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Exercises You Can Do When Working From Home

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

These exercise ideas are great for staying fit when you work from home. Improve your fitness routine and productivity by getting the blood flowing and decreasing pain associated from hours sitting at a desk! These fitness ideas can be done in short amounts of time and don't require a lot of space.


There are hundreds of Youtube videos with 15-30 minute yoga routines or yoga routines for office breaks. Start your morning with yoga to feel fresh and relaxed for the work day, or schedule breaks throughout the day where you can fit a session in. Get the blood flowing and release tension in your body- sitting at your computer puts a lot of strain on the neck and back.

Yoga With Adriene is a very popular Youtube Channel because of the way she teaches her yoga classes. Check out her Yoga At Your Desk video!

These Yoga-Inspired Exercises for Back & Hips that I try to do almost every day of the week has improved my back, glute, and hip pain immensely. This routine offsets issues associated with the combo of my high intensity workouts and hours at my computer.

Light Cardio

Scheduling light cardio sessions throughout the day will give your body a break from sitting at the desk. Each of these are exercises that can easily be done indoors. This break will help your body feel better in the long term and give your brain a boost of oxygen so you are ready to get back to work.

Exercises that don't require a lot of space:

-squats | squat jumps

-jogging in place

-sit ups

-jumping jacks


-high knees

-sit ups or other core exercises

-push ups


Taking time to stretch is often overlooked by many. I know that I constantly forget (or choose to forget) to make the time for it. The solution to this is using TV time or conversations with friends as a time to stretch. Its so easy to hold stretches or do dynamic stretching while watching a movie or talking on the phone.

Use this technique while working at home to add some mobility to your day. Stretch while reading a work document, making phone calls, and more!

Desk Exercises

There is a whole world of innovative fitness ideas for those who spend hours working at a desk. A quick search for exercises you can do at your desk or at a standing desk yields many results.

Discover the perfect work from home workout routines for you by following these instructions or combining your favorite exercises into a routine you create for yourself. Check it out for yourself with this list I compiled of effective and simple desk exercises that keep me active on all days.

Stand Up Desk Energising Workout by Two Minute Moves

5 Minute Abs Desk Workout by Love Sweat Fitness

Quick and Easy Stretches to do while Sitting at Your Desk

Standing Abs Cardio Core (Low Impact)

I hope you find these healthy movements for improving the work day easy and effective! Did I miss anything that works really well for you? Tell me in the comments!


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