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Indoor Plants For Health: The Excuse You Need To Buy More

Updated: Aug 20

Indoor plants have always been a nice touch in home decor, but over the past few years, it seems like people have been adding plants to their homes literally by the dozens.

I admired it from afar but was absolutely against spending a ton of money on something that would require me to take care of it all the time.

As my desire to create a space that contributed to my wellness and happiness grew, I started warming up to the idea of getting a few affordable plants to place around my apartment.

I wanted that welcoming feeling that greenery can bring ...and to really make my place feel like my own.

After scrolling past hundreds of adorable Instagram plant inspo pics, I officially gave in one day when I was on a maniac shopping spree at IKEA. There I was, surrounded by hundreds of cute plants, with all of my home decor dreams within reach.

So the purchase was almost inevitable.

I picked up a few small plants that day at IKEA, but I've learned since that plants can actually have health benefits, and aren't just nice finish touches on home decor.

If you want to pick out plants that double as cute and healthy, take a look at this list of useful plants!

8 trendy indoor plants that are healthy too

Anyone desperately searching for an excuse to buy more plants can rejoice—there are actually tons of health benefits to indoor plants.

If I was going to argue it, I'd basically say that every plant can benefit you in some way. They all have something of value to provide.

And the best indoor plants for health sort of fall into a few major categories. First, let's look at some of those broad benefits of indoor plants and then read on for the list of 8 great plants to get on your next shopping trip!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Plants?

In general, taking care of plants gives you a sense of responsibility for something, makes you feel accomplished, and brighten up any space that they're placed in. But there is more of a science to it, too!

Indoor plants are good for:

  • collecting dust and other allergens

  • purifying the air of pollutants

  • adding more oxygen—which is always good and could also help you sleep better!

  • aromatherapy

  • improving moods- bright blooms always make ya smile!

  • cooking with or using to make natural products

I always say that the setup and decorations in your home can have a huge effect on your overall health.

When it comes to the benefits of indoor plants, there's actual science to back it up (like photosynthesis, for example). So plant decor is no exception when thinking about home wellness.

On this blog, we love everything that looks good and makes you better at the same time, so here are 8 indoor plants that are super trendy and can make you feel better.

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8 Indoor Plants That Are Good For Your Health

1) Aloe Vera

I've always loved Aloe plants- we had a few in my home growing up.

This plant helps to remove harmful pollutants in the air and gives back a lot of oxygen. Like other succulents, it's very easy to maintain and is a beautiful, unique-looking touch for any shelf!

There are even different varieti