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Life as a Runner- Question & Answer

Updated: May 2

As a professional runner, I get asked a lot of questions by younger athletes and others who are curious about how life as a professional runner works. It's hard to know what goes on behind the scenes sometimes, but I can tell you that life as an athlete is about way more than just running races!

I'm finally answering some of the top questions I get, mostly on Instagram.

These 6 questions relate to life as a runner and my personal history with becoming a runner, but I have other blog posts that go more into what training is like as a pro runner, how to navigate nutrition as an athlete, and more.

I love sharing my experiences and advice as best as I can with you all in the hopes that it's helpful. Thanks for the great questions and I hope you find some of it informative, and not as pure entertainment as I reminisce on that one time I was a high jumper.

For now, this post is in the form of a YouTube video, so check it out on that channel by clicking below.

6 Questions About Life As A Pro Runner

0:36 What brought you into running?

1:39 What made you pursue pro track?

2:49 What advice do you have for talking with track Clubs?

4:08 What are some ways to keep competing after college?

4:59 Twenty years from now, what do you want to say about your time as a runner?

1:14 When will you move up to the 1500?

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