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The Best Budget-Friendly Places To Buy Plants

Updated: Mar 6

Spring is upon us... and I think I speak for everyone when I say that the season of regrowth is much, much anticipated this year. Each year its exciting when the snow melts and frigid winds settle down. But something about having a global pandemic dominating all aspects of life seemed to make the winter months drag impossibly on this time around.

I am so ready for warmth in the air, sunshine that never quits, and colors popping up from plants bursting back to life. Which means, of course, that I'm excited for spring decorating. Which really means: buying more plants.

I've been doing my plant shopping on a budget and if you want to save your money for other essentials, you should to! So join me in visiting these places that sell affordable plants to bring some life into your home and embrace the warm season.

If you've made it here, you're probably hunting for cute indoor plants to fill your home from floor to ceiling with...but you're not quite ready to pay big bucks for them. Or maybe you're not ready to make a financial commitment to a living thing when you've had...bad luck...with them in the past.

While you can go to your local garden center and pick up fallen leaves and try to grow them (yea- people do it), you might want to consider the easier options on this list of affordable places to buy plants. Let's check them out.


IKEA is great for a lot of things, especially when you're looking to upgrade your home for a reasonable price. Going into this giant store and looking around is both dangerous (for your wallet and trunk size) and inspirational. While IKEA might typically make you think of furniture, cabinets, and random household supplies, I accidently discovered the greatness of the IKEA plant section and stand by it to this day.

Artificial house plants are often pretty expensive, but IKEA has some amazing fake plant options that can add a nice touch in your home. For example, this potted eucalyptus plant looks so cute cascading off a shelf or out of a pot and looks real! It's only $4.99.

Larger artificial plants at IKEA, like this cool bamboo plant, are closer to $50, but even this is a comparably reasonable price- and worth it if you're lacking a green thumb.

This living snake plant has been a great addition to my living space for years now and is just $7.99. I also get live succulents here since you can find them for as little as $3.99.

Another reason to check out IKEA for plant decor is to explore their large variety of pots and plant stands. They can be anywhere from under $1 to about $30- all ridiculously reasonable. IKEA Is a one stop shop for a huge collection of plant decor this Spring!

Pro tip: Buy a cost friendly pot or plant stand at IKEA and do a DIY out of it! There are hundreds of DIY IKEA hacks you can do- make a quick YouTube search for inspiration.

Home Depot

I don't know if I just missed the memo or what, but I was semi-shocked to find out that Home Depot has a ton of living indoor plants, and that most of them won't break the bank. Of course they have a large Garden Center with a bunch of plant needs and gardening plants and accessories. Take a look inside though, and you'll see succulents, ferns, palms, and more plants that are perfect for decorating your indoor spaces or patio this Spring.

The last three times I went, I walked out with a plant that I didn't come there for. No regrets!

Home Depot has this mass cane with a pot for only $26. This is a common houseplant for air purification and a unique look. This gorgeous majesty palm I have my eye on is just under $20 in this size! I need to run over and grab one- it's the perfect plant for creating relaxing apartment vibes.

A three pack of aloe vera plants is also around 20 bucks, and there is a large variety of succulents for $20 or under, including this three pack for $15. Both of these plants are healthy to have around the house and are a great touch for shelving or window sills.

Discount Grocery Stores

While higher end grocery store plant prices sometimes alarm me (like actually lol), you might get lucky and find a sale at the local discount grocery store. They often have a variety of smaller succulents, aloe plants, and small plants that are great for placing on shelves, desks or window sills.

You have to go to the grocery store anyways, why not save time and turn your grocery shopping trip into a little home decorating trip as well? The plant options might vary each time you go, but another perk is that they often go on sale.

I did grab a cute palm on sale at the grocery store- at Harris Teeter (which I would actually call higher-end)- for under $10.

Its also worth checking out places like Costco, which might have indoor plants in their garden center at the right time of the year.

Trader Joe's

A grocery store loved by many for its organic healthy options and unique products, Trader Joe's actually has a pretty exciting plant selection for those looking to quickly spruce up their home. And like most things in this store, it won't break your budget.

If you're looking for cute flower bouquets, bundles of good smelling florals, or pretty filler foliage to decorate your home, try looking at Trader Joe's seasonal plant collection, often found right at the front of the store. You can get a bundle of any number of pretty foliage for just a few bucks.

From flower cuts, assorted packages to eucalyptus and more, a quick trip to Trader Joe's can fill your pantry and get you ready for Spring.

Local Hardware Store

Checking out the local hardware store every now and then might help you find some plants at a very good price. The reason I'm putting this outside of the Home Depot category is because there are smaller chains or individual hardware stores that also have Garden Centers.

Research local hardware stores near you and visit them when the weather starts to get warmer and look for plants to add to your indoor collection.


Of course, good old Walmart. A great place to go for a discount. This pack of succulents is just $20, so you can get enough of the cutie plants for your space with one purchase!

This hanging fern is also just $20. Walmart's website is also a good place to search for plants because they post listings for other companies, so they have a greater variety then you'd expect. These sellers will ship separately from Walmart, but you can find them all by searching on Walmart's website. This has pros and cons, so just check where it's coming from.

Places to Do Plant Shopping Online

You might feel much safer buying plants in person, but there are many online retailers that specialize in plant shipping now too. Without leaving the comfort of your home, or simply saving yourself a trip you don't have time for, consider ordering affordable plants from online shops.

These are some of the best places to find reasonably priced plants that will be shipped right to you!

soil & clay

Soil & clay has really good prices on their plant assortment and often times really good sales. I love that there is a category for pots and planters that offers the cutest range of macramé hangers and minimalist pots. And if your plant dies within 30 days of purchase, they'll replace it for free! I threw that in there for a certain group of people- you know who you are. :)


Starting at $35, Bloomscape is a great place to look for the cutest indoor plants that already come in stylish planters. There's 5 colors to choose from, so I know you can find one that works for your space.

Some reasons to use Bloomscape:

  • Their large variety is easily sorted through, with simple filters along the side for common plant specifics, like pet-friendly, difficulty levels, and required light.

  • They have gift guides for their products categorized for different people- I love this and will be using it.

  • Plants come with expert instructions and continued support after delivery.

  • You can also find herbs for your at home herb garden, one of my most favorite home projects to do.

The Sill

The Sill has a wide range of products, from potting accessories to moss balls. We love this range that makes the Sill kind of like a one stop shop for plant needs that you can order without leaving your apartment.

Some reasons to buy plants from the Sill:

  • They have a large range of products, from accessories to both really small and really large plant species

  • You can choose from many different colored pots that are all super cute and perfect for modern decor.

  • They have faux, dried and preserved plants in their collection.


From sturdy popular plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig, to cool terrarium set ups, Amazon has it all. If you haven't already considered this online retail powerhouse, you definitely should check it out! You can find faux plants on Amazon for sure, but live plants and fresh flowers also make an appearance.


Like I mentioned above, Walmart is really great place to look for affordable plants. While it can be a lot to dig through on their website, they offer plant collections from many different retailers so the variety is high and you'll certainly find a plant that you like and is within your budget.

Decorating excessively with plants may be something that seems like a fast-fad, but I don't predict it to go away anytime soon. Having plants around the home definitely elevated my decor situation and made my space feel way more welcoming and something that was my own. You don't have to break the bank on plant purchases, though, so make sure to give these budget-friendly plant stores a shot!

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