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Unicorn Superfood Review: Making Healthy Eating Fun

When I say I like to eat healthy, so many people assume that I mean bland salads and gross veggie chips.

And sure, I might like leafy greens more than the average person, but just because I like to eat healthy doesn't mean that I don't like delicious, fun foods! Of course I want my food to taste good- I just also want it to be simply made and to nourish my body as she deserves.

Superfood powders are one of those things I've found that make healthy eating fun. They help fill in the inevitable gaps in our diet and take basic dishes to the next level. But no other superfood powders make healthy food as fun as Unicorn Superfoods does!

So in this post, I've going to give my full Unicorn Superfood review and show you how I use their large range of colorful superfoods as a usual part of my diet.

How Do You Use Unicorn Superfoods?

One of my favorite things about Unicorn superfoods is all of the things that you can do with their products. Not only do they have a really comprehensive line of superfood powders and proteins, their powders work so well in a thousand different recipes.

In general, superfood powders work great when used alongside a balanced diet. They help fill in the gaps on weeks when you maybe didn't eat as many veggies (or other necessary stuff) as you should. You can feel more confident that your body is getting what it needs.

Superfood powders also provide nutritional benefits that you wouldn't necessarily get anywhere else, or at least that often. Take Unicorn Superfoods blue spirulina for example. You're not eating that blue-green alga any other place (I'm assuming), so adding a spoonful of powder to a recipe gives a huge nutritional boost.

Blue spirulina has a ton of vitamins and minerals. You can add it to a smoothie, baked goods, or even a latte.

To use Unicorn Superfoods, figure out which powders you want to take based on the ingredients and the benefits then add the recommended daily dose to almost any recipe you desire. It's that easy.

Unicorn Superfoods Recipes

Like I said, you can add superfood powders to almost any recipe. Unicorn Superfoods' powders have blended really well into everything I've used them for— which has been a variety of things.

Every now and then I get a huge craving for pancakes or waffles. I'm sure you can relate! I love to find ways to make them healthier, and Unicorn Superfoods has been one way to do that. I love to turn regular old pancakes into a gorgeous colorful breakfast by adding Unicorn Superfoods right into the batter.

To make them, I use a few different Unicorn Superfood powders:

I would definitely check out the Unicorn Superfoods recipes that they share themselves— to be honest, it's amazing as hell. You'll be sure to get some inspiration from their recipe blog.

Reasons To Use Unicorn Superfoods

More superfood products are popping up all the time, especially green superfood powder. So I can understand why it's hard to pick and choose between them all. So I wanted to make sure that this Unicorn Superfoods review included some highlights that make them so great.


Unicorn Superfoods prides itself on having "no nasties" in its powders because natural health is what they're all about. I absolutely love this about them.


All of Unicorn Superfoods products are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. I'm not saying that gluten and dairy or other animal products are bad and unhealthy for you. I just think it's awesome that anyone who does follow a particular diet can feel comfortable knowing there's something for them at Unicorn Superfoods.

Large Range

No matter what you're trying to add to your diet- antioxidants, protein, vitamins, etc- there's an option for you at Unicorn Superfoods.

Large Range

It's clear that Unicorn Superfoods' focus is on helping you make your real, whole foods even more nutritious. There's nothing in the messaging that says you can rely on their superfoods to carry you, and I love that.

Where To Buy Unicorn Superfoods

Since the majority of my readers are US-based, it's important to note that Unicorn Superfoods is based in Australia. My packages come from far away!

I have yet to come across Unicorn Superfoods in the store, and it appears that the only places that sell them outside of their own website are places in Australia.

So if you're looking to give them a try, I'd head over to the products page on their website.

Make Healthy Eating Even More Fun

Healthy eating doesn't need to be boring. In fact, I'd argue that if your healthy diet is bland and boring, you're not doing it right! A healthy, balanced diet is full of a variety of foods so you never should get bored. And of course, full of color!

Unicorn Superfoods can help you out with some of that by making your food not only more healthy, but more fun. There's never been a simpler way to make recipes that have it all!



Oct 07, 2022

Unicorn Superfoods is a scam. Research on Trust Pilot first! If you are legit, do your readers/followers a favor, leave this up and take down anything with them.

May 22, 2023
Replying to

Hi! I'm not sure where you got this info, but I only write posts like this with brands that I've actually tried and loved! Everything in my post is true, so I know that they're not a scam. Thanks for trying to help though!

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