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The Oval Magazine

When the homepage of The Oval Magazine loads, the first thing you notice is the tagline:

"For the Dreamers, by the Dreamers."

But who are the dreamers? As you scroll down and read each posted story, you find out. Track and field athletes of all backgrounds- in high school, collegiate, or professional environments share their journeys with running, learning about themselves or the world around them, and sharing inspiration. A few minutes reading one story can turn into hours of page turning (page scrolling?) adventures.

When asked if I wanted to write an article for The Oval, I thought what on Earth could I share that is just as mesmerizing and relevant to the rest of the track world? But I realized that the beauty of this website is that while its sharing the unique stories of individuals, it somehow often reveal universal themes about life.

So I decided to think simple, and talk about my experiences with my team, which led me to expressing how I've found unexpected side effects on my journey as a professional runner. The theme of my post ties nicely with my reasons for starting this very blog at all!

Read More Than a Runner on The Oval if you feel so inclined. And while you're there, check out the rest of the stories from other athletes. There is so much inspiration and a whole lot of talent.


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