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Under Armour Cold Gear Review & A Pro Runner's Favorites From The Line

Updated: Oct 23

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best under armour for cold weather

Under Armour Cold Gear Review

As sad as the topic of cold weather running makes me...it is unavoidable so we have to talk about it!

On most colder days I'm tempted to hide in bed and avoid my workout entirely. (Inspirational words from a professional athlete, I know.)

My saving grace? That I always have the best Under Armour for cold weather in my closet to help me stay warm.

That's why I wanted to write up a quick Under Armour Cold Gear review to let you in on some of my favorite Coldgear options from Under Armour. If you need some cold weather workout clothes to motivate your way through winter, I've got you covered.

These are my most favorite pieces from Under Amour Cold Gear and other lines that have been keeping me warm while training through the cold and the snow.


Does Under Armour ColdGear Keep You Warm?

Before I dive right into the good stuffthe clothes and the links to themlet's take a step back for those who might not be familiar with the ColdGear line. People always wonder if Under Armour Cold Gear is for cold or hot weather, cause let's be honest, the name is a little confusing.

Let's clear up all confusion moving forward...because I've got a post on my favorite Under Armour Heatgear too. And you want to buy the right thing!

The temperature in the name is the temperature in which the clothes should be worn. Cold gear is for the cold so what does Under Armour cold gear do?

Keeps you warm on those wintery days!

Under Armour ColdGear is worn in the cold, and Under Armour HeatGear is worn in the heat. A simple way to remember it.

Of course, you can wear it whenever you want. But that's the concept of these two lines. Don't get confused and think that Heat Gear keeps you, well, heated. Because it won't.

Ok, on to the real important stuff.

under armour cold gear review

UA Legacy Sherpa Swacket

This unbelievably soft top is much more than just an awesome name! It's been my most-used Under Armour cold weather gear at some points in the season.

The soft, warm fabric of the Sherpa Swacket is super comfortable. But, it also has water-resistant panels, making it more of an athletic top than just a jacket.

I run in it all the time, seriously. It's great for warming up in the cold because I get warmer faster, ready to take on the workout. I can't deny that I've kept it on during workouts as well. It's just so easy to move around in.

The high mock neck brings even more warmth, blocking cold air from getting in. It's full zip and has two full-zip pockets for functionality. We love this top because it can act as a casual jacket or athletic wear.

It comes in a few different colors for both men and women.

under armour cold gear review