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The Best Winter Running Gear from Under Armour Cold Gear

The cold weather makes running throughout the winter months more of a challenge than any of us really are looking for! I know that I've been bundled up in Under Armour cold gear way more this year than I've had to since my days in Upstate NY.

I wanted to write a quick blog post outlining some of my favorite cold weather running gear from Under Armour this season. I'm a little late to get to this, I know... and I am sorry! But if you need some warm workout clothes to motivate your way through the rest of this winter, I've got you covered.

These are my most favorite pieces from Under Amour Cold Gear and their other lines that have been keeping me warm while training through the cold and the snow.

UA Legacy Sherpa Swacket

This unbelievably soft top is much more than just an awesome name! The soft, warm Sherpa fabric is super comfortable but also has water-resistant panels, making it more of an athletic top than just a nice warm jacket. The high mock neck brings even more warmth, blocking cold air from getting in. Its full zip and has two full-zip pockets for functionality.

We love this top because it can act as a casual jacket or athletic wear. It's great for warming up, going on runs, and I've even seen a few people keep this layer on through harder workout reps. While it looks thicker, the material is still very sweatshirt-esque, making it pretty easy to move around in.

It comes in 4 different colors for both men and women.

UA Fleece Sweatshirts

Basically anything you find on the UA website after simply searching "fleece" is going to be comfy, warm, and made with movement and performance in mind. These are great for staying warm in really cold temperatures without over heating and without getting too bulky.

Some items that pop up are more worth getting excited about than others, with cool edgy designs, extra soft fleece, and UA Recover on the inner layer. I could live in these! Or, more likely, I could (and do) run in many of them and stay warm the whole time. Fashionable and functional is the best combo!

These are my favorites:

Women's UA Rival Fleece Wrap Neck

Women's UA Recover Fleece Hoodie

Men's UA Rival Fleece AMP Crew

UA Recover Fleece Pants

I truly can't believe how warm I stay with these pants! They've been with me for as many warm-ups as I can keep up with the wash for because on top of my leggings they really trap in heat. They're technically a part of Under Armour's Recovery line, so you might want to lounge around in them post-workout too.

Under Armour uses materials that are tested and proven to help our bodies recover (and perform) better. These pants double as Recovery wear and a really warm, but easy to move in, fleece pant that is great for winter.

My exact pair: Women's UA Recover Fleece Pants | Men's UA Recover Fleece Pants |

And close alternatives: Men's UA Recover Knit Warm-Up Pants | Men's UA Recover Fleece Pants | Women's UA Recover Fleece Pants

UA Intelliknit Phantom 2.0 Crew

Another cool name, attached to another product deserving of one. Why am I a fan of this cold weather top? It was made with the idea in mind that we're in desperate need of high performing fabric that stays warm and lightweight at the same time.

I think they nailed it with this knit crew that reminds me of a more substantial classic long sleeve. It comes with thumb holes, an optional half zip, and an optional balaclava hoodie. Pictured is the basic top, consequently the cheapest of the options.

My final review is that the top is comfortable and warm, but in colder temperatures you might want to start with another layer on top. However, this top is perfect for long runs because you don't need to start with a thicker layer over it (considering you'll heat up soon) and it's so breathable that you can probably keep it on the whole run.

Perfect! Make sure to check out the full range of cool colors available.

Women's UA IntelliKnit Phantom 2.0 Crew

Women's UA IntelliKnit 2.0 1/2 Zip

Women's UA IntelliKnit Balaclava Hoodie

Men's UA IntelliKnit Phantom 2.0 Crew

Men's UA IntelliKnit Balaclava Hoodie

Cold Gear Base 2.0 Crew

This is just a basic cold gear workout essential that everyone needs in their wardrobe. It makes a great under-layer on really cold days for extra protection that doesn't lead to bulkiness. And it works perfectly on days that aren't as chilly but you still want to be fully covered in a breathable, yet warm top.

Its a great option for your everyday colder weather running or other workouts. This top also has thumb holes and is available in lighter and heavier options (2.0, 3.0, 4.0) depending on how warm of a top you're looking for. I love having the 2.0 for everyday layering and will definitely be considering the warmer versions as well.

ColdGear Base 2.0 Crew (women's)

ColdGear Base 4.0 Crew (women's)

Men's Cold Gear Base 2.0 Crew

Men's ColdGear Base 4.0 Crew

Phantom 2 ColdGear Reactor Running Shoes

and The Rest of The Storm Line

This collection of products is really neat because Under Armour essentially took some of their best running and training shoes and weather-proofed them. Which is amazing for those cold, wet days where the biggest problem you have in your workout is your toes going numb!

What's added to these sneaker favs to make them winter ready?

  • Cold Gear Reactor Insulation for warmth

  • UA Storm water-repellant on the upper

  • Full rubber outsole for more traction and durability

Men's Phantom 2.0 ColdGear Reactor

Women's Phantom 2.0 ColdGear Reactor

Women's UA Hovr Sonic 3 Storm

Men's UA Hovr Sonic 3 Storm

Women's UA Hovr Infinite 2

Men's UA Hovr Infinite 2

UA Rush ColdGear Jacquard Leggings

These are my most favorite leggings to wear in the winter months. Not only are they made with UA Rush, the infused-fabric that returns the energy you give off while working out, they are also the perfect combination of warm and flexible.

I can do full workouts in these leggings without being too restricted. Of course, I sometimes prefer thinner leggings (honestly, it's probably a mental thing) when I have to go fast. But when it's just too cold, I'd rather protect my muscles from the cool temperatures and wear these leggings.

Some highlights:

  • Center back pocket

  • Cold Gear fabric is breathable for mobility but also very warm

  • Higher waist makes for fitted feel and helps leggings stay up

  • Made with UA Rush mineral-infused fabric

UA Rush ColdGear Jacquard Leggings

If you're having any trouble at all staying warm this winter, these are the Under Armour pieces to try for your next cold run!

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