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Do More Than Quench Your Thirst: What to Know About Nuun Hydration

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

About Nuun

It's not really that dramatic to Nuun Hydration is life-changing! Hydration is one of the most important things to focus on as an athlete and as a human. But let's face it, the taste of regular water gets a litttttle repetitive and you start craving some more "pizazz." Adding Nuun to the pantry was probably the best decision I made when looking for how to make hydration easier.

Before Nuun, I would run to the store and buy a TON of "fun-flavored" sparkling waters if I noticed I wasn't drinking enough and needed desperately to shake it up. I was stacking up way too many disposable plastic bottles for my comfort and what's more, I was probably drinking an unnecessary amount of sugar, or sugar alternatives, and whatever else goes into these waters.

With Nuun, you're getting many amazing flavors PLUS the extra benefits of whichever tablet variety you're drinking (ex: electrolytes, vitamins). Nuun makes a commitment to Clean Hydration so I can feel comfortable dropping the flavorful, fizzy goodness into my water bottle. Each variety of Nuun: Sport, Immunity, Rest and Vitamins serves its own special purpose so you can add them into your routine as needed.

Nuun Sport

This variety of Nuun is a hydrating mix of electrolytes, minerals, and caffeine if you choose (they have non caffeine as well) that is perfect for bringing along on workouts or for drinking before/after. The tablet has sodium, potassium, and calcium. When getting electrolytes, its important to have a balance of the different types, and you can't always get that from every "electrolyte beverage".

Nuun Immunity

Perfect for when you feel you might be getting sick, or are at risk of picking something up do to travel or stress, the Immunity tablets currently come in two yummy flavors (Blueberry Tangerine and Orange Citrus). They have both Zinc and Vitamin C in them to help boost immunity.

Nuun Rest

The Rest tablet is a helpful blend of ingredients meant to soothe the body and mind. Grab yourself a little extra recovery and deep sleep by taking this fizzy tablet after a long day closer to bedtime. With magnesium, tart cherry, and electrolytes (sodium, potassium), this tablet supports all things relaxation.

Nuun Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for day to day health and Nuun takes into account the vitamins we are most likely to be under-consuming with this variety of their tablets. A single tablet has vitamins A, C, D, and E at varying quantities. Hydrating is important, and with this option you get so much more out of your cup!

How I Use Nuun in My Athletic Routine

I start most mornings before training with the Nuun Sport collection for a boost of electrolytes. And although I normally don't feel caffeine, I often grab a flavor like Cherry Limeade + Caffeine just in case my body needs a little extra energy for the workout. If you feel like a lighter, quicker alternative to coffee is something you need before tough training sessions, this would be really worth the try. I also love it because its recommended to drink 16-18 oz of water as one of the first things you do in the morning to energize your body and brain for a better morning.

My second favorite way to add Nuun to my routine is with the Immunity product line. I especially love having this variety when I travel. I mean, dirty airports, funky sleep patterns, you know how stress-inducing travel can be. When you add an athletic competition into the mix, hydration and immune care are even more important. Nuun Immunity tastes good (which is hard to say about all immunity products) and I can't get enough of the Blueberry Tangerine flavor. Using Nuun Immunity and often the Nuun Rest as well is now a MUST in my travel routine. Before flights, during trips, and after I get back.

I encourage you to view all of their products to learn how you can optimize your hydration for workouts, recovery, and boosting your immune system.

What's your favorite hydration hack? Comment below so I can try it!


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