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16 Tips For Working Out With Curly Hair So It Flourishes & Grows

Learning How To Workout With Curly Hair

Working out with curly hair isn't always the easiest thing to navigate.

Let's be real - most things with natural curly hair aren't easy to navigate. If you have this type of hair...you know what I mean!

But embracing your curls is important to me on so many levels, so I had to figure out how to continue running with curly hair every single day.

Because when your hair is stopping you from doing things you need or want to do...it's not fun. I've been there as a curly haired athlete:

  • Not wanting to go outside in the rain. Running track workouts with a hood tied tightly around to protect straightened hair. Which still curls anyways because of head sweat under the hood.

  • Going to practice with straight hair, washing it completely, and re-straightening it. Every single day until it burned to a crisp.

With extremely damaged hair that wouldn't grow, and a deep dislike of my natural self, I decided to make a change and learn how to grow and workout with natural hair.

After several years of working out with natural hair, I learned what works and what doesn't. I doubled my hair's volume, got back a beautiful curl pattern, and even reached nearly hip length.

In this post I'm sharing some of my best tips for taking care of natural curly hair while working out. These are the things that I've researched and done, so this is coming from personal experience, yes, but also an educated process.

Everyone's hair is different and I try to address that in each tip. But remember that what works for others might not work for you and it's a learning experience.

Why Do You Need A Special Routine For Working Out With Curly Hair?

After you workout, you shower right? (I hope so!)

While most types of hair you can wash everyday, most people recommend not washing curly hair after workouts every day. That's simply because curly hair and natural hair is more prone to breakage, drying out, and frizz.

Washing every day can make those things more intense.

So when it comes to working out with curly hair, a lot of naturally curly haired people avoid doing it. They don't want to sweat in their hair and ruin it, which might require washing it again.

Sweat also dehydrates your hair. The grime and dirt that gets caught in knotted, sweaty hair needs to be resolved.

Staying active is so important for mental and physical health, so it's important to learn how to workout with curly hair. Stop sacrificing the gym for your hair and just learn how to protect curly hair when working out.

Here are 16 tips for working out with curly hair that can help your curls flourish and grow!

how to workout with curly hair

16 Tips For Working Out With Naturally Curly Hair

As a disclaimer, all hair is different. Try these tips out to see what works best for you! What's most important is learning the basics for working out with curly hair and then creating a sustainable curly hair routine around your own hair's needs.

1. Embrace Your Curls

The very first thing you need to do is embrace your curls! Especially if you're transitioning from wearing it straight/differently. Curly hair is a process and you have to embrace it.

Realize that there is no "get rich quick" curly hair solution. It could take months or even years to see the results that you want. But if you don't stick with it during the tough times and stay consistent, it'll take even longer.

A girl once reached out to me about getting her curls to look more "curly" and grow out. When I responded with my best tips, she added that she "had to straighten it every weekend" so that she could go out partying.

I wish that wouldn't matter, but the fact is that it does. I truly believe that you can use heat and still have amazing curls. You just have to do it the right way.

But if you're really trying to get your curls back it's important to stop heat for awhile (definitely longer than a week until your next party).

There may be times where you're not happy with your hair in the transitioning stage, but this is where embracing your curls and natural look is so important.

Which brings me to number two: