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What Blue Spirulina Is Actually Doing In My Blue Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Feb 14

It's hot out.

Yep, that's the intro I'm choosing today. It's what's on my mind.

Now that we've reached official summertime, it's so hot and humid that I kind of feel like I'm living in a tropical location.

I'm not even close, but I wish I was. Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that summertime makes me really crave fun-colored and cold (emphasis on cold) meals and treats.

The second I come inside from a dog walk or a hot track workout, all I want is some delicious, icy goodness in the form of a giant iced coffee or a tasty smoothie bowl.

I have very enthusiastically (probably thanks to all the iced coffee) had my heart set on shaking up my usual blender routine and making some fun smoothie bowls. Ones that really capture the essence of my tropical destination dreams.

But like, in my own kitchen.

Lucky me, I've found the easiest, healthiest, and most colorful way to do it this summer and I'm so excited to share all the deets with you.

Unicorn Superfoods is my new best friend when it comes to fun nutrition because they've got it all, including superfoods that boost immunity, replenish vitamins, reduce inflammation, and more. I tried them out and got the blue smoothie of my dreams, using this new-to-me superfood called Blue Spirulina.

If you've heard of it, you might be wondering if it's worth the hype. In my little Blue Spirulina review, you'll find out what I think and see how I use it.

what blue spirulina is actually doing in my smoothie bowl, pinterest pin about blue spirulina and unicorn superfoods

What Is Blue Spirulina?

So I'll admit it, as health conscious as I like to be because clean eating and taking care of ourselves is an important topic to me, I really just wanted a blue smoothie bowl.

I'd seen them here and there, looking flawless of course on Instagram. I didn't really care what was in it, just wanted to just create something fun.

When I found out the best way to do this was actually through a nutritious, energizing, anti-inflammatory algae, I was even more excited to put it to the test.

Ok, maybe not that last part, but just don't think about it as a water plant.

You don't have to eat it that way; it actually comes packaged nicely as Blue Spirulina Powder from places like Unicorn Superfoods.

Blue Spirulina is a superfood plant that is found in freshwater places and loaded with antioxidants from chlorophyll (green veggies, like kale or broccoli have this too).

Blue Spirulina actually gets its blue color from another antioxidant called phycocyanin. Which is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Without getting too deep into its chemical makeup, Blue Spirulina can help protect our brains and body cells from certain damages! Crazy, right?

The Blue Spirulina benefits don't stop there- it might even help with seasonal nasal allergies.

Why did no one tell me this sooner? I'll try anything to prevent how lousy my allergies make me feel!

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm leaning towards Blue Spirulina being "worth the hype."

The Making Of A Blue Smoothie Bowl

The best thing about smoothie bowls is that you really can make them with whatever ingredients you want to use on any given day.

My kitchen is usually filled with random fruits and veggies based on what I was feeling like on my last shopping trip.

So I always just make do with what I have.

However, making sure I stay stocked up on good superfood powders is key!

It's not easy to find these powerful powders everywhere—especially Blue Spirulina. But they can take a good smoothie and make it great, without really making any noticeable changes.

Besides maybe some with subtly sweet flavors and awesome colors. When making Blue Spirulina recipes, color is actually the main thing to pay attention to—flavor not so much.