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Fitness on the Road: 3 Things In My Bag

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

From multiple-week long training and competition trips, to weekend getaways to see family and friends, I do A LOT of travel! It's important that I keep up with my training as best as I can AND stay healthy. The first step to fitness on the road is making sure I have the right tools in my bag, and then I can pick up right where I left off when I get back from my travels.

Here's some of the essentials:

1. Extra Hydration & Nutrients- Try Nuun!

Weird sleeping patterns, crowded airports, unusual diet...not exactly a recipe for staying healthy. I like to take some risk out of the travel equation with extra boosts to my immune system. My last trip I tried out Nuun Rest, which helps with recovery and getting a better rest. The tablets come in tubes and dissolve in water. I was certain I was getting sick after a few very long nights in a row, but thankfully I had this hydrating nutrient boost in my bag. I got way less sleep than I should have, did hard workouts, but still fought it off. I also brought some Nuun Sport for extra electrolytes during the hot Florida workouts. They've even introduced an immunity line, -an extra boost of Zinc and Vitamin C- which I will definitely have in my bag for next time.

Pro tip: Empty tubes are perfect for packing other healthy essentials, like the daily gummy vitamins I packed in my bag here.

2. Rollers-

I always underestimate how much I'll need to roll out on trips that aren't necessarily track related, especially when I'm not on the road for a race. Rolling your muscles is helpful for everyone, not just professional athletes. It's not always easy to bring a full foam roller, and if you're not traveling for a running competition, it definitely doesn't have to be necessary. For most of my trips, I bring a loose lacrosse or tennis ball in my bag. They are effective and take up no space. Rolling your foot around on a lacrosse ball can go a loooong way after walking 600 miles on a sightseeing tour on top of the usual training or running you may be doing.

3. Facial Care-

Keeping up a normal routine when you travel isn't easy. It can be frustrating to not have all the products you'd normally have. This little bag of skincare made for active skin is my new favorite thing. When I started using Fre Skincare, I immediately wanted to bring it with me everywhere. I've always struggled with maintaining a solid skin routine and for most of my life even having one at all was a foreign concept to me. This set has changed this for me: I now have a 3-step routine that I can use each morning, night, and post-workout. Best of all, it comes in travel sizes, so it can easily be thrown in a carry on for travel. It's made for skin that sweats, is an essential in my bag, and made it on my top picks list. Applying the code MADDIEKOPP at checkout will get you 15% off the 123 Starter Set and other products on the site. Let me know what you think!

4. An Extra Coat- Try the UA Packable Rain Coat

This item made the list because I literally always. have. it. with. me. Perhaps if I was traveling to a desert or an arctic tundra, it wouldn't come in handy. However, most of my travel for competition is during the rainy Spring season and the Summer, when a light raincoat is the perfect addition to my bag.

This jacket is in my top picks because it folds up really easily and has a strap that holds it together. It takes up essentially no space, which lets you bring a raincoat as an extra jacket. Better yet, if you want to bring it on your run, the strap fits perfectly around your hand for easy carrying when its not being worn. Here is the link for the women's jacket and the men's jacket on the Under Armour Website in black. They also have it in white and other varying patterns for both women and men.

A carefully curated bag is crucial so you can focus on the races you travel to or on time with family and friends. I'll be sure to share with you the best things in my bag as I continue to take my fitness routine on the road.

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