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Ghouls, Goblins + Goals

Halloween is my favorite season. Yes, season, not just holiday. I love cute + creepy decor, creative costumes, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and the actual day is the one time each year where I kinda like being scared. (Haunted hayride? Sign me up.)Watched "Children of the Corn" last year and I actually enjoyed the creepiness and this year I jumped a mile at a snake in the parking garage. (And I'm still not sure if it was real or a prank. How spooky.)

This #spookyszn, I've found myself scared of so much more than ghouls. Not only was I entering yet another track season filled with uncertainty, I was facing new challenges in my training that some days had me literally too scared to even begin the workout. BUT, I made a commitment at the end of the summer to make this my best year on and off the track. As I faced these terrifying challenges (extreme word, but that's really how I felt when I saw I had a 1600m rep at the begining of a workout this month), I realized I needed to embrace the season of spooks in my training as well and give in to being scared.

More often than not, I've exceeded my expectations and I have already seen physical and mental improvements in my training. What makes it most special, is I'm not the only one who has noticed.

A few months ago, I spoke on a panel about the role of "fear" in athletics and I remember having the realization that doing something that scared me (namely, entering the 800 at Conference Championships when I'd only run the event once or twice before) almost directly resulted in where I am now. Who's to know where I'd be if I'd never tried some things that scared me? (Haha, probably not running 800s, but I've alllllmost convinced myself that doing so is in fact a good thing.)

While watching "In the Tall Grass" later tonight may do absolutely nothing for me but give me nightmares, I hope to carry the spirit of my favorite season with me as I inevitably face more things this year that scare me to my core. And I know I'll find myself pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Besides, what's scarier? Trying something and failing a few times or never trying and never knowing where you could have gone?

Dare to be scared. Happy Halloween!!

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