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Nuun Hydration

About Nuun

This product has been life changing! I'm not being that dramatic- it has really helped me with hydration. If you're anything like me, or most humans I'd assume, the taste of normal water gets a little repetitive and you start craving a little bit more...pi-zazz. Adding Nuun to my pantry was probably the best decision I made when addressing this problem.

Usually, I would run to the store and buy 9,000 bottles of sparking and flavored waters. Each one is a dollar or less, so a no-brainer right? Not if you buy 9,000 of them! I was spending more money than I thought and stacking up way too many disposable plastic bottles. What's more, I was probably downing an unnecessary amount of sugar, or sugar alternatives, and whatever else goes into these waters.

With Nuun, I'm getting amazing flavor PLUS the benefits that come with each tablet variety. Nuun makes a commitment to Clean Hydration so I can feel comfortable dropping the flavorful, fizzy goodness into my water bottle. Each variety of Nuun: Sport, Endurance, Rest, Immunity, and Vitamins serves its own special purpose, as you can gather from their titles. I have implemented Nuun into my routine, using it before most workouts, before bed, and when I travel.

How I Use Nuun in My Routine

I start most mornings before training with the Nuun Sport collection, which gives me a boost of electrolytes, and caffeine if I choose a flavor with that addition. A lighter, quicker to make, alternative to coffee is sometimes a NEED before running out the door to practice.

I also utilize this product when I travel, as I talk about in this post. Dirty airports, crazy sleep patterns...you know the difficulties associated with traveling. When you add an athletic competition into the mix, hydration and immunity are even more important. Using Nuun Rest or Immunity is now a must in my travel routine. Before flights, during trips, and after I get back.

I encourage you to view all of their products to learn how you can optimize your hydration for workouts, recovery, and boosting your immune system.

And if you have any questions about how I use Nuun, let me know!


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