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Healthy Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

The holiday season is upon us! Even if you've been planning for this time of year a while now, there's always that last-second "oh crap" moment when you realize you have no idea what to get that special person in your life. Here at MK we're all about living a healthy lifestyle and having a damn good time doing it. So of course, this holiday gift guide wishlist is full of the perfect healthy gift ideas for goal-setters and vibe lovers. Happy shopping, friends!

1. The Maniscripting Journal

the maniscripting journal

The Maniscripting Journal is not your average goal-setting journal. Centered around the concept of manifesting, this journal helps you bring action and intention- not just floofy self-worship- to a journaling routine. This tool is powerful because it walks you through different steps of creating your dreams and teaching yourself to trust and believe in YOU. Learn the law of attraction! Sets come with a pen, a crystal, and other tools to set the vibe. — Save 10% with MADDIEKOPP

2. CGD London

Photo: @cgdlondon

Something about a planner that matches your aesthetic...reaching goals seems that much easier. CGD London has a variety of planners— fitness, goal-setting, work, you name it. They definitely have a minimal and neutral approach, although you can step out a little crazier with fun greens and pinks. Personally can't get enough of the luxurious Croc planner covers. Make planning something you actually enjoy doing and get more done!


According to DONA, it's time to (tea) party! Can't really argue that with delicious tea concentrates that are brewed sustainably from source to compost. This Brooklyn-based chai tea company makes the coziest and tastiest chai tea concentrates you can imagine. Gift someone with one of their cute gift sets, a tea subscription (yes, please!), or buy the concentrates a la carte.

4. Fre Skincare

christmas wishlist active women

Photo: @freskincare

Sweating is so good for the body, but let's face it: it's not always good for our skin. Not to mention the grime and stress our skin goes through in a single gym session. Fortunately, Fre Skincare recognized this gap in women's skincare and now has a really extensive line (and sets perfect for the holidays!) from face wash to oil treatments and everything in between. They really have it all and anyone's skin will thank you for this gift. — Save a minimum of 25% with MADDIEKOPP

5. Hungry Root

Photo: @hungryroot

Healthy groceries? Delivered? I'd say "say no more," but there's so much more that needs to be said. Starting with edible black bean brownie batter and chickpea cookie dough. Promise it's beyond delicious, and won't give you salmonella. HungryRoot is kind of what you make it: take a quiz and get their suggestions, choose your own, build a cart, and pick a plan. Groceries come with meal ideas that you can stick to or not stick to, it's really up to you. Anyone who wants to eat more bomb-tasing healthy snacks will be over the moon with a gift of a HealthyRoot subscription!

6. Under Armour Meridian Leggings

Obsessed is an understatement. These are some of the best leggings in the game because they're great for both working out and just doing your thing. Very form-fitting yet so soft and comfy you can wear them all day. Plus, they have pockets on both sides perfect for fitting your phone- yes even your obnoxiously large iPhone Plus. They come in full length, cropped, shorts, jogger and high waisted. With multiple color options that are all so aesthetically pleasing, there's sure to be a color everyone will love.

7. Brittingham Place Motivational Water Bottle

Photo: Amazon

Does a sure-fire way to make sure you always drink enough water exist? Perhaps not, but this motivational water bottle comes close. It holds one liter and has time markers so you can try to follow guidelines throughout the day. Drinking too little water is bad for, well everything, and drinking a lot at one time while forgetting the rest of the day isn't great either. This helps you meet in the middle! Elegant and shatter-resistant, it's great for carrying throughout a long day. Also comes in white.

It's plastic, here's a glass option. :)

8. The Wholesome Store

Photo: @thewholesomestore

If we could give ask for this entire aesthetic as a gift, we would. It's to die for, and the wholesome list of products is too. Fom cute motivational water/smoothie tumblers to journals and candles, there's something in here for everyone wanting to spruce up their healthy lifestyle. Even the little ones with some fun kid stuff! Check them out.

9. Wholesome Good

Photo: @wholesome.good via @forage.and.gather.boards

You know how random specialty foods make good gifts? Well, if you don't we can attest that people love it. If you don't have a special regional salsa or something to bring home as a gift this year, consider finding something tasty at Wholesome Good! They've got an extensive line of natural and organic foods that could make really cute gifts or stocking stuffers. Or bring them to a holiday party to put together an amazing-looking charcuterie board like this one. 👀

10. Yllw The Label