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GRWM: Winter Running Outfit

No matter how much you like to run, some days it's just so hard to get yourself out the door. And it doesn't help at all when temperatures are low and wind chills are high.

I've done my fair share of freezing cold workouts over the years, so in this post I'm sharing my current favorite ways to layer up for a cold run! Shop the post on the Like to Know It gallery below and get some advice for what makes the best cold weather running gear.

In the low, low temps you can find me doing my runs on the treadmill. But for you strong troopers out there, keep up the good work out there! Read on for more about my favorite cold weather running gear pieces to help you get the work done.

Cold Weather Running Gear

If you're on the hunt for women's cold weather running gear, you're going to want to check these out. Every single one of the items that make up my typical cold weather running outfits have done me great service over the years.

Under Armour does a really great job of hitting all the necessities for running gear, which I'll touch on next. But for now, scroll through and take a look at some of my top picks for staying warm during my workouts.

What Makes The Best Cold Weather Running Gear?

It's important to layer up on those extra cold days—not just for your own comfort, but for your safety too. You don't want your muscles to be too cold any more than you want to feel biting winds on your ears until they go numb.

But, even though it's're eventually you're going to sweat! So what makes the best cold weather running gear? Definitely the gear that keeps you warm while simultaneously wicking away sweat and being breathable.

The goal of working out in cold weather is to stay light and dry even though you're bundled up enough to be warm and protected from the elements. So when it comes to my rating of the best winter running gear, these are the standards I look for:

  • breathable, yet warm fit

  • extra features blocking cold air from getting in, such as thumbholes and bottom band

  • fleece that's constructed to not hold in sweat easily

  • flexible material that's not too thick (able to be moved around in)

  • high necklines to prevent cold air

  • lightweight gloves, mittens, and hats that are good at wicking away sweat

  • reflective cold weather running gear for safety on stormy days

Women's Cold Weather Running Gear

Sorry gents (if any of you made it this far), but the cold weather running gear men's section didn't make it into this winter running outfit post. That being said, 99% of the items I share here under the fashion category on the blog can be found in both men's and women's varieties on the Under Armour site.

The cold weather running gear is pretty universal across those lines, so my recommendations will be helpful for you too if you're looking for the best cold weather running gear from Under Armour.

Let's take a look at some of my favorites and why I think that they're the best for my winter runs.

The Intelliknit Sweater

I said it before in my Under Armour cold gear review, but I have to say it again. The Intelliknit is one of UA's best inventions.

Remember how I mentioned that the key to picking the best cold weather running gear is finding the pieces that are a good balance of warm and breathable? The Intelliknit is that concept in a shirt.

They made it with those goals in mind, and the result is a unique material that both keeps you warm and cool at the same time. What's great about this is that as you warm up on your run, you're less likely to need to peel this layer off because it doesn't let you get overwhelmed with heat.

To have this effect, of course, the Intelliknit is not a super thick sweater. But don't let that fool you- it's still a good choice for cold-weather running!

As you see in my GRWM on Instagram, what I do for really cold days is put a base layer beneath it for the right amount of extra warmth.

It totally works, and since some of you are certainly looking for cold weather running gear by temperature, I'll end with this. If it's just 30 or below, I double the layers. But above that, I'm all Intelliknit with my gloves and mittens.

Hope this helps!

Under Armour Base Layers

The Under Armour base layers are great for...well, layering. They add warmth without adding bulk, which is crucial for a lot of runners.

Whether you're going long-distance or doing a track workout, if the cold weather makes you have to bundle up with thick layers you're speed and agility pay the price.

Pick between the ColdGear base crews for the top and pair it with ColdGear base leggings on the bottom for just enough warmth without the baggage.

I hate to say that it seems like Under Armour is phasing this product out, but my Coldgear jacquard leggings are a prized possession. So even if they do drop off the main site, you might be able to find them with a quick cold weather running gear Amazon search.

(So far I'm just seeing this one pair on Amazon, so not feeling too positive.)

Either way, definitely be on the lookout for those, and don't be afraid to try other cold gear leggings. The Under Armour Cold Gear line was made to keep you warm while still performing at your best. And I have mostly great things to say about that.

And by that I mean that sometimes I find the Coldgear leggings to be a bit too restrictive- but that's never applied to going on cold-weather runs or doing most non-running exercises and workouts. It's only when I need to run at a very fast pace or sprint on the track that I prefer a loser pair of leggings.

But when you need to stay warm, you need to stay warm. That's the priority and Coldgear leggings know best.

The Around Town Collection: Beanies & Mittens For Cold Weather Running

I recently got asked what I wear on my head when I run, and I didn't even have to hesitate to answer this one.

I've been obsessed for years with the Around Town headband. A headband is the perfect cold weather running gear for your head because you don't have to deal with fitting a hat over your hair and making sure it stays on.

Sure, I have more hair than a lot of people. But if you don't want to ruin your curls like me, or simply find it a challenge to keep beanies on comfortably while working out...this is your new go-to.

The around town headband is:

  • easily thrown into the wash

  • cute knit on the outside so you can wear it for day to day stuff after you run

  • fleece on the inside that is comfortable on the skin and keeps you warm

  • made to wick away sweat while also keeping you so warm

Everything I said about the headband applies to the Around Town mittens (and beanies) as well. I run almost every single cold-weather workout in these mittens. They keep my hands so warm and never get in the way.

P.S. If you're really worried about crushing your hair or your giant pony, you have to try my most favorite hat. The UA Around Town Multi Hair Beanie has a hole for your ponytail or your bun! The best.

Running In The Cold

Cold weather running isn't always the most fun thing in the world, but if you're properly prepared with the best cold weather running gear you'll at least have some shot at having a good time.

I only touched on a few of my favorite pieces, mostly from Under Armour's cold gear line, but I hope you get the gist about how I layer up for a cold-weather workout. Refer back to the gallery at top of this post for links and details about the pieces I mentioned in the post and the ones I didn't go into greater detail about.

Not every winter running outfit has been the same, but this is the gear that has kept me warm and comfortable while I'm out on the track in freezing temperatures.

My favorite part of each of these workouts is the moment when I'm done and can go back inside, but it wouldn't be bearable at all without these. What's your go-to running gear for staying warm on runs?

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