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3 Ways to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

It's happened guys.

I hit the quaran-slump.

If you don't know what I mean, that's cause it's not a thing-yet. But the quaran-slump is very real and I'm deeming this the official buzzword.

The quarantine situation as a result of covid has uprooted many things. One of those being my productivity levels. I started off really positive and productive, but somewhere along the line I got less motivated to do daily tasks and found myself in need of a huge morale boost.

So if you're going through it too, join me in trying and/or recommitting to these three work from home tips that will pull us right out of the quaran-slump!

1) Develop a Morning Routine

Be it working out before you leave for work at 8:30 or watching the news, there's likely certain things you do each AM-in normal times. With 'normal' thrown out the window, night owls (such as myself) are left to deal with the temptations of alarm snooze buttons and the "yes, I'm still watching" Netflix prompt.

With less scheduled events and/or less official work hours on the laptop, there may feel like less of a reason to maintain a consistent morning routine. However, there are reasons it is important to have a morning routine. Creating a simple, specific-to-you morning routine is crucial for teaching your brain to go into "work-mode."

For you, this could mean a cup of coffee and a shower. For someone else, this could mean 20 minutes of morning yoga. Whatever it is, repeating this each day signals to your brain and body that you are getting ready for the day's tasks.

Relating this back to running performance, (I mean, I have to) I've recently learned a lot about the impact routine has on our general health and wellness. At Under Armour's Running Summit , we were encouraged to develop morning and evening routines to maintain a consistent and peaceful state within the body. Getting to sleep quickly and deeply is crucial for recovery, both mentally and physically. A consistent routine before bed helps with sleep because it triggers to your brain that its time to shut down. There are also specific things you can do to promote sleep!

I don't have group practice to rush off to, so I have to find other ways to schedule my morning.

Today I

- walked the dog

-did a quick yoga routine

-made breakfast and coffee

-cleaned a part of the house that was bugging me to get it off my mind

What followed? Numerous hours in a row of productive work! Definitely going to repeat. Hopefully, I can trigger my body back into a healthy sleep schedule!

2) Create a good work set up

I have been working from home for a quite awhile now, and it didn't take me long to learn that having a quality work set up was important for staying productive at home.

A lot can go into making the perfect work from home desk space, but where to start?Ask yourself what the function of your space is; what will you need it for? Thinking about function first can lead you to the perfect setup.


I need my desk top to have enough space for a laptop, mouse, and office tools. I need to be able to organize work for multiple jobs and clients. I need to store my PILES of notebooks. Thinking about this led to my desk top having two file holders, a plug strip, and a few other things I need easy access to (like thumb tacks). That's it. Clutter free so I can spread all those planners and notebooks out.


Having an organized desk space increases productivity because you spend less time looking for things or picking up the mess that you've made throughout the day. What's the best way to organize your physical items and your thoughts? I love to-do lists and having a place to jot down thoughts throughout the day. A cute white board does the trick! Another way I organize is with a DIY office supply wall holder that keeps some clutter off the desk.


Last, but not least, and most definitely the most fun part to consider. You are going to be working here, a lot. Making the space motivational is just as practical as having a file cabinet. I love having a few of my favorite quotes on my cork board, along with some pictures of family and my dog! Make sure you choose carefully, too much of this could be a distraction or cause clutter. I also find inspiration in a well-decorated set up, and the amount of thought I put into color and style of my space is a testament to that.

Need inspiration? Check out these desk space Pinterest Boards that I CAN'T get enough of.

Inspired Work Spaces

Inspiration- Desk Area & Work Space

My Future Studio

3) Move Around/Schedule Breaks

Moving around during the workday helps you avoid the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. What's more, taking breaks to move around actually increases productivity! With more blood flowing around your body, you can get more oxygen to your brain and feel more alert and energized to work throughout the day!

Working from home, its so easy to roll out of bed and head straight to your couch or desk-maybe stopping for a cup of coffee or breakfast food along the way.

Unless you're living in a Drake sized mansion, there's not many situations in your work from home day that involve a lot of walking. After all, just how far can the fridge be from your bed?

At the start of the day, especially if you know you have a lot of work or calls to do, physically enter "take a movement break" into your schedule every hour. Or, set an alarm that goes off periodically throughout the day. At the very minimum, STAND UP take a walk around the room!

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Hopefully these three tips for improving productivity while working at home get us back feeling positive and functioning better! It may be hard now, but cherish the time to work from your pajamas. The early morning commute will be back soon enough.

Stay safe & sane!



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