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Summer Blends: Making Froyo At Home

Updated: Jun 26

Making Froyo At Home: The Easy Way To Health Dessert!

A few years back, I was actively driving past "froyo" places and rolling my eyes, thinking who would want that over ice cream. I always shot down the idea of grabbing some.

Sometimes I went, but I definitely complained the whole time wishing it was ice cream.

I know you're thinking, well is froyo healthier than ice cream anyway? That's why sometimes we want it over ice cream!

But honestly, it's really not that much better for you...unless maybe you love unsweetened regular vanilla...which...😝...

While I still full-heartedly believe that ice cream is where it's at, I have found some room in my heart for frozen yogurt.

Instead of going out for froyo though, I've discovered how to make frozen yogurt from store bought yogurt at home...and make it really great.

Sweet, delicious, and even nutritious thanks to my friends at Unicorn Superfoods. So if you're a frozen yogurt fan and looking for healthy treat ideas, this post is for you.

How To Make Frozen Yogurt At Home With A Blender

If you've been around here at all, you know that making healthy and fun desserts at home is one of my favorite things to do!

I enjoy having healthier dessert alternatives around to not only limit my processed sugar intake but also increase the number of nutrients I get.

With my active lifestyle as an athlete, it's important to me to eat foods that:

  • replenish nutrients,

  • decrease inflammation, and

  • give me more energy.

You're thinking: "did she just say that the desserts she eats increase her intake of nutrients?! Oh yeah, I totally did, and I'm going to show you how to do it too.

My number one go-to? Superfood powders.

Unicorn Superfoods is a one-stop-shop for all the best superfood powders that help:

  • boost immunity,

  • reduce bloating,

  • improve gut function,

  • rejuvenate hair, skin, and nails,

  • give antioxidants and nutrients, and

  • improve energy.

I absolutely love using superfood powders in my food because it's such a simple way to get some added benefits without altering what you're eating - besides in good ways, that is.

Nothing can replace whole foods, but the addition of these powders gives that extra boost that we sometimes need!

How To Make Frozen Yogurt At Home With A Blender

My homemade frozen yogurt vision was simple: quick and easy to make, really pretty colors, and super nutritious. And the final result did not disappoint.

So now to get to how I made these fun and delicious frozen yogurt popsicles right at home without a frozen yogurt machine or an ice cream maker!

All you need is a blender and a popsicle mold.

The Recipe:

For the purple layer:

  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt (flavor of choice, I used honey vanilla)