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Tackling Home Organization: The Easy Process I Use & My Favorite DIYs

Updated: May 12, 2021

Tired of daydreaming about cute and functional organization set ups in your home? I was too, so I created a simple plan that guides me every time I need to make some changes for the sake of my sanity!

Home organization plays a major role in our wellness! Many, many people function for years-even a lifetime- without learning how to organize their home in a way that works for them.

Organizing your home is certainly a large task that you might wanna leave to professionals, but even a few simple DIY hacks for home organization can go a really long way. Just dedicating even a little bit of your free time to identifying under-functioning areas in your life and finding easy organizational solutions can drastically improve your productivity and overall happiness!

These ideas and simple organization process made my busy lifestyle so much more organized and didn't really cost a thing.

Why Home Wellness & Organization Matters So Much

Your home is the place where you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night! It’s where your most beloved possessions (and often, people) are held. Your home is the space you go into that shelters and nourishes you, blocks out the chaos of the rest of the world, and kinda acts as the command center or HQ of Your Life, Inc.

When the CEO of the company (that’s you) can’t find the lucky socks or the cord to that super obscure piece of technology that you need right now, all hell could very well break loose. And for some people, the "vibe" of their home directly contributes to happiness, sense of self, and general peace of mind.

*raises hand*

We are all at different places in life, and bathroom decor might be really, really low on the priority list. I totally get that. Home decorations, organization pieces and fancy wellness setups are not always affordable and certainly aren't necessary for survival.

Considering that my average budget for organization and home projects over the last few years has been a whopping ZERO dollars, easy DIYs and affordable solutions for home wellness have been my go to.

I love how a few simple organization hacks have helped me be more in control of my space, and I want to share some ideas to help you out too! Before I tell you what I've created, I thought I'd share my unprofessional (but totally working!) method for starting any organization project.

How To Start Easy Home Organization

Starting is literally the hardest part, but once you decide you want to change your life with simple organization, it becomes second nature and partially an obsession.

A healthy obsession though, right? :)

If you're not sure what area to tackle first, I would recommend starting by taking an inventory of your whole situation. What area of your home is limiting productivity the most?

For example, I was actually spending several minutes each day looking for the socks and underwear that I needed from my way-too-full top drawer. It was a daily annoyance. Once I acknowledged to myself that it was holding me up unnecessarily, I was able to move forward with the simple fix that I explain below.

Other great tips for starting to organize that have helped me is simply going through any area and getting rid of what I no longer need. Trust me- dedicate 30 minutes to only looking for stuff to donate/trash, and you will find things to declutter.

This will make you feel accomplished and inspire you to get organizing.

To summarize: when starting easy home organization on a budget, assess your situation as I mentioned above and take note of the areas that are not functioning as they should be. Fully acknowledge them - write it down if you have to!

Now you have a bigger picture and know exactly which projects you should take on.

Simple Step By Step Way To Organize Any Space

After I have a big picture understanding of which areas are limiting my productivity, I like to follow a simple guide for organizing the space. I quickly wrote out the simple home organization steps I take to help you if you're stuck. Download the printable with the step by step planning page below!

Step 1: Identify Problem Areas

Questions to ask yourself: What do I lose often? What am I always searching for as I run out the door late? What area in my house do I make a huge mess of when I'm using it?

Action Steps: Write down the area you identify: Ex) my closet, my front entry way, my sock drawer,

Step 2: Determine the Specifics

Questions to ask yourself: What is happening in this area that bothers me? What could I get rid of? What do I wish I could put here/ do with this space but I can't?

Action Steps: Write down the answer to these questions, or at least take really good mental notes. Maybe, "I can't reach the rice, so everything knocks over when I take it out." or "When I need socks I find underwear, when I need underwear I find socks."

Step 3: Research & Ideas

Questions to ask: What are good ways to organize xyz? What is my budget for this space? What do I already have?

Action steps: Brainstorm time- even if just quickly. I know the problem area, but I don't know what I'm going to do about it yet. Here I would probably head to Pinterest or even just Google and search broadly for ideas for whichever space.

Step 4: Take Everything Out

Once you have some idea of what you want to do with a space, I highly recommend taking everything out of your space and getting rid of what you don't need. If you're unsure about an item, put it to the side. Once you've done your organization project, there may still be room for it.

Step 5: Bring Idea to Life

Questions To Ask: Did I clear out unwanted items? If I do this idea, will it help me with X?

Action Steps: Group items by function and aesthetic. Rank in order from most to least used. You want similar items together and everything spaced out. Place everything in the new system. This varies depending on what type of space you're working in, but you get the idea.

Step 6: Review and Adjust

This step is just as important as the rest. Once you've recreated a space, make sure it actually works for you! Too many times I've been convinced that a new organizational method or hack I saw somewhere is the only way to do it. It's not true! Even tips from a professional might not meet your specific needs right away. Know this and adjust as needed, don't force yourself into a system that still isn't working.

This is just a very brief and overarching explanation of how I tackle home organization when I feel like my productivity levels are floundering a bit due to my space. Even so, you can certainly use this as a guideline if you're starting to organization your home and aren't sure where to begin.

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