM and still eat good!

That's why I took my favorite overnight oats recipe to the next level with FeelGood Superfoods® Camu Camu Powder to get even more out of it.

The Camu Camu powder is subtly tart and delicious in these overnight oats- plus it's packed with Vitamin C and may have other benefits, like reducing inflammation. Sounds like a win-win to me!

feel good superfoods recipes


  • FeelGood Superfoods Camu Camu Powder (2 tsp)

  • 1 cup of old fashioned oats

  • chia seeds (~1oz or 2tbsp)

  • pure maple syrup (~1oz)

  • vanilla extract (~1/2tsp)

  • Greek yogurt (a few scoops)

  • Milk of choice

  • A handful of Blueberries (or fruit of preference)

  • A handful of Almonds (or nuts of preference)


Whipping up some amazing overnight oats only takes a few steps and a couple of minutes. And the best part is that you can truly customize your oats exactly how you like them; this recipe works as a great guideline.

feel good superfoods review

Start by adding the oats to a mason jar or another jar with a sealable lid. Add the rest of the toppings and finish by pouring the milk until most of the oats are covered. This typically is about 1/2-3/4 of a cup for me.

Simply stir everything up, cover and place in the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours. When it comes out, you'll notice that the consistency has thickened a lot due to the chia seeds sucking up the liquids and expanding.

2) Acai Ice Cream

acai ice cream at home