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Not Your Typical Healthy Gingerbread Latte Recipe

Updated: Feb 22

This gingerbread latte recipe is unique and great for the holidays (or any time of year) to shake things up from your normal cup. Delicious and healthy, there are many substitutes to fit this latte into your dietary needs. Thank you to Four Sigmatic for gifting this immune-boosting coffee!

A Healthier Gingerbread Latte Recipe

There are few things cozier than a steaming hot beverage on a cold day! This gingerbread latte recipe is the perfect bribe to get yourself out of bed on a chilly day or treat yourself after a brisk morning walk.

Even better, making it at home means you can take some time off from ordering at Starbucks. (The Starbucks gingerbread latte has 38g of sugar!)

Eating sugary, heavy foods is just part of the holiday season. And that's totally okay because they're delicious and 'tis the season. Actually, it's always the season for treats if you want them.

But, if you want to be mindful of how much excess sugar you're consuming, having healthier alternatives on hand doesn't hurt. It's really easy to make a healthier version of the gingerbread latte if you want less sugar. In this post, along with the gingerbread latte recipe, I'll give you some ideas to customize it for yourself.

Either way, the basic version of this latte uses ground coffee from Four Sigmatic that has natural and wholesome nutrients built right into it!

Why Do I Use Four Sigmatic Coffee For My Healthy Homemade Gingerbread Latte?

This isn't your typical healthy gingerbread latte— it uses kinda uses mushrooms. Before you run, hear me out.

Did you know that there are tons of mushroom varieties in the world? And that a good chunk of them are great for you? Like really, superfood-level good for you. And Four Sigmatic makes these mushrooms accessible and tasty through their products, including their ground coffee.

Um, of course, I was intrigued!

The medium roast coffee I tried out contains:

  • Chaga Mushrooms (300mg)

  • Turkey Tail Mushrooms (200mg)

Both of these mushroom varieties are immune-boosting and gut-supporting. Blended together with sustainably grown coffee beans, you wouldn't even know that you're consuming mushrooms or probiotics.

Yup, there are probiotics in there too! Even more support for a healthy and happy gut.

The probiotic source in the ground mushroom coffee comes from Bacillus subtilis, which is a heat-resistant probiotic. Kind of essential since you have to brew coffee at high temperatures.

Finally, organic yacon juice powder provides prebiotics to the coffee, rounding out the nutritional treat.

I love this brand because where else would I get responsibly sourced wild nutritional mushrooms? When I first tried Four Sigmatic and this healthy gingerbread latte recipe, I didn't even want to eat baby bellas.

I actually love roasting baby bellas for a dinner side now...so maybe this mushroom coffee changed my taste buds?

That's a theory to test another day, so for now I'll just end with this: Four Sigmatic also incorporate healthy mushrooms right into other normal foods that we all already eat anyways. There's the coffee obviously... plus protein powder, and pre-workout nutrition!

What You Need For The Gingerbread Latte Recipe

Every recipe I post can be customized for your likes and your situation. Honestly, I'm only a fan of recipes that are easy to make. And that includes being able to use basic ingredients that you already have as often as possible.

But in general, this is how I make this healthy homemade gingerbread latte:

3/4 cup of coffee or 3 shots of espresso

1- 1.5 cups of milk

2 teaspoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon of cinnamon