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10 Healthy Morning Routine Habits That Aren't Workouts

Updated: May 8

10 ideas for a healthy morning routine

A Daily Routine For Healthy Body And Mind

Ah, mornings.

You either love them or hate them. Either way, you have to do them!

Your morning routine plays a huge role in how the rest of the day plays out. It can even make hearing the alarm clock less of a terrible experience.

Many people suggest morning workouts because of the numerous benefits that they offer.

Sometimes though, an early morning workout is just not in the cards. And that's okay!

Good news, guys.

There are a ton of other healthy morning routine examples you can do first thing in the AM that support your fitness and get you ready to take on the day... that aren't exercise!

If you're a chronic snooze-hitter like me, take a look at this list of simple and quick ideas for a morning routine that will make mornings a whole lot better!

Make your mornings energizing and full of restoration, instead of filled with alarm clock dread.

10 Healthy Morning Routine Habits

With the "that girl" and other healthy lifestyle productivity trends flooding the internet, I'm sure you've seen a ton of morning routine ideas.

I tried to limit this list to ideas that make the best morning routine for energy!

Read on to create your healthy morning routine checklist that is sure to make you feel better about the mornings. However, make sure you remember that not all mornings are going to look picture-perfect.

And that's totally fine. The purpose of a good morning routine is not to make your life more stressful by feeling like you have to keep up with impossible standards.

The purpose is to help you start the day in a positive mindset instead of rushing through the motions and sprinting out the door (or to your WFH setup).

I hope that you can find the best daily routine for a healthy body and mind that works for you! And that these ideas help you get there.

healthy morning routine habits

1) Treat Yourself To Quick Face Care

Generally, we think of skincare routines as an after-work or before-bed habit.

Maybe a Friday night unwind with a face mask and a glass of wine.

This is great, don't get me wrong, but you don't have to limit quality skincare to that time of day!

Adding a skincare habit into your morning routine that you truly love and look forward to will help you hop out of bed faster.

The right habit will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. And if you're not up in time to get it done, you won't be able to do it! (Duh.) Hence, out of bed on time you go.

I recommend doing a quick face mask that:

  • rehydrates your skin from the night's sleep

  • gently exfoliates, or

  • simply has your favorite smell.

Maybe you have an oil and roller combo that hits just right along with the morning sun.

I usually use the 2-minute face mask from Fre Skincare after workouts, but sometimes I throw it into my morning routine for a pick me up.

Sip your coffee or brush your teeth with a delightful aroma and refreshing face mask—quick, easy, and will brighten your day!

2) Start the Day With Some Sun

Our circadian rhythm regulates our body's asleep and awake functions throughout the day, which in turn affects how energized we feel!

And what helps keep our circadian rhythms regulated?


Light influences our body's functions infinitely, so seeking out the light in the mornings can help wake you up and give you the energy to start the day.

Without enough daylight, our circadian rhythm shifts towards being awake at night, making mornings way harder. So improve your sleep by limiting light at night and seeking it out first thing.

Also, sunlight actually improves mood. Getting the morning sun can directly affect how you feel!

3) Energize and Clear the Mind With Breathing Exercises

Taking conscious control over your breathing is a calming and centering technique. Without getting into science (not my expertise), just think about how relaxed you can get when you exhale and inhale at a slower rhythm.

I was told by performance experts during an elite performance workshop that using breathing exercises can:

  • Help with recovery

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Help the body fall asleep faster

There are certain patterns of breathing that can control your body's response and actually help you fall asleep, feel more awake, or release tension and stress. It's so powerful!

There are many