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More Than A Thirst Quench: Nuun Active Hydration Review

Updated: Apr 17

With Nuun hydration tablets now offered in several different varieties, the popular and refreshingly delicious electrolyte-enhanced tabs do more than just replenish essential vitamins and minerals lost during exercise. Here's my take on the Nuun tablets in a Nuun active hydration review that covers what you need to know about Nuun Hydration.

Nuun Hydration Review

In typical Maddie-fashion, I'm going to start this article with a relatively dramatic statement: Nuun hydration is life-changing!

If we simply consider how much more liquid Nuun has helped me consume daily- without even touching on the added nutrition benefits- it's really not that insane for me to say that Nuun has somewhat changed my life.

Hydration is one of the most important things for living healthy and being our best selves- and this does not just apply to athletes!

But let's face it, the taste of regular water gets a little boring and sometimes it's hard to convince yourself to drink more. So we turn to drinks that actually do taste good.

But unfortunately, those are probably full of added sugars.

Anyways. Did you know that as great as regular water is for you, there is more to hydration than drinking regular water?

Enter, Nuun.

What Nuun Hydration Does: A Review of the Nuun Tablets

Nuun hydration tablets are dissolving, fizzy electrolyte-packed tabs that you put directly into your water. Essentially, you can transform any old cup of water into a sparkling beverage that improves your hydration with clean ingredients and fun flavors.

Not all Nuun flavors taste amazing, but they certainly break up the monotony of regular H20 and make consuming vitamins and electrolytes a breeze. And there are more than enough flavors available so we all can find plenty to love.

I love Nuun for many reasons, including how the company makes a commitment to Clean Hydration. I can feel comfortable dropping the flavorful, fizzy goodness into my water bottle.

The Nuun ingredients depend on which variety you're using: the most popular Nuun Sport, the more specific Nuun Immunity, or another offshoot from the company's extensive line.

That's the gist of Nuun hydration, but to make this the best Nuun active hydration review, I'm going to answer more questions. Are Nuun tablets worth it? How many Nuun tablets per day?

Each variety has its own purpose, so let's check them all out.

nuun active hydration review

Nuun Sport

Nuun Hydration Sport is a hydrating mix of electrolytes, minerals, and caffeine (if you choose the Nuun Sport with caffeine) that is perfect for bringing along on workouts or for drinking before/after you get your sweat on. The tablet has sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, giving you a full dose of electrolytes.

Not all sport hydration tabs do this, but it's important to have a balance of each vitamin.

The Nuun Sport tablets are formulated perfectly to provide the body with the necessary amounts of vitamins and carbs to replenish after a sweaty workout. That's why I love them and am comfortable having a few tablets each day. I work out a lot, so I know that I need to replenish a lot.

I'm not a nutritionist, so you should talk to yours about your Nuun intake based on the number of vitamins in Nuun sport, what your body specifically needs, and how much you sweat.

Nuun Immunity

Next up: my Nuun immunity tablets review! To be honest, Nuun Immunity might very well be my favorite part of the Nuun line. It is truly the perfect little pick me up when you feel like you might be getting sick.

It is my go-to when I start to feel the sniffles. I especially love having this variety when I travel. I mean, dirty airports, funky sleep patterns, you know how stress-inducing travel can be. When you add an athletic competition into the mix, hydration and immune care are even more important.

I love popping the best Nuun Immunity flavor tab, Blueberry Tangerine, into my water during travel or on extra stressful weeks. This might actually be my favorite flavor in the whole line.

This little tab is boosted with both Zinc and Vitamin C to help your immune system. The brand also claims that this tab includes an "herbal blend" that supports your immune system. Elderberry, turmeric, and ginger...all in this little tasty little tab?

I guess I can't guarantee that it fights off illness, but I'm pretty confident that Nuun Immunity does work at least a little. Many a time I've felt lousy, this immune-boosting secret has swooped in and saved the day.

And check out the Nuun Immunity3 too- it combines vitamins, electrolytes, and prebiotics.

nuun immunity tablets review

Nuun Rest

The Nuun Rest tablet is a helpful blend of ingredients meant to soothe the body and mind. Grab yourself a little extra recovery and deep sleep by taking this fizzy tablet after a long day closer to bedtime. With magnesium, tart cherry, and electrolytes (sodium, potassium), this tablet supports all things relaxation.

Personally, I'm really hoping that Nuun Hydration adds more flavors to this line specifically. I'm just not a fan of the Blackberry Vanilla or the Lemon Chamomile, as delicious as these names sound. I haven't found a pre-bed drink supplement flavor that I like in any brand, though.

Some people that I've recommended Nuun Rest to have told me that taking it before bed can give them a really quality, deep sleep that night. Can't wait to drink it myself, if or when more flavors are added.

Nuun Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for day to day health, so Nuun took into account the vitamins we are most likely to be under-consuming in a day and packed them all into the Nuun Vitamins tablets.

A single tablet has vitamins A, C, D, and E in varying quantities. Hydrating is important, and with this variety of Nuun tablets you get so much more out of your cup! I think of the Nuun Vitamins tablets as just another version of a multi-vite.

This is not an endorsement to throw the Flintstone gummies out the window and chug a Nuun!

But the concept is the same and my best comparison nonetheless. Like I said earlier, the amount of vitamins and minerals you need daily are specific to you, so it could be important to check this out with a doctor if you're unsure.

I get my blood tested with Inside Tracker pretty regularly to stay aware of what I need. Either way, this Nuun tablet is formulated by specialists to supplement what humans typically don't get enough of in a day, so if you're wondering how many Nuun tablets in a day, for this one you're probably fine with a daily dose.

Nuun Energy

One of Nunn's more recent products, Nuun Energy hydrates while giving you 80mg of caffeine. This makes it a great alternative to drinking coffee before a run or a workout. If that's something that doesn't agree with your stomach, this might be for you.

I'm used to having coffee before races because that's something I've built up to. But before tough practices, it's a little bit of a different situation. That's why the Nuun tablets that are great for me before workouts are Nuun Energy when the Nuun Sport + Caffeine isn't what I take.

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