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6 Must-See Gorgeous + Minimalist Fonts (On Canva!)

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Oh, how I love a minimal and elegant font.

Is it just me or could you stare at some minimalist fonts all. day. long?! There's a time and place for every variety of font, but lately, I (and what seems like a good portion of the world) can't get enough of minimal fonts that are simultaneously casual and sophisticated.

I think that's probably why I love 'em.

As a digital creator and general life-liver, my happy place is most definitely a perfect balance between classy and chill.

Like, I wanna wear sneakers and cozy fits 99% of the time, but I'll be damned if the colors don't flow together and my socks don't match.

Dressed down, yet put together and ready for a paparazzi pic—which is just how I see these minimalist fonts that you can find right on Canva.

Wait, Who's Canva?

I have to make sure I cover my bases here so you know what I'm talking about.

And you wanna know. Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that everyone from newbies to professionals turn to for a quick design tool.

Canva has both a free and a paid version, so no matter how steep your design needs are there really is something for everyone.

Canva helps you save hours of time creating graphics because it's got premade templates for almost everything under the sun:

  • all the social media sizes you could need

  • menus

  • brochures

  • greeting cards email headers

  • name it.

I say Canva is a quick tool, yet I spend hours on it each week (haha). Don't worry though, it's not because Canva isn't quick and easy.

It's because it's so quick and easy I can't stop creating with it!

You can spend 2 minutes on the app to create a quick graphic for your Instagram, or you can use your premium account to do even more incredible things, like:

  • edit backgrounds out of photos

  • layer elements on top of each other for a new look

  • scroll through the hundreds of font options, and use a number of other fantastic tools.

Premium account or not, there's so much you can do.

One more important thing to note before I show you the best Canva fonts I'm using right now: make sure you read this content agreement and make sure you're not doing anything illegal with Canva.

With fonts, you're most likely in the clear for the majority of things you could possibly be doing, but it's good to be aware, especially if you're going to be selling the things you create.

Best Minimalist Fonts On Canva

Why use a minimalist font?

Minimal fonts are simple and clean, yet bring an element of sophistication and edge.

There's definitely a range too; you can lean more toward the edgy side with unique lines, or more toward the casual side with thin, blockier lines.

In general, minimal fonts are airy and easy to read.

  • Minimalist fonts are great for beauty and lifestyle brands, making them look friendly and welcoming.

  • They also show off style in an effortless and airy way.

  • Minimalist fonts are good for headings because they are highly legible.

I find minimal fonts to be expressive, saying a lot without giving a lot.

Here are some of my favorite fonts on Canva at the moment. I've also included whether you can get them in the free version of Canva or if you'd need a pro account.

1. Tenor Sans

Tenor Sans- free canva font ideas

To me, tenor sans is the epitome of minimalism in fonts.

First off, it's sans-serif so it's very straight and legible. Tenor sans is meant for body text, but I think it makes a pretty solid argument for a header.

Throw it into all caps like here and you've got a gorgeous, yet super grounded, headline certain to draw eyes.

2. Mak

Mak - minimal font ideas on Canva

I couldn't believe it when I came across Mak for free on Canva! Don't you think it looks like it belongs in premium?

Just another reason to thank Canva for its greatness.

Anyways, Mak is certainly unique and perhaps might have a precarious position in the minimalist category.

It's elegant and modern, and it is sans serif making it pretty easy to read despite the unique combination of thick and thin lines.

I probably wouldn't run to use this font for more than a few words at a time, but for a header or a logo, it really cannot fail.

3. Joliet

Joliet- minimal font ideas on Canva

Joliet isn't free on Canva, but I really can't blame anyone there.

It's a serif font, yet I think it fits into the minimal category because of the thin lines and broad shape giving it an airy and elegant vibe.

Joliet commands attention in the gentlest way. It pairs well with scripts and sans-serif fonts. Bring them together as a header, a social graphic design, or a logo.

4. Afrah

Afrah- minimal font ideas on Canva

While Afrah kind of gives me a medieval kingdom vibe as opposed to a modern vibe, I consider it a minimalist font because of the thin lines that balance out the excitement of the rest of the letter.

It's a serif, but not every letter has a decorative ending and the ones that do still have thin lines and frequent block endings that prevent it from being over the top.

Very classy and elegant, yet spacious.

The font was designed with several weights, although on Canva you'll just find it in Afrah and Afrah light.

With the option to bold the font, you have three Afrah font styles at your disposal on Canva Pro.

It's great for headings, posters, or any large text.

5. Balgin Expanded

balgin and balgin expanded free aesthetic Canva fonts

As the name suggests, balgin expanded also has a regular balgin and a balgin condensed.

All three can be found on Canva (for free!). It's straightforward, lightweight, and has a gentle roundness that's very easy on the eyes.

The letters command respect as either lowercase or uppercase and are very legible.

I love it more for headings, but go ahead and use this in a paragraph. We'll be able to read it just fine - and probably hang onto every word you say.

6. Alta

alta - free canva fonts aesthetic

Alta and Alta Light truly have my heart.

It's an all-caps font, so it's best left to titles and headings.

But this also means it looks really good on logos and merchandise. As a sans-serif with no fancy elements and a balance of thin and thick lines, ALTA is a perfect addition to your minimal fonts arsenal.

And, it's free on Canva!

Finding Fonts On Canva For Aesthetics

If you were on the hunt for the best fonts on Canva to improve your aesthetics, I hope this post pointed you in the right direction.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with any of these fonts when you want an elegant, yet approachable and easy-to-read font.

They'll work great for branding anything minimal, neutral, or modern!

These are some of the best Canva fonts for Instagram and headings when you have a minimal brand style.

If you try them out, let me know! And if you've got an argument for a few minimal fonts you can't get enough of, drop those in the comments for us. 👀


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