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Under Armour Hovr Infinites Review

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

The Under Armour Hovr Infinite running sneakers have been one of my favorite running shoes for several years now. So I of course had to do a quick UA Hovr Infinite review to let you all know a little bit more about them!

Not all running shoes are made for everyone, but many people do agree with me on the Infinites. The Hovr Infinite has been mentioned in Runner's World a few times since they came out.

But, read on for more deets about these shoes and why I like them to see if they're a good fit for you.

The Specs

This is really more of a UA Hovr Infinite 3 review because the successful running shoe is actually on its third edition on

So here's what you need to know about the shoes in terms of specs:

  • Offset: 8mm

  • Weight: 8.62 oz.

  • Lace type: Standard tie

As of writing this article, you can still get the Hovr Infinite 2 as well. But I don't expect those to stay for much longer! Here are the specs on them anyway:

  • Offset: 8mm

  • Weight: 10.8oz

Details On The Hovr Infinites

Under Armour has a whole line of shoes made from the cushioning that they've developed called UA HOVER™. That's why you'll see this word in many of the shoes you find on their site!

What is UA Hovr? It's material that is supposed to reduce impact and return energy back to you...which in turn helps you propel forward.

So naturally, shoes with this special material in them tend to be the more expensive ones. But if you wanted this pro runner's advice, I think it's worth it.

UA really recognized that they needed to take their running shoes to the next level, and I think they did that when they added Hovr to their shoes.

Almost every single pair of shoes I run in from Under Armour rely on UA Hovr.

Other Details On The Hovr Infinites

  • Engineered mesh upper is extremely lightweight & breathable, with strategic support where you need it

  • External heel counter for additional support that helps keep the back of the foot locked in place

Under Armour Hovr Infinite Bluetooth

A major perk with Under Armour's running shoes is that you can bluetooth them straight to your MapMyRun app! This makes it easier to track and analyze your running metrics.

This helps with stride and training purposes.

You just have to put your shoe next to your phone and shake it a little to connect. So easy and convienient!

For a quick summary, this app tracks distance, pace, shoe strikes, stride lengths, and so much more.

When I Wear UA Hovr Infinites

For workouts, I wear racing flats or spikes, but I always run in the Infinites for warm-ups and long runs.

I actually fluctuate between the Infinite and the Machina for my warms ups and non-workout related running. Most recently, I landed back on the UA Hovr Infinite 3 for most runs.

Why? Because I find them extremely supportive, while not weighing me down. Since I recently went through a post-tib injury, I want to make sure I have good support with a shoe that's structured enough to provide stability.

However, I like to run fast (duh), so I need something that doesn't bog me down! I have heard from fellow teammates that they find the Infinites to be too heavy or bulky. But considering I used to run in the least supportive, extremely lightweight shoes, it surpises me they feel this way.

I run significantly less miles than those who told me this, which could play a role in why I don't find them to be too much.

Also, Under Armour appears to have noted this concern, because the UA Hovr 2 and 3 have gotten progressively less bulky (in my opinion).

Information About My Training

It's important for me to give some information bout my training plan when talking about running shoes so that you can get a better idea of why they work for me.

I touched on running less miles above, but here's a little more infomraiton.

So for full disclosure, I don't ever go above ~20 miles per week and my longest runs are 4 miles (not done often, especially not after Fall base training).

After Fall training, I'll run 2-3 miles as my "long runs."

I haven't needed to exchange for a new pair very often, and even when I do (~2months give or take), I wouldn't say that they are completely shot.

I have heard reviews from those with higher mileage. I often hear that they like the Infinites, but when doing longer runs prefer lighter/less support.

I used to wear Nike Frees, a very light, minimal support running shoe, but have not had an issue with the Infinites being too heavy.

There are long distance runners I know who have also not felt that way.

I'd encourage you to go try on a Hovr Infinite before making that decision for yourself, if this information concerns you.

In Conclusion: My UA Hovr Infinite Review

Under Armour has made tremendous strides over the last couple of years to put more intention into their running shoes.

Everyone kind of knew it was needed, and I'm happy that I joined the team while this was all coming to the surface.

Especially with the entire Hovr line; this was a pretty revolutionary stepping stone on UA running's journey. There are so many shoes to try (TBH I was overwhelmed by so many!), but this is a great thing because that means there is something for everyone.

The Hovr Infinite is a great shoe if you like medium support. Maybe you have some feet issues from time to time so you want there to be enough support to prevent the issues from flaring up.

At the same time, you want a bouncy and responsive shoe because you need to run a quicker pace. I like these shoes becasue they fall in the middle ground for that!

Like all Under Armour Hovr shoes, they connect to MapMyRun on your phone which has been great for training. I encourage you to check out reviews because they have MANY running sneakers with this feature!

It's harder to give a shoe review than it seems! Like I said, I would test shoes out because everyone's feet are different. But I hope this helped if you were curious about the UA Hovr Infinites.

Comment below if you have these shoes or have an opinion about them. I'd love to hear it.

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