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The Best Recovery Tools For Runners

Updated: Aug 3

Recovering after a workout is just as important as the actual workout itself. If not more so!

Easing muscle soreness and getting your blood flowing gets the body ready for the next hard effort. And ultimately it helps you work harder for longer so you don't get injured or burn out in the middle of your season.

Runners can use a variety of exercise tools to help the recovery process, but how do you know what are the best tools for recovery? Lucky for you, I've tried out a ton of running recovery tools over the years, so if you're looking to up your recovery game here are some of the best pieces of recovery equipment for athletes.

best recovery tools for runners

What Does Good Recovery Do For Runners?

Does focusing on recovery really help you? Do recovery runs actually work?

The answer to these questions is a resounding YES, but I understand wanting to know a little more detail behind it.

Besides just feeling well rested, utilizing proper recovery techniques can help you be a better runner (and run faster) in so many ways.

Here's an overview of the important things to know about why you need the best recovery methods for athletes if you want to succeed:

  • loosening tight muscles protects the body from injury and helps the body perform to its potential

  • relaxing your mind and body by activating your parasympathetic system

  • improved blood flow offsets inflammation

8 Types Of Muscle Relieving Tools For Runners

I have a whole bin of recovery tools in my home that I absolutely love. At this point can't live without them because they make my running workouts a million times better.\

A recovered body is a happy, high-performing body!

These running recover tools help me with:

  • self-massage

  • stretching

  • relaxing my sore muscles

each and every week.

Let's talk about them! You can also shop this post as you go or at the end. Time to get your recovery on!

1) Sleep

The number one exercise recovery tool is sleep; you can check the research on it.

Alternatively, you could cut a few hours out of your sleep each night and see how that goes for your training.

Of course I'm entirely kidding and I do not think you should do that. I don't want you to get hurt.

But you definitely would learn the power of sleep!

Because of how important this recovery tool is for runners - and all athletes and people in general - there are also tons of recommendations out there for improving your sleep.

I utilize a bunch each day to make sure I'm getting the best sleep possible. You can learn more about what I do (that really, really works) in my post on Easy Tips For Improving Your Sleep.

You probably came here for more specific running recovery tools, but this had to be mentioned.

If you're not prioritizing sleep as your number one recovery tool as an athlete, the rest of these techniques won't matter much anyways.

muscle recovery machine gun

2) Stretching Rope

Rope stretching is a great technique to use for active, otherwise known as dynamic, stretching.

Help your muscle reach their full natural range of motion by giving it a gentle tug at the top of the stretch.