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Under Armour Hovr Infinites

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

These are currently, and I guess for about a year now, my favorite running shoe! Many agree; its been mentioned in Runner's World a few times this year. For workouts I wear these racing flats, but I always run in the Infinites for warm ups and long runs. 

Its important for me to give some info. about my training plan when talking about running shoes... so for full disclosure I don't ever go above ~20 miles per week and my longest runs are 4 miles (not done often, especially not after Fall base training). I haven't needed to exchange for a new pair very often, and even when I do (~2months give or take), I wouldn't say that they are completely shot. I have heard reviews from those with higher mileage. I often hear that they like the Infinites, but when doing longer runs prefer lighter/less support. I used to wear Nike Frees, a very light, minimal support running shoe, but have not had an issue with the Infinites being too heavy. There are longer distance runners who have also not felt that way.

Like all Under Armour Hovr shoes, they connect to MapMyRun on your phone which has been great for training. I encourage you to check out reviews because they have MANY running sneakers with this feature! For a quick summary, this app tracks distance, pace, shoe strikes, stride lengths, and so much more.

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