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5 Top Tools For Freelancers That I Use As A Digital Creator And Manager

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I'm in a constant battle between wanting to get as much done as humanly possible... and taking the rest of the day off.

I'm blaming it on my running career—we go really hard at practice for two hours and then have to recover before we get back to doing things.

So basically, I've become so accustomed to that type of living, that I'm doing it in my off-the-track endeavors too.

Whether that's truly what happened or not (it's the story I'm sticking to), because I'm run training plus being a digital creative freelancer, everything I'm doing is going in very different directions.

Soooo, I rely on some trusty freelancer tools to get it all done and I legitimately couldn't survive without them. I know that's just a figure of speech some people use, but I actually mean it.

I know because I've been there, absolutely drowning in my work without the right tools and systems in place. I've dropped the ball, missed opportunities, and straight-up completed some creative work that wasn't good.

Maybe I was sort of surviving, but I definitely wasn't thriving, and it definitely was only going to get worse.

So these are the best freelance tools I use as a digital creator and content manager that I think you should consider too.

My Favorite Tools I Use As A Freelance Digital Creator & Manager

Another issue I have (I love talking about my issues, if you're new here I'm warning you now) is that I want to do everything for the low low.

I'm talking about spending 17,000 hours piecing something together instead of just buying it. I'm in full support of DIY, but there's a limit to how many hours and how much stress you can put into something before you're simply losing money because of it.

I wouldn't even consider paid plans for tools or purchasing technology that makes things easier. Putting my cheapness aside and actually investing in the proper tools really changed things for me.

So here are what I consider to be some of the best tools for being a digital creator and freelancer.

Some of them are free, some are purchased, and some could be either depending on your mood. Regardless, they helped me and I believe they can help you too.

1. Canva

Obviously, Canva. I'm sorry to come off this intense, but nothing would be possible without Canva. 😂

And although I did survive for a while on the free version, switching to the paid version of Canva was one of the best investments I made in my business. Simply because it saved me time and annoyance!

Why Canva is helpful as a freelancer and creator:

  • Photoshop is very expensive and very confusing

  • You can save brand kits (fonts, colors, logos) for quick access to perfect designing

  • A library of fonts, graphics, pictures

  • One-click editing tools for filters, mockups, distortions

  • Templates for almost every size design you could ever need, but you can custom too

  • Syncs between desktop and phone quickly which makes designing even faster.

When Canva Pro is worth it:


  • you want access to the best fonts. Pro gives you more and they're beautiful.

  • you need to remove image backgrounds from images. It's so easy.

  • you want to quickly download designs with transparent backgrounds. (this was it for me!)

  • you spend too much time on stock photo websites and want a giant library of high-quality photo and graphic options

  • you have multiple clients or brand kits to keep organized.

  • you want more templates - (250,000 vs 610,000 and counting)

  • magic resize of an infinite number of designs will cut time from your workflow.

  • you want to schedule to social straight from Canva

  • you need more cloud storage (5gb vs 100gb)

I also love Canva for productivity and organization because it's so easy to organize designs into folders. You can make templates and just plug and go so fast.

With as many graphics as I need, that's a must. And I don't have to store them on my computer or phone...they all go on the Canva cloud.

tools for freelancers canva

2. Keywords Everywhere

I'm honestly not sure why Keywords Everywhere isn't talked about more than it is. When I was first introduced to this tool I was blown away...and kinda (read: extremely) mad that I didn't know about it earlier.

You're telling me that there's a keyword research tool that I can easily access from a browser extension, gives me a TON of information, and is only like $10 a year?

It sounds too good to be true, I know.

Well, it partially is because here's the catch: you purchase "credits" to use for the course of 1 year, and every time you perform a search using Keywords Everywhere, credits get deducted from your account.

tools for freelancers

You pre-pay for these credits, and then as you use them they get deducted. I bought the cheapest option, which is 100,000 credits for $10 and I didn't run out in the year.