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10 Healthy Morning Routine Habits That Aren't Workouts

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

10 ideas for a healthy morning routine

A Daily Routine For Healthy Body And Mind

Ah, mornings.

You either love them or hate them. Either way, you have to do them!

Your morning routine plays a huge role in how the rest of the day plays out. It can even make hearing the alarm clock less of a terrible experience.

Many people suggest morning workouts because of the numerous benefits that they offer.

Sometimes though, an early morning workout is just not in the cards. And that's okay!

Good news, guys.

There are a ton of other healthy morning routine examples you can do first thing in the AM that support your fitness and get you ready to take on the day... that aren't exercise!

If you're a chronic snooze-hitter like me, take a look at this list of simple and quick ideas for a morning routine that will make mornings a whole lot better!

Make your mornings energizing and full of restoration, instead of filled with alarm clock dread.

10 Healthy Morning Routine Habits

With the "that girl" and other healthy lifestyle productivity trends flooding the internet, I'm sure you've seen a ton of morning routine ideas.

I tried to limit this list to ideas that make the best morning routine for energy!

Read on to create your healthy morning routine checklist that is sure to make you feel better about the mornings. However, make sure you remember that not all mornings are going to look picture-perfect.

And that's totally fine. The purpose of a good morning routine is not to make your life more stressful by feeling like you have to keep up with impossible standards.

The purpose is to help you start the day in a positive mindset instead of rushing through the motions and sprinting out the door (or to your WFH setup).

I hope that you can find the best daily routine for a healthy body and mind that works for you! And that these ideas help you get there.

healthy morning routine habits

1) Treat Yourself To Quick Face Care

Generally, we think of skincare routines as an after-work or before-bed habit.

Maybe a Friday night unwind with a face mask and a glass of wine.

This is great, don't get me wrong, but you don't have to limit quality skincare to that time of day!

Adding a skincare habit into your morning routine that you truly love and look forward to will help you hop out of bed faster.

The right habit will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. And if you're not up in time to get it done, you won't be able to do it! (Duh.) Hence, out of bed on time you go.

I recommend doing a quick face mask that:

  • rehydrates your skin from the night's sleep

  • gently exfoliates, or

  • simply has your favorite smell.

Maybe you have an oil and roller combo that hits just right along with the morning sun.

I usually use the 2-minute face mask from Fre Skincare after workouts, but sometimes I throw it into my morning routine for a pick me up.

Sip your coffee or brush your teeth with a delightful aroma and refreshing face mask—quick, easy, and will brighten your day!

2) Start the Day With Some Sun

Our circadian rhythm regulates our body's asleep and awake functions throughout the day, which in turn affects how energized we feel!

And what helps keep our circadian rhythms regulated?


Light influences our body's functions infinitely, so seeking out the light in the mornings can help wake you up and give you the energy to start the day.

Without enough daylight, our circadian rhythm shifts towards being awake at night, making mornings way harder. So improve your sleep by limiting light at night and seeking it out first thing.

Also, sunlight actually improves mood. Getting the morning sun can directly affect how you feel!

3) Energize and Clear the Mind With Breathing Exercises

Taking conscious control over your breathing is a calming and centering technique. Without getting into science (not my expertise), just think about how relaxed you can get when you exhale and inhale at a slower rhythm.

I was told by performance experts during an elite performance workshop that using breathing exercises can:

  • Help with recovery

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Help the body fall asleep faster

There are certain patterns of breathing that can control your body's response and actually help you fall asleep, feel more awake, or release tension and stress. It's so powerful!

There are many breathing exercises you can try to see what works best for you.

Take a few minutes in the morning to sit in the sun, clear your mind, and just breathe.

4) Do A Few Quick Simple Stretches

I know...I promised no exercise. But hear me out!

Doing some movement is still a really great way to wake yourself up in the morning.

You really don't need to stretch by doing a whole yoga routine every morning.

By all means, do that if you want to, but this list is for quick non-exercise only! 😉

If you're choosing to do the breathing exercises, maybe try combining that time with a few stretches.

  • Roll your neck from side to side

  • Stretch up tall and fold in half towards your toes

  • Pull your shoulders across your chest

  • Do a hip and/or back mobility routine to loosen up your core and torso

Just doing very simple movements can take away some of the aches and pains from being still for so long and help you feel ready to go.

This is one of my favorite healthy morning routine habits!

healthy morning routine habits

5) Drink A Tall, Refreshing Glass Of Water

We all know staying hydrated is important for our health, and there are many claims made about what having a glass of water in the morning can do for you.

I'm not here to discuss whether a glass of water in the morning helps you burn calories or any of these other ideas.

But, I do know when I prioritize getting a full glass of water as I get ready in the morning, I feel a heck of a lot better before I head out the door.

If you wake up feeling slightly dehydrated, it definitely makes for a groggy morning. You've been laying around for 8 hours, so you're body is obviously going to be in need of some hydration.

A fresh cup of water

  • Stimulates the brain

  • Helps you feel much more energized to get moving

  • Flushes out the stomach and restores the lymphatic system

  • Regulates digestive track

You can also make drinking water more fun in the morning by sometimes adding lemon, ginger, mint, or other fruit that you love!

Doing this is hydrating and refreshing! Plus, many of the ingredients you can add to your water will give you some extra nutrients.

6) Try Out Journaling

I am the first person to ignore the suggestion to journal—especially about my track and field training.

I'm just not someone who loves to talk about my feelings when it comes to racing and competition and would rather not confront them, even in a quiet conversation just to myself.

So, I totally understand the aversion to journaling.

Especially when you'd rather sleep for 5 more minutes.

But this is why you should add journaling to your morning routine:

Just five minutes with a pen and paper can have a positive effect.

It gives your mind a few minutes to wake up while you process the upcoming day or unpack some of the things that might have carried over from the day before.

And the best part? You can keep it totally informal and write (or draw) whatever you want to.

People constantly scream at you what they think you should write in your journal. (At least, it feels like they do.)

Personally, when I let go of some of these expectations about journaling that I just assumed were the right way to do it, I got way more comfortable with the idea.

Maybe you borrow some ideas from other people and add some of your own. Maybe some days you write about one topic and other days you pick another.

Make journaling your own so it is truly beneficial to you and it'll go a long way! It's also a really good time to review your plan and tasks for the day or plan out some of your meals.

It gives you a second wake-up while also being really productive. And you can do it in less than 5 minutes!

7) Review Your Planner or To-Do Lists

If you're not using any type of planner to organize your life... call me because I need the secret.

With so much going on, I have to have at least some form of a planner to help get me through the week.

Whether that's the google calendar on my iPhone where I scribble important meetings or my full planner set up that I use for in-depth details about everything, taking even 30 seconds to browse through it makes the day a lot more manageable.

You might check your planner and remember an appointment you have that you entirely forgot about.

Or you see something on your to-do list and it reminds you to grab something you'll need later in the day.

Using a planner, and then reviewing the planner as a part of your morning routine is a great idea to help you feel more in control of the day. It can take a bit of stress out of your mornings.

fitness planner pages

8) Water Your Plants

There's nothing like some quality time with green friends!

Especially if you have them on your porch/yard, taking a few minutes to care for them is a calming way to start the morning while getting your morning sun.

Even if your plants are inside, open your curtains and start the day by energizing you and your plants.

Taking care of plants:

  • Makes us feel a sense of accomplishment

  • Teaches us to be gentle and caring

  • Brings us closer to nature

This is a really quick and easy thing to do in the morning! It's proven that crossing something off your to-do list in the morning, no matter what it is, gives you a sense that you've accomplished something and energizes you because of the positivity of that notion.

Start the day thinking about something that makes you happy...and checking an item off the to-do list.

healthy morning routine habits

9) Eat Something For Breakfast

There are a few trends these days that lean towards eating less or nothing at all in the morning.

I'm a breakfast lover for life, so that makes me really sad.

Breakfast foods are the best kind of foods in my eyes.

Either way, find something that works for you and your diet to work into your routine.

Mornings can be busy, but make the time for it so you can have a little energy to get through the morning—and the rest of the day.

I love finding quick and easy ways to make healthy breakfasts.

I found it really hard to make time for breakfast at several points in my life, simply because I was really slow at getting out of bed and always running late.

Making up for this with fun, delicious, and healthy meals like morning oats helped make me more of a morning lover!

10) Peruse Through Inspiration

Inspiration is one of the best ways to start the day. And end the day.

Seeking out some #inspo is a great way to get out of a creative rut or a dull mindset at any time of the day!

Try to look for inspiration in places other than Instagram and social media. I know it's hard, but doing a few things before immediately checking social media really can be a good idea.

I don't think you should punish yourself if you do check social media first, or freak out if you feel the need to. However, it does kinda put you in a mood that might not necessarily be productive or produce happy thoughts.

As creative as the internet can be, it comes along with other pressures, such as comparing what other people are doing, sharing stressful world news, etc.

Instead, try to turn to

  • books

  • magazines, or

  • other places that show creative and inspiring content that excites you and motivates you.

Magazines are also a great place to build a collage from. Maybe looking through a magazine, clipping some images you love, and putting them onto a mood board or collage you add to daily would be a great addition to your morning routine.

daily routine for healthy body and mind

Take Back Your Mornings

Ok, maybe I'm biased.

Maybe I'm in denial.

It doesn't really matter to me, I will stand by this statement forever:

Some of us just aren't made for mornings.

Argue with me all you want in the comments, I'm prepared with pages of arguments collected over 30 years of conversations with my parents about sleeping in too late.

But the morning always comes and it's important to find ways to start the day on a positive note. There's no arguing with the fact that mornings are here to stay and that there are ways to make them actually kinda fun.

It's necessary to develop healthy morning routines and habits so you can manage to get through the rest of the day with a clear mind and avoid unnecessary stress.

I'll still be hitting snooze when I can, trust me. But adding some of these things to my various morning routines has truly made mornings a lot more enjoyable and if you're a snooze-hitter too, I recommend trying them out.

Good luck!!


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