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Four Natural Ways to Grow Your Eyelashes Fast

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Imagine this:

You spend 2 hours in your bathroom trying to stick a fake eyelash to one eye. The glue you chose was a dark, dark black. (WHY?!) Its ALL over your eye and you can't get it off.

A million years later, you pull up late AS HECK to meet your friend. Miraculously both eyelashes are on and one looks passably good. The other one is stabbing you, *blink stab*.

*Blink. Stab.*

There's a 0% chance it looks normal, but you (and everyone around you) is pretending it does. You make it to the event, but barely make it to the first picture without picking at it.


You peel off the other lash and put it into your purse (?..) and pray no one saw.

A nightmarish experience like this will leave you very hesitant to ever try fake lashes again. Trust me.

Turns out, there are natural and effective ways to grow your lashes. Gluing lashes on isn't easy for everyone and extensions are costly and can be really damaging. Of course, they might never look as voluptuous as a lot of fake lashes can. But that's because many are basically unrealistic for natural eyelashes to ever achieve. But they can be much longer and thicker. Looking for a boost that doesn't cause any chaos or break the bank?

Four natural and gentle ways to grow your eyelashes:

1. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

Many oils are known for their ability to help the hair on your head maintain moisture and stay silky. By doing this, they're actually helping your hair grow because its getting good nutrients and not breaking off as frequently. Coconut oil helps hair retain proteins, preventing hair from falling out/breaking when combed and some beauty experts suggest trying products with olive oil for more moisture. Gently brush some olive or coconut oil onto your lashes using a spoolie or q-tip before bed and rinse it off the next morning. Make sure you don't use too much, as you don't want it getting into your eyes!

2. Be Nice to Them

Almost ironically, one of the best ways to improve your eyelash growth is to leave them alone! Try using gentle makeup removers and rubbing your eyes less often. Avoid touching them during the day at all to prevent any from breaking off. Removing glued-on eyelashes and getting extensions can also limit any growth you'd be seeing if you we're refraining from either of these options. Also, remember the effect that stress has on the body. Practicing de-stressing techniques can put you in a better space mentally, but also allow the body to heal and grow to its best potential.

3. Use a Growth Serum

There are many serums out there so start by doing research and asking around. You don't want to spend a lot of money on something that doesn't work or worse, like burning around your eyes. That may seem intense, but with so many different ingredients and skin types out there, you have to be careful.

Tips for Picking Out New Products:

Athia Skin is a skin care product line made for women living active lifestyles. That means they choose ingredients that work well for skin that sweats a lot and is often exposed to the dirt and sun. If this sounds like you, their Lash & Brow serum might be for you!

Why Athia

I was first drawn to Athia when I saw that their goal is to create products that help prevent skin issues associated with high levels of activity. I saw their post workout spray, and knew that this brand was targeted for someone like me who has a daily workout routine. Athia describes the causes of skin issues as a result of sweating, such as breakouts, dehydration, UV and weather damage, and redness and dullness.

Secondly, Athia uses a portion of sale proceeds in a partnership with an organization called Shes the First, supporting scholarships for girls all over the world!

With a price point of $96, this serum is cheaper than popular brands like Rhodan + Fields, but not so much cheaper that you feel nervous about the quality. Further, if you wait for discounts or look for coupon codes (like the one at the end of this post;)), its not hard to get the price a little bit lower. Using products recommended by friends or people you follow also makes the purchase process more comfortable.


The above photo shows progress between November 25 and January 22.

The instructions are simple: apply nightly for 6-8 weeks. After washing and moisturizing, I apply to the base of my lashes and up them, and finish with a quick comb with a spoolie.

I did not use the eyelash serum nightly for 6-8 weeks total. This was for many reasons, one of them being forgetting to do it some nights. I also didn't want to use it too often in case I had an adverse reaction. I have sensitive skin, so days off are important too. I never had visible burns or dry skin with this product, but I did feel a bit different so I wanted to slowly build up.

In this photo on March 26th, I had been NOT using the serum consistently, rather here and there for a week. (After first using it consistently the previous November-January)

I love love love my results and if you want to try it too, apply promo code MADDIEKOPP at checkout!

4. Green Tea

When you think of natural health remedies, green tea usually comes to mind. Its rich in antioxidants, making it a common beverage choice when we're sick. Its also common to find in various products because it may help with hair growth and is used by people dealing with hair loss. Green tea extract is found in some shampoos and conditioners, but you can also steep your own and put it on your hair as a mask. Try dabbing some on your eyelashes (after it cools!) with a cotton ball or q-tip to promote growth.

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