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Creative Wellness Gifts You Can Get on Amazon

Updated: May 2, 2022

This post contains affiliate links to my Amazon Affiliates. This does not affect your purchase—thank you for your support of MK! Read disclaimer.

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Getting Something Healthy As A Gift

Whether you need a last-minute gift for someone, are looking for self care gift ideas, or are building a wellness gift basket for your friend who's into this stuff, these 10 wellness gift ideas might come in handy!

If you're looking for a creative and inexpensive wellness gift, this post is here to save the day. Plus, they're all gifts on Amazon, making things a little bit easier for you.

I know, I'm the best!

10 Wellness Gifts On Amazon

1. Exercise Dice

Sometimes you want to work out, but just don't know where to begin! This creative exercise idea makes a great fitness gift because it's a unique fun way to workout.

The user doesn't have to come up with their own workouts every time they exercise and they don't need to hit the gym. This under $20 gift idea is a great option for the fitness or yoga lover in your life.

2. A Realistic Healthy Cookbook

A cookbook is great healthy gift idea for someone you know who loves to cook, is looking to eat healthier, or who has said they are going to start cooking more and never committed.

This "Healthyish" cookbook is a great health and wellness gift idea because it boasts that it has recipes that are "good, but not too good, for you" and are "real life."

Help the receiver of your gift make healthy eating fun!

3. Portable Water Infuser Bottle

This is such a cool idea for anyone looking to up their hydration game!

The portability of the water bottle makes this gift super convenient to make delicious infused water.

4. A Mindfulness Journal

Using a planner for organizing your life, fitness, eating or anything really is such a helpful part of anyone's routine. Give the gift of building habits!

This thoughtful gift is inexpensive and the perfect gift for someone looking to journal or meditate more.

fitness planner gift ideas

5. Armoma Therapy Set

Treat someone to the ultimate aromatherapy set that comes with a diffuser.

The receiver of this gift will have many scents to choose from and it will last them a long time!

6. Raw Honey

This unique gift is the perfect present for the whole food or natural food lover in your life.

Or, someone with a sweet tooth. Raw honey is healthier than other sweetener alternativesincluding regular processed honeyand has a flavor to die for!

This creative wellness gift makes a great stocking stuffer.

7. Natural Deodorant

Maybe save this gift for your friend who won't take offense and think you're telling them they need to fix their smell!

Either way, truly a great gift for a fitness lover who also loves natural ingredients.

Help someone treat their body better with deodorant or beauty products that are free of harmful ingredients. This one even contains probiotics!

8. Plants As A Wellness Gift

We all know someone who has a plant obsession.

Plants make great gifts because one can never have too many plants in their home.

Not only does living amongst plants make your space more pleasing to the eye and create a relaxing environment, but many indoor plants also contribute to health by adding more oxygen, purifying the air, or having other beneficial properties.

Plant pots, stands, or macramé hangers make great gifts too!

9. Luxury Tray

Want to help someone relax more?

Give them this awesome tray that can be used while in the bathtub!

This gift makes a great complement to bath bombs, skincare, or other bath time essentials. Then you have an entire wellness gift basket!

10. A Subscription Box

Subscriptions make for great gifts because a lot of people already pay for a bunch and don't want to add more to their monthly budget.

Treat them by paying for a year or a few months worth of a fun subscription box!

This crafts subscription box reminds us to slow down and make time for creativity. Working with your hands and creating actually makes the mind happier and more productive overall.

A healthy snack subscription box makes for a yummy and practical gift that the receiver of can benefit from for a long time.

Happy Gifting!


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