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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

1. Collagen Creamer

Collagen supplements help support bone and joint health, athletic performance, and play a role in general wellness,** but our bodies don't produce enough on our own, especially as we get older or when we perform extreme exercise. Vital Proteins makes collagen nutrition easy with a variety of products that can be used in many of your favorite snacks or recipes! The Collagen Creamer is a simple and tasty option for getting more out of your cup of coffee, with healthy fats from organic coconut milk powder and 10g of collagen peptides. It has no dairy, soy, gluten, artificial sweeteners or added sugars. While not a low calorie food, with 1 serving (2 scoops) having 140 calories, you’re not getting empty calories thanks to all of its great benefits!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2. Protein

If you already brew a cup of coffee and drink a protein shake every day, why not combine the two? We've got too much going on to not capitalize on this simple coffee hack! Protein powder added directly into hot coffee doesn't dissolve that well, so this might not be the best option (although cold coffee isn't that bad).

An even simpler method? Pour one of these Quest protein shakes into a glass of black iced coffee for a delicious and protein-packed flavored coffee. Choosing a simple vanilla or chocolate is usually the healthiest option, keeping the ingredients simple, but a fun flavor like salted caramel is also delicious. Either way, you're removing some less-than-quality ingredients that might be hiding in your typical creamer.

For numerous reasons, you might choose to avoid whey protein, so try a plant-based protein shake instead.

3. Vanilla or Almond Extract

Yup, you can add either of these common baking items straight into your mug! Depending on how you like your coffee, you may still consider adding cream/milk and maybe a small amount of sugar. Either way, a few drops of either (or both!) of these extracts adds a sweet flavor to your coffee so you don't have to rely on highly processed creamers. Remember, you can always add more, but you can't take any out. So, try stirring in a few drops at a time!

4. Coconut Oil and Butter

Don't knock it till you try it! Inspired by those who follow a keto diet, which focuses on low-carb high fat foods, this little combo might make your mind sharper during the day. If you add in the right amount, the coconut oil adds a nice coconut flavor to your coffee. Be careful not to use too much, because the oil will be visible and can turn a nice addition into a greasy, distasteful mess.

Adding coconut oil or butter to coffee might deliver a a longer, more even, energy boost than the typical cup of coffee. The additional fat might even keep you fuller longer and clear your head when you're feeling foggy. Why? Coconut oil can stimulate the body's production of certain hormones and proteins that provide energy to the brain!

5. Healthy Milkshake

Doesn't a "healthy milkshake" sound like the best idea?

That's because it is! It’s more fun than calling it a “smoothie”, and if you get it right it can taste just like a shake. Try adding coffee to your favorite sweet protein smoothie for a meal/snack and a cup of coffee all in one! Mix and match your favorites, like banana, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberries or vanilla to create a filling and energizing morning meal or snack. If you need a place to start, this Mocha Protein Smoothie takes nothing more than simply adding everything to a blender and gets you ready to start the day!

  • 1.5 cup ice cubes

  • frozen banana

  • 1 scoop protein power

  • 2 tablespoons cacao powder (can exclude if using chocolate protein powder)

  • 1 cup coffee

  • 3/4 cup milk of choice (add more depending on preferred consistency)

  • big scoop of PB (optional)

  • 1 tbsp of chia seeds (optional)

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