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Fitness & Health Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 3

fitness and health holiday gift guide

For me, it's a pretty rare occurrence when I know exactly what to gift someone for their birthday or the holidays.

Something about gift-giving just makes me feel so pressured and then I have no idea what to do. While I haven't fully overcome my gifting paralysis (and probably never will), the best trick I've found for staying on top of your gift game is to note down gift ideas throughout the year as you come across them.

Then when it's crunch time you won't be freaking out googling "what should I gift my ____" the day before you need a gift.

If you've yet to start doing this helpful gift trick, have no fear, I started doing it for you. I've been collecting ideas for what to gift the fitness and wellness lover in your life and I've conveniently placed them all into this blog post.

What To Get A Fitness Enthusiast Or Wellness Lover

Perhaps you just need some more creative gift ideas, or you can't figure out what to get the person who has everything.

Either way, I really don't think that you can go wrong with a health-conscious gift!

Heading into the new year often means people are looking to improve their health and wellness. So now is a great time to get them something that reminds them to go after their fitness goals or helps them stay on track.

Fitness and health products also make great gifts because people don't always splurge on themselves for fancy self-care products. Gifting these to them makes for a really nice treat!

And honestly, even if the person does buy these things for themselves, this can be your way of saying I know what you care about and I'm going to help you get more out of your healthy lifestyle.

I wanted to share a holiday gift guide full of fitness, health, and wellness ideas that are on my list, or that I already have and think would make great gifts! I put them into categories for easier sorting.

Best of luck with your fitness gifts!

1. Hydration Gifts For Fitness Lovers

The gift of water sounds boring, right?


Make hydration easy, nutritious, or tasty with these gifts for your friend who loves to workout or wants to drink more water for various health reasons!

Nuun Hydration

These tasty electrolyte tablets from Nuun come in a variety of flavors and uses, and are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the athlete in your life!