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7 Ways To Impress Clients So They Love You...Without Doing More Work

My favorite part of the sometimes arduous freelance workflow is turning in the final approved project. It is just so satisfying to hear a client say they love it or to thank you for your time spent making their life better.

I think we can all agree that the satisfaction of a job well done is great, but notably less exciting than the payment coming through. We've got bills to pay after all!

So what if I told you that there was a way to make that payday moment even more exciting? Yeah man, I'm talking about bonuses.

Did you even know that freelance bonuses were a thing? As a new freelancer, I had no idea! But I can now confidently tell you that it is something that happens...and it happens all the time. You just have to know how to impress clients.

Which doesn't have to mean more work for you!

how to impress your clients

How To Impress Clients

When I got my first bonus as a freelancer I was legitimately confused. I was using Upwork (a great platform if you dedicate time to it!) to land freelance gigs and there is a very clear system of how much you get paid per hour, per project, or per milestone.

Like I was expecting a very specific number. When I received more than that number I felt faced with a bit of an ethical dilemma, wondering if I should tell the client that something went wrong and I unintentionally got their money.

Come to find out, the client was just really happy with the work I did and wanted to give me a little bit extra to show their appreciation. Now I can't remember exactly what I had done in that situation, but that only proves the point of this post even more.

You don't have to double the work you turn in, pick up the client's dry cleaning, or re-write the laws of physics. You can get bonuses for your freelance work without adding anything to your workload. Or at least very little. I'm not saying you can simply smile a little wider (well, you sort of can...more on that below), and expect them to pay off your credit card.

If you've been freelancing for at least 5 minutes you know that the name of the game is how much quality work you can do, for the pay you need, in as quick a turnaround as possible. You know how valuable it is to make clients happy, while not doing an unbelievable amount of work 14 hours a day.

So let's look at 7 ideas to wow clients- ways you can go "above and beyond" for them and get those bonuses you deserve! Without adding more to your workload.

how to impress your clients

1. Hand Your Work In Early

I've had clients who respond to my emails literally once a week and others who want to talk to me on email, Zoom, and Viber several days in a row. As a freelancer, any given day can be a balance of 150 different schedules. A bit of a challenge, but if you can put this tip into action without sacrificing other deadlines or quality of work...do it.

The end result is what it is, so you're not necessarily increasing your workload. If they want it done by EOD, sending it earlier in the morning could be grounds for a really happy client.

A word of caution. Don't rush a project and submit 3 days early hoping for extra cash. If your work is subpar (or just bad), the client will probably be wondering why didn't use the full timeline and submit what they actually wanted.

You can also think of it this way. I got off the phone with a Wix client this year and immediately started the work on their site. I wasn't overbooked that day, full disclosure, but it was also something I could do relatively fast. To me, doing a pretty routine task while it was fresh on my mind made the most sense.

To her, some website updates that had bothered her for weeks were solved crazy fast. Her new freelancer heard her problem and fixed it immediately, not only solving the issue but prioritizing her above everything else. To her, that was bonus-worthy.

2. Be A Human. A Friendly Human.

Remember when I said you can sort of smile big and wide and be rewarded for it? It will probably come as no shock to you that I didn't mean it literally...but being a nice, friendly face actually can have monetary rewards. And my friend, it doesn't add to your workload to be personable and easy to talk to.

When you're looking for freelance jobs, I'm sure you come across a lot of different types of people looking to hire. And a portion of them probably aren't your...cup of tea.

Well, it's no different on their end! Working with people in a freelance capacity can be disastrous for some if they hire the wrong person. And the actual process of weeding out those who aren't serious or qualified can be tough. Stand out as a freelancer by showing interest in the client's business or even their life. Crack a (reasonable) joke or two. Be nice.

I had a discovery call one time where she asked me if I was a cat or a dog person.

Seriously. Right after, "how good are you with Google Suite?" she wanted to know if I liked domestic furry animals.

Especially if you're going to be working with someone long-term or representing them on their website or social media, showing interest, compassion, and personality can lead straight to bonuses.