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Why On the Run?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Welcome to the very first post of On the Run!

For far too long, I have been dreaming of starting a blog about my journey as a professional athlete. I couldn't be more excited to finally stop making excuses and put my plans into action! While this could end up taking several different directions, I hope it has some effect on my goals for this year, my real reason for starting On the Run.

On the Run

This past year was one of the most difficult- if not the most- years of my life. Brand new city, brand new training, and what little of a plan I did have was falling apart left and right. It didn't seem this way at the time, but I now know how important this past year was for me! Hard times reveal a lot, and I most definitely learned a lot about myself.

To relight my passion, I've readjusted my mentality and redefined what this journey means to me. I acknowledged the need for more accountability and introspection.

Whether I'm literally running, or frantically running around trying to get everything done, I am always on the move. This blog is dedicated to how much we can get done, even when we're On the Run.


Hey there!

 I'm Maddie, professional athlete and writer. Welcome to my blog where I share fitness inspiration, organization and lifestyle hacks to help busy people find affordable ideas for living healthy, happy, and productive. If you're looking for the tools to create healthy, functional spaces that work for you, I'm your girl! Learn more...


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