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Fitness on the Road: 4 Things In My Bag

Updated: Feb 22

As a professional athlete and regular life-liver living life, I do a lot of travel!

From multiple-week long training and competition trips, to weekend getaways to see family and friends when I can, it seems like I'm on the go a lot.

Obviously, when I travel it is important that I keep up with my training as best as I can and stay healthy at the same time.

Travel is usually fun, but there's no doubt that a lot of times it means throwing daily routines out the window. Things just aren't the same!

With vacations, that's kind of the point. But if you thrive a least a little bit on routines to feel sane like I do, then it's nice to have a little stability on some of those trips.

Plus when I do have to be prepared to either race during that trip, or stay on top of training during it, I need to make it as easy as possible to do so.

And the first step to fitness on the road is making sure you have the right tools in your bag. This helps you keep up with the things you need to keep up with, and makes it easier to fall back into normal routines after the trip is over.

In this post I'm going to share three of the essentials I carry in my bag to keep up with fitness on the road.

keeping up with workouts on the road

1. Extra Hydration & Nutrients With Nuun!

Weird sleeping patterns, crowded airports, unusual diet...not exactly a recipe for staying healthy.

My solution?

I like to take some risk out of the travel equation with extra boosts to my immune system. I tried Nuun Rest on one of my trips in 2019, and I never looked back.

You can read my full Nuun Hydration review, but Nuun Rest is one of their product lines and is meant to help with recovery and getting a better rest.

The tablets come in tubes and dissolve in water. It's so easy!

I was certain I was getting sick after a few very long nights in a row, but thankfully I had this hydrating nutrient boost in my bag.

I got way less sleep than I should have, did hard workouts, but still fought it off.

I also brought some Nuun Sport for extra electrolytes during the hot Florida workouts.

One of the best parts about Nuun though is the Immunity line, which has an extra boost of Zinc and Vitamin C.

I actually swear by this stuff now for it's ability to help keep me fresh and healthy on trips (and always). The Immunity line also happens to have my favorite flavor of the entire Nuun product base, Blueberry Tangerine.

Pro tip: Empty tubes are perfect for packing other healthy essentials, like the daily gummy vitamins I packed in my bag here:

2. Rollers For Easy Recovery

I always underestimate how much I'll need to roll out on trips that aren't necessarily track related. Especially if there's no racing on the trip's schedule, I don't always think that my favorite recovery tools will be necessary.

However, rolling your muscles is helpful for everyone, not just professional athletes. If you're spending hours in a car or on a plane, walking around for miles in touristy areas, or anything else out of the ordinary that takes a toll on the body, then having some rollers in your bag is a game changer.