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How To Make Healthy Protein Ice Cream

Updated: Feb 22

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Yup, you read that correctly!

This post is all about making healthy ice cream—the kind that even has protein in it.

It sounds too good to be true, but I assure you that this recipe is really close to the real thing and makes the perfect healthy dessert alternative.

While healthy desserts might typically focus on lower sugar levels or how many calories they can save you, the reason I absolutely love this healthy dessert option isn't because of what it doesn't give you- it's because of what it does!

Using powder from LYFEfuel in this recipe means you get 25g of plant-based protein and 25 whole food ingredients to supplement your diet.

And when it does all of that while looking and tasting like ice cream? There's really no reason not to make this simple healthy dessert when you're really craving a sweet treat.

Why LyfeFuel?

I touched on this earlier in the post, but LyfeFuel is one of my favorite nutrition products right now for a number of reasons.

It was made with athletes and muscle recovery in mind, using "the precise combination of protein, superfoods, and nutrition you need to optimize performance, minimize muscle soreness, and accelerate recovery after you sweat."

That's why it's got 27 superfoods in it, such as:

  • maca root

  • acai

  • acerola

  • pomegranate

  • spirulina

to name a few. With just 2 grams of added sugar, you might expect flavor or a smooth consistency to be sacrificed.

However, I've tried both the Chocolate and the Vanilla Chai (my favorite) flavors and have nothing to complain about.

LyfeFuel makes it easy for me as someone who works out a lot to get a whole bunch of important nutrients in a single smoothie or recipe.

I love to sneak a scoop of recovery powder in between a workout and the meal I have when I get home.

It guarantees I quickly get in essential recovery nutrients and whole foods I might not get from my post-workout meal.

I don't usually ever make any recipes that are too complicated, but if I am in a pinch for time, a scoop of LYFEfuel recovery powder with just milk or water works and tastes great.

*I never recommend using protein shakes to replace meals, but this applies differently to individual diet plans. Depending on your body and activity levels, calories and macro-nutrient levels vary and you should discuss that with your doctor or nutritionist.*

My friends at LYFEfuel have also given me a code to share with my readers that gives you 10% off of your purchase. The code is MADDIEFUEL10 for those of you who want to give it a try.

Now to the recipe!

How To Make Healthy Protein Ice Cream

Okay so now back to the part you're actually here for: the recipe for healthy ice cream packed with nutrients.

I wanted to walk you through what I'm using (and why) for this delicious healthy dessert recipe before I gave away all the details.

Second to the LYFEfuel powder, the secret ingredient in this easy ice cream recipe is actually not so secret: frozen bananas.

Bananas have been a smoothie recipe staple since the dawn of time, but I only recently realized just how much better sliced frozen bananas make blended recipes feel and taste.