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Stylish & Budget-Friendly Ways To Refresh Your Porch For Spring

Updated: Apr 22

Spruce up your front porch this Spring with simple and budget-friendly ideas. These porch decorating ideas are easy to do and won't break the bank! It's easy to decorate your outdoor space for Spring with small purchases, quick tricks, or by using things you already have around the house.

Post Sponsored by Funky Strokes, featuring their awesome outdoor/indoor rug.

If there's ever a time you need an excuse to redecorate any portion of your apartment or house, the start of the Spring season is a great one. Coming out of Winter usually means its time to take a break from darker colors and strict neutrals, and begin embracing brighter colors and fresh perspectives. This Spring, these easy and quick tricks for decorating your porch can go a long way in no time!

affordable Weather-proof rug

A new rug has to be one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a space, and a patio rug is no exception. Putting a rug on your patio can make the space feel more cozy and cohesive, especially with patio furniture or other items that might seem randomly placed without the rug.

If you already have a rug on your porch, changing it out for a fresh style can make just as big of an impact.

You should look for certain qualities in an outdoor rug. My new rug from Funky Strokes completely transformed my space and I just love its features, especially for such an affordable price.

  • Durable: Out in the elements, lots of foot traffic- you want a rug that'll hold up!

  • Waterproof: Even if you have a covered porch, there's a chance the rug will get wet. Wind blows rain all directions, and it also will be in humidity and dew.

  • Easy to Clean: The best rugs are the ones that you can roll up and throw in the washer or quickly wipe down with a wet towel. You want it to be mud and mildew resistant.

  • Kid & Pet Friendly: Look for rugs made with safe materials, like the Funky Strokes 100% virgin polypropylene that is safe for kids and pets. Also consider durability here, loose strings can be a hazard.

  • Eco-friendly: Consider the materials and durability, so your rug won't go straight into a landfill within months.

I'm shocked at how nice this rug feels, despite being durable. It was so nice to move my other rug indoors (that wasn't really made for outdoors, whoops) and put this comfortable, stylish and weather-proof rug in its place. My space immediately looked more put together, clean and tidy, and became a place I actually wanted to spend time in.

Buy or Make Your Own DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé is a style that popped up in many of our home's decorations lately, especially if you have a boho or beachy style. Not only is it a decorative look that is both neutral and full of flair depending on how it's knotted, there are many DIY Macrame projects that are really easy and cheap to do.

I use macramé to add texture to a lot of my DIY projects, so I love to have a spool of the craft rope on hand at all times. You can get it on amazon. Using it for your porch is a quick and easy way to add new pieces to your outdoor space. I made this plant hanger in a matter of minutes by following along to a Youtube video tutorial.

Not a crafter? Check Amazon and off-price retailers like Home Goods in your area for plant hangers, wall art and more.

Decorate Your Porch With Faux or Real Plants

Of course, decorating for Spring often means adding more greens and florals to your design. It brightens up the space and brings the sunshine and colorful vibe indoors.

While plants can easily break the bank, there's also many affordable places where you can get indoor or patio plants for your space this Spring. Head to your favorite place to buy plants and pick out a few new ones to spruce up your space and get it ready for Spring. I have so many ideas for adding plants to my small balcony style porch... the only thing holding me back is the wildlife that keeps getting up there!

  • Early Spring is the perfect time to start an herb garden, or expand on your current homegrown herb and spice by taking it outdoors. There are more expensive herb garden planters, but you could also DIY your own or use small hanging planters to both grow and decorate with!

  • A trellis is a wooden or metal framework that supports fruit trees or climbing plants. But they double as an easy way to spice up your porch! Find an affordable trellis that comes with or without faux plants and use it on a porch wall or as a privacy wall from neighbors.

  • Upcycle an old vase that you have already or that you find for a few bucks at your local thrift store to change up the style of your porch. I love taking different glass shaped jars I've found and turning them into brand new stylish vases with matte paint or the "trash to terracotta" technique.

There are so many ways to use plants in your decor, and I encourage you to explore your favorite plant style as the weather warms up! It will truly brighten up your space and give off comfy, happy vibes.

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Easily Transform Your Porch With Waterproof Pillow Covers

A few pillows on your porch can take it from unwelcoming to cute and cozy in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is make sure the pillows are weather-proof- unless you want to bring them in and out each time you need them. (not ideal)

This idea is especially awesome for elevating small porches that have only have room for simple tables and chairs or making cheap furniture look more lavish.

This Spring, make your porch more inviting with weatherproof throw pillows in pastels, vibrant colors, or fun spring patterns like flowers or abstract shapes. Amazon has a great variety of pillow covers for Spring decorating at a good price.

If you have inserts that aren't built for the outdoors, a simple porch decorating hack is to get plastic covers to go over the inserts before adding a pillow cover on top. Make sure when you're pillow shopping that you purchase inserts and covers that are the same size! (12x12, 16x16, etc)

Clean Up Your Porch With Creative Storage Ideas

If you live in a small apartment, then creative storage ideas become your number 1 friend. Using furniture or items that I already have to store (aka: hide) unsightly things is one of my favorite small apartment hacks when I need to create more space fast and on a budget.

The porch can quickly become a space to throw items that you don't need or want laying around your indoor space, resulting in ugly clutter, trapped dust and leaves, and a general environment that a relaxing Springtime hangout just can't take place in.

To refresh my porch for Spring, I made a few creative storage adjustments for under 4$ (yes really) and by using things I already had. I knew what the biggest space (and aesthetic) issue was with my porch: my bike.

Hardly used, awkward to position chairs around, and a master at collecting leaves and cobwebs, the bike just had to go. A quick trip to Home Depot and I secured two vinyl-coated screw in hooks to hold my bike upside down from the porch roof above. They cost less than 2$ each. Find them on Amazon, too.

The second way I got rid of clutter was by taking plastic storage bins that I already had and flipping them over. Underneath this plastic bin you'll find all of my planting dirt and bags of perlite. Previously, they were strewn across the porch and literally just looked like bags of trash. I tucked them away under a neutral plastic bin I already had and covered it with a hyacinth place mat and a flower vase.

I also had another giant vase that never really found a home in my decor. I moved it outside and put other unsightly items in it like an unused vase and ant spray.

Happy Spring! I'm so excited for longer, brighter, days and a feeling of growth all around me. I am thankful for the colder days because they make the Spring that much more magical. How do you decorate for Spring? I want to make the most of it.

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