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Staying Fit In College: Back To School Fitness Products To Bring

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

As the school year approaches, it's time to start thinking about how to stay fit while you're at college. In the summer we have wild freedom to do whatever we please, but many students actually focus on health and wellness more, too. Perhaps it's the less stress and deadlines and more sleeping and time to do things, but if you made any healthy habits during the summer, you want to be able to bring them back to school with you.

So if you're looking for any back to school fitness tips, these fitness products will help you keep up a college workout routine and hopefully motivate you to find fun wellness activities for college students while you're there.

1. A Good Water Bottle

You know it! Staying hydrated is the key to a healthy school year. It sounds crazy, but having a water bottle you love or that motivates you to drink enough can make a huge difference. Stainless steel can keep your water fresh and cold, self cleaning can help you feel sanitary, and trackers right on the bottle will keep you motivated!

2. A Gym Bag

A designated gym bag can hold all of your fitness items so you can quickly grab and go! It will also keep them out of your way in you dorm room so you can stay organized. Get a cute one that holds your shoes and gives you some fitness motivation or even this cool one that has a built in lunchbox!

3. Easy To Fold Yoga Mat

This is great for keeping up with a college workout routine because you can literally do workouts anywhere! In your room or out on the lawn, grab your foldable and easy to carry yoga mat and get to it.

4. Wellness/Fitness Planner Pages

Keep your wellness organized so you can prioritize it. Having some planner pages (or even an entirely dedicated notebook) will remind you to focus on the little things so your mind and body can handle the big school tasks! Keep track of your water intake, activity levels and even use a wellness journal just to vent.

5. Self-Brewing Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Save money with a cold brew maker that you can keep right in your room! With an easy to clean and simple design, you can have cold brew on hand WHENEVER you need it- which might just be a lot of the time.

6. Hydration & Immune Boosting Water Tablets

Keep your immune system happy with hydration supplements that support you with electrolytes, vitamin C, and other good vitamins and minerals. Nuun hydration is one of the very best options for this! Using healthy options like Nuun energy can keep your mind fresh and focused through your long days.

7. Comfortable Eye Mask

Getting enough sleep is probably the number one way to stay fit and healthy while you're at college. A comfortable eye mask can help keep unwanted disturbances from roommates at bay or let you get in a nap anywhere on campus- we know you want to.

8. Hydrating Facial Lotion

Stress happens at college. Sometimes, this can cause breakouts. Do what you can to protect your skin by staying hydrated, sleeping enough and taking care of your skin! Use skincare that is made for on the go busy students and is super hydrating!

9. Good Workout Socks

I don't know about you, but proper workout gear makes finding motivation for fitness that much easier for us. Make sure you have a pair of shoes that you can actually exercise in and a set of good workout socks!

10. Fitness Tracker Watch

This is a great wellness tip for college students because so many people have had success staying active by simply wearing a fitness watch! Remind yourself to get up and walk during super long study sessions and keep track of other important activity measurements. Did you know that some of these fitness watches are super affordable like this one?

Preparing For A Healthy School Year

Head into the next school year with a solid wellness plan. Not only will you feel happier both mentally and physically, you'll actually feel more ready to tackle school projects and long study nights! A healthy body and mind can lead to a happier school year, and we hope these top fitness products will fit perfectly into your college workout routine!

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