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Natural Products to Help Boost the Immune System

Well, its happened. The first snow of the year hit Northern Virginia. I'm not sure whether to be happy or not- I didn't have to run in it this time (off day), but the chance of getting lucky next time it snows isn't very high.

Either way, chillier temperatures and biting winds have been raging for several weeks. Not only does it make practice a bit more challenging, but colder temperatures are notorious for maybe playing a role in giving us colds or other respiratory sicknesses.

There is a good amount of products that claim to boost your immune system in winter. The best ways to prevent sickness and keep your immune system happy are actually through really simple methods, like practicing hygiene, sleeping correctly and eating well.

But, there is plenty of research showing that supplements might give you an extra edge when you're trying to find ways to fight off infections. Fueling the body properly is a huge part (of course) in leading a healthy lifestyle and even more important when you put your body through tough workouts again and again.

Also, having a cold sucks. Lol.

So, if you can, why not take advantage of some immune boosters to help make the winter months a bit more enjoyable? They're helpful year round too of course. Here are some (mostly) natural and simple nutrient-filled products to help you boost your immunity!

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

This blend of ground coffee from Four Sigmatic has both Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms in it, which are immune and gut supportive. (300mg and 200mg, respectively) And no, it doesn't taste like mushrooms! Just a tasty medium roast coffee that slips into your morning routine with ease and elevates your wellness.

Its organic and has prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut. A healthy gut ties hand in hand with a healthy immune system.

I really like this product line because of its reliance on natural ingredients that give benefits to the mind and body. These are superfoods that support the immune system, the brain, and general wellness and its clear that this company is committed to making the practical uses of mushrooms very mainstream. They even wrote a book explaining how to use mushrooms for full body health!

Mary Ruth Organic's Vitamin C

You've most likely heard that Vitamin C prevents colds, or at least helps you get better when you have one. Carrying around a box of tissues and a big jug of OJ- we've all been there. There is no arguing that the best sources of Vitamin C are fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits, peppers, cherries, and kale are all on the list of foods with the highest levels of Vitamin C.

While its not meant to replace these natural whole foods, Vitamin C drops from MaryRuth's Organics have 90mg of Vitamin C from organic amla fruit extract for an extra boost.

Vitamin C is also thought to help with iron absorption, so taking these drops along with an iron supplement or foods with iron (plant-based diets really benefit from this!) is also a good use of the product.

Nuun Immunity

Nuun Hydration boasts an impressive line of on-the-go friendly clean electrolyte tabs that you can easily pop into a glass of water. This includes the Nuun Immunity line which is meant to support the immune system and general wellness through several antioxidant ingredients.

With Zinc, Elderberry, Turmeric, Ginger, and Vitamins C, D, and E all packed into this tiny tablet, it makes for a powerful tool. I always have a tube of this on me (the Blueberry Tangerine is to die for) and that includes when I travel.

One of the best things about the Nuun line is it's commitment to clean sport. You know there's no nonsense in these products and you can feel comfortable knowing the booster comes from naturally occurring substances that support immune health.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Yeah, I know. The thought of tasting apple cider vinegar might not be appealing, but ACV hass actually become a hot topic in the health and wellness industry and has a variety of uses that you might not think about!

If you can't swallow a vinegar shot, don't fear! These Goli ACV gummies use real apples to mask the unappealing flavor of the vinegar while keeping all the benefits. The gummies also pack a variety of beneficial vitamins and superfoods including pomegranate, beet root, B12, B9 and more. With only 1g of added sugar, the immune system and gut health benefits of this gummy far outweigh any sweetness it holds.

What unique products have you been using to support your immune system as we head into winter? Is there another naturally sourced immune booster I should try? Let me know! Hoping you're staying healthy this winter season- especially this year!

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