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How To Make Frozen Yogurt Bark

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

This frozen yogurt bark is a healthy summer snack that is so sweet and nutritious

that you'll be keeping cool all summer with this easy to make dessert!

how to make frozen yogurt bark

The Healthy, Sweet Dessert For All Summer Long

This little "homemade fro-yo" is a trick I've been doing for a while.

But it came to my attention recently that making frozen yogurt bark at home isn't something everyone knows about!

I obviously had to correct this issue so here I am with a quick recipe.

Yogurt bark is just so tasty and easy to make that I couldn't let it slide. You have to try it this summer!

The other great thing about this frozen yogurt recipe is that it feels like you're eating a cool summer dessert, but you can actually pack it full of nutrients making it a healthy breakfast or snack as well.

Even though these store really well in a freezer-safe container, every time I make a batch I blow through them in no time!

I love that I can make them many different ways too - keep reading for the best topping ideas I've got.

How To Make Frozen Yogurt Bark

Once you have all of the ingredients you want to use, making frozen yogurt bark literally takes only a few minutes.

Well, you do have to freeze it which can take about 4 hours minimum.

This is kinda a bummer, but I would recommend mixing up the recipe and throwing them in the freezer overnight. Then most of the time they're freezing you'll be sleeping anyway.

In reality, the only thing you need to make these yummy treats is:

  • a low dish (maybe a baking one, like for pie)

  • and a tub of yogurt.

  • This would be pretty boring and probably not that tasty- no judging if you like this lol - so I'd recommend throwing in some other toppings.

For example, take this gorgeous strawberry yogurt bark that I made recently!

In this yogurt strawberry bark, I used vanilla Greek yogurt because I like the flavor better than plain and the Greek yogurt turns this dessert into a protein snack!

I flavored the yogurt further by mixing in Acai Powder from Feel Good Superfoods, one of my favorite health brands. Not a necessary step, but it made the bars look cooler, taste better, and pack some major antioxidant benefits!

Then, for my toppings I used a premade trail mix from Trader Joe's, making the perfect fruit and nut frozen yogurt bark.

Alright so now, the simple steps to make frozen yogurt bark.

The Steps To Make Frozen Yogurt Bark

  1. Lay out the dish that you're going to use. I wouldn't get one more than an inch high on the sides.

  2. Spoon yogurt into the dish and spread with a spoon (kinda like pizza sauce, for my pizza makers) until it reaches part way up the sides. I wouldn't make it too thick because it will be hard to cut.

  3. This is optional, but I squeeze in some raw honey too to help sweeten the bark if the yogurt is really plain. This adds more sugar, but using raw honey has less sugar and some health benefits so it's worth it if you ask me.

  4. Add your toppings! I added the recommended dosage of Acai powder and swirled it right into the yogurt until it was mostly blended. I then chopped up strawberries into small pieces and sprinkled them on top along with some trail mix that I love.

  5. Cover the dish with saran wrap, aluminum foil, or whatever you have, and place it in the fridge for approximately 4 hours.

  6. Take out the dish and let it thaw slightly until you are able to cut the frozen yogurt into squares.

  7. Eat immediately or pile up the bark pieces in an airtight container to store in the fridge for 1-2 weeks.

strawberry frozen yogurt bark with superfood powder recipe

The Best Yogurt Bark Toppings

So now that you know how to make frozen yogurt bark, let's talk about the good stuff: toppings! Honestly, you can put whatever your heart desires into YOUR frozen yogurt, but these yogurt bark topping ideas should give you some solid inspiration.

1) Nuts

Greek yogurt gets the protein level of this snack going, so why not also add some nuts? Great flavor and protein, these can't be beat. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are all great ideas. Peanuts might be worth trying too...maybe if you went a chocolate direction with your bark? Brb, trying that.

2) Fresh Fruit

But of course! I wouldn't make this recipe without fruit, so I feel like I'm stating the obvious. Either way, I've used strawberries, blueberries, mango, raspberries...the list goes on and you should try them all. Just give them a little chop before you add them.

3) Superfood powders

This is such a fun way to use superfood powders!

Not only will they make the yogurt look cool (themed party anyone?), but they'll add a huge boost of nutrients and you'll hardly notice. Here are some top ideas:

  • Acai Powder (like this one I used in my bark this time for its antioxidants and vitamins),

  • Camu Camu,

  • Greens mixes,

  • blue spirulina,

  • and more are all good ideas.

4) Chocolate chips

Obviously! Sprinkle in a few chocolate chips to make this a little more dessert-like - it's so good! I've used both milk/dark chocolate and white chocolate for this.

5) Dried Fruit

This may not add to the refreshing and freshness of this recipe like fresh fruit does, but dried fruit is always fun. My recipe with the Trader Joe's trail mix has dried cranberries and I loved it.

6) Flavors

Try adding other flavors to shake things up. Some ideas here are:

  • vanilla extract (if using plain yogurt),

  • cinnamon,

  • or chocolate powder

  • raw honey

  • other flavors of extract (an almond extract is yummy!)

The options are really limitless when it comes to this healthy summer treat, which is definitely why I love it so much.

Get creative and have a tasty time beating the summer heat!

frozen yogurt bark easy recipe


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